Witches Dismantling Whiteness

A spot-on post from Kenaz about the utter mindlessness over at Patheos. Our traditions matter and it’s about time we stopped fucking around and gave a thought to preserving them.

Europa’s Children

Where does one begin with the ever entertaining if rarely enlightening Patheos Pagan portal? If you’re Cyndi Brennan and you’re set on “Dismantling The Widespread White Advantage in Witchcraft” you might start:

White advantage is everywhere in modern witchcraft, from pop culture to the common Wheel of the Year. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this, it is problematic when all this whiteness blinds us to the problems it causes for those who are from marginalized groups. However, there are ways those of us who want a more diverse witchcraft can be true allies. Diversity strengthens us personally and witchcraft as a whole. 

Jim Goad has spoken of “the Men who taste Jews in their sandwiches.”  This paragraph is redolent with the cloying Velveeta flavor of Whiteness.  The Wheel of the Year is not just a mid-20th century attempt to compile various solstice and cross-solstice…

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