Sample Living Runes: Theory & Practice of Norse Divination

Curious about my runes book? Here’s a chance to sample the first couple of chapters of Living Runes: Theory and Practice of Norse Divination, releasing June 1, 2019.

*As a reminder, this is a re-release under a new name of my earlier work Runes: Theory and Practice.



Barnes & Noble

Indie Bound

Find it June 1, 2019 wherever books are sold.

Please feel free to share.

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Galina Krasskova has been a Heathen priest since 1995. She holds a Masters in Religious Studies (2009), a Masters in Medieval Studies (2019), has done extensive graduate work in Classics including teaching Latin, Roman History, and Greek and Roman Literature for the better part of a decade, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Theology. She is the managing editor of Walking the Worlds journal and has written over thirty books on Heathenry and Polytheism including "A Modern Guide to Heathenry" and "He is Frenzy: Collected Writings about Odin." In addition to her religious work, she is an accomplished artist who has shown all over the world and she currently runs a prayer card project available at

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  1. Congratulations on the re-release of your book. I love the pretty cover!

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  2. Reminds me of line 144 of the Hávamál…

    Veiztu hvé rísta skal?
    Veiztu hvé ráða skal?
    Veiztu hvé fá skal?
    Veiztu hvé freista skal?
    Veiztu hvé biðja skal?
    Veiztu hvé blóta skal?
    Veiztu hvé senda skal?
    Veiztu hvé sóa skal?


  3. thetinfoilhatsociety

    Holy Cow Galina! I have been working with the runes for several years now and have learned more about what my road blocks are and how to break through them in my reading of your introductory chapters than in years of wading through [other authors’]. I instinctively understood the importance of blooding them and did so when I first got them. Now I know why, and how to move beyond my road blocks. I’ll definitely be buying the new release when it comes out. Thank you!


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