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pagan pers


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  1. If they are complaining, obviously the persecution isn’t doing enough. If you persecute properly, the persecuted party does not get much of a chance to have their complaints heard. Just remember the farmer and the viper whenever you see claims of persecution from these people. They started out begging for tolerance until they got into power and showed their true colors.


    The Hebrews sacrificed humans to Yahweh, this is right out in the open all over the Old Testament. And yes, it is also approved of in the Old Testament. People’s strange ideas nowadays about what a sacrifice entails and messing with translations are what conceal this, but it is there. Once you see it that fact becomes very obvious. There is no actual prohibition of human sacrifice in the Bible, but one is often just assumed because of preconceptions.

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  2. The dankest of memes!


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