Learning New Things: the Defense of Saraghari in 1897

I just watched an awesome movie “Kesari,” a retelling (with some embellishment) of the 1897 Battle of Saraghari where (and this is historical fact NOT embellishment) 21 (yes, twenty-one) Sikh soldiers defended the fort for over six hours against more than 10,000 (ten thousand, possibly as many as twelve thousand) Pashtun tribesmen. This past September 12 was the 122ndanniversary of the defense of Saraghari. All twenty-one defenders were awarded the equivalent of a Victoria Cross by the British Crown. May they always be remembered. Learn more here.

The twenty-one men are as follows:

Havildar Ishar Singh (regimental number 165)
Naik Lal Singh (332)
Lance Naik Chanda Singh (546)
Sepoy Sundar Singh (1321)
Sepoy Ram Singh (287)
Sepoy Uttar Singh (492)
Sepoy Sahib Singh (182)
Sepoy Hira Singh (359)
Sepoy Daya Singh (687)
Sepoy Jivan Singh (760)
Sepoy Bhola Singh (791)
Sepoy Narayan Singh (834)
Sepoy Gurmukh Singh (814)
Sepoy Jivan Singh (871)
Sepoy Gurmukh Singh (1733)
Sepoy Ram Singh (163)
Sepoy Bhagwan Singh (1257)
Sepoy Bhagwan Singh (1265)
Sepoy Buta Singh (1556)
Sepoy Jivan Singh (1651)
Sepoy Nand Singh (1221)
There’s another good link here.

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  1. Wow….just wow…May the Warriors of Saraghari be remembered.
    May their descendants walk with pride. They have noble and fierce men at their backs.


  2. I heard about this Battle from Extra History that did a great video about it!


  3. A comment about Sikh soldiers I found on YouTube:
    “In 1944 my father was seriously wounded fighting at Monte Casino, Italy He was in a ditch that was filling with water so he tied himself to a large bush using his belt hoping this would keep his head above the water. Some time later he was woken by a large man wearing a Turban with a beard. He thought he was dead and it was God waking him. It was a Sikh sergeant, who carried my father for a mile and a half to the nearest medical station. The Sikh left and presumably returned to his unit. I have 5 brothers and 1 sister, if it wasn’t for this man none of us would exist. I was a British soldier for over 30 years and served with Sikhs, very honourable, generous and brave people with a great sense of humour and duty. We don’t even know the name, unit or anything about this Sikh soldier. As old soldiers my father who is now 98 talk about this man and hope he made it home to his family and lived a long and happy life. What a great man, soldier and above all, what a great Sikh.”

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