The Knife in Our Back

An excellent post by Tetradactyl counter the current ancestor work = racist bullshit making the rounds again. Preach it, brother.

The Stone Pillar

So apparently there is an opinion piece going around saying that White people shouldn’t be trying to reclaim their ancestral traditions because White people colonized and imperialized and took away other peoples’ cultural traditions.

That is indeed true that all that happened. But I believe a key component of the situation is being left out: from whom did they learn these behaviors? Nature abhors a vacuum so clearly this all came from somewhere.

First, let me clarify what “this” is: people of all colors have been taking everyone’s stuff for as long as there have been people so that’s not the issue. The issue is in the damage. The cultural damage done. As in, did the people still get to practice their culture for the most part? If we take the Romans for example, we can say that they did a clean job of taking people over. When the Romans…

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