Welcome to Wine Land

Hail to Freydis, who knew how to deal with those who abandoned their Gods and traditional ways and tried to foist that poison on others.

The House of Vines

I was watching a documentary this afternoon that suggested the Christianization of Norway and its dependencies pushed worshipers of the Old Gods to Greenland and later Vínland. Looking for verification of this led me down a rather interesting rabbit hole. 

The Icelander Leif Eríksson is credited with naming the Norse settlement Vínland nearly five hundred years before the Italian Cristoforo Colombo is said to have discovered the New World (and unlike the better-known explorer and colonizer Leif actually set foot on the North American continent.)

According to Adam of Bremen’s Descriptio insularum Aquilonis published in 1075 e.v.:

In that ocean there is an island which is called Winland, for the reason that grapevines grow there by themselves, producing the best wine.

This etymology is repeated in the 13th-century Grœnlendinga saga, after relating the miraculous discovery of wheat and vínber (“wine-berries” either grapes or currants which could be fermented into…

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