Our world right now is revolving around the developing global-impact story of Covid-19. This is an unprecedented event. In times of stress, it is only natural that we turn to our Gods. Awareness of Their blessings can help us get through the next few weeks, likely to be trying, of quarantine and social distancing–the measures on travel bans, schools and businesses closing or shifting to telecommunications is all about two things: curtailing the spread to protect the most vulnerable in our community, and to slow the spread so we don’t overwhelm our medical services.

To bring a bit of light in a time of anxiety for so many, I thought to give away some prayer card sets for the healing deities, and thought the requirements of the giveaway would be to actually create prayers, artwork, or music to the healing deities from our various polytheistic traditions. It seemed fitting, and a lovely reminder that outbreaks may come and go, but our Gods endure.

With such a rich abundance of polytheistic traditions, we have so many deities traditionally associated with healing. Here’s just a few to inspire you: Alatevia, Apollo, Asklepios, The Aśvins, Aurboda, Bjord, Bleik, Blith, Brigid, Eeyeekalduk, Eir, Endovelicus, Frith, Hlif, Hlifthrasa, Hygeia, Isis, Ixtlilton, Mengloth, Odin, Osanyin, Salus, Sekhmet, Sirona, Sukunabhikona-no-Kami, Sunna, Thjodvara, Wong Tai Sin, Żywie, and so many more!



How to Enter:

draft a prayer, create a visual artwork, or compose a song to a healing deity from a polytheistic tradition

  • post your entry below in the comments, or if you want to share it at your blog or preferred social media account just do so publicly on your chosen platform and place the link in the comments below.

Deadline: Enter by March 31, 11:59pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time.



Winners Receive 1 of the following Card Sets

  • Norse Healing Deities Prayer Card Set 
    • Featuring: Aurboda, Bjord, Bleik, Blith, Eir, Frith, Hlif, Hlifthrasa, Mengloth, and Thojdvara. 
  • Roman Healing Deities Prayer Card Set
    • Featuring: Asclepius, Hygeia, Salus, and Panacea
  • Healing Deities of the Sun Prayer Card Set
    • Featuring: Apollo, Sunna


*I have variants for some of the deities in these card sets. So some deity images may differ than what is shown here in the final prize set.

Winner Selection:
Winners will be randomly selected from all valid entries. There will be at least 3 winners, but the more entries, the more winners, up to a final tally of 9 total winners.

Winners will be announced on the blog ( by no later than April 6, 2020.  Winners will have until April 22, 2020 11:59pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time to contact me from that announcement with their legal name and shipping address to claim their prize. Failure to do so, will result in a forfeited prize. 


Open to worldwide participation. Please keep in mind that as borders close in response to Covid-19, delivery of items might be held up with any impacts upon domestic and international shipping systems.

I encourage those of you who plan to enter, to please use the hashtag #HealingGods.
Let’s fill the internet with our many Gods. 


About ganglerisgrove

Galina Krasskova has been a Heathen priest since 1995. She holds a Masters in Religious Studies (2009), a Masters in Medieval Studies (2019), has done extensive graduate work in Classics including teaching Latin, Roman History, and Greek and Roman Literature for the better part of a decade, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Theology. She is the managing editor of Walking the Worlds journal and has written over thirty books on Heathenry and Polytheism including "A Modern Guide to Heathenry" and "He is Frenzy: Collected Writings about Odin." In addition to her religious work, she is an accomplished artist who has shown all over the world and she currently runs a prayer card project available at

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  3. -Storm Calm-

    Hail Laufey, Lady who walks at ease in tempest wracked forests. Gentle dancer in a scour of lightning or the lashing foam of sea fury, Lady of the Leafy Isle and the turreted cottage of Jarnvidur.

    Hail Laufey, bringer of steel hard calm and willow flexing balance to the most chaotic of situations.

    Hail Laufey, you who heal through the nourishment of soup, hearth fire, and the right tale whispered in the dark.

    Hail She Who Unbends the most stress wracked, wyrd tangled, and fury twisted of folk, all with story and hearthwit.

    Hail Laufey, in times of peace, in times of strife, in times of health and in times of disease.

    Praise Her, that the Lady that birthed fire and change might tip the balance to the right, in your life, in the lives of your folk, and for all the interlocked lives in the great tapestry of Wyrd.

    Hail Laufey, willow, fox, and spider all, and so much more besides.


  4. Chalchiuhtlicue the one with jade skirts, we ask you to heal and purify us with your feminine water.
    You who decorate Mother Earth with jades, heal this fear.
    Chalchiuhtlicue teach us a lesson in flexibility, help us to walk on this Mother Earth and beautify her with our words and actions.
    I thank you for what I am and ask for health for humanity.

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  5. Hail to you great and gracious Gods and Goddesses
    Immortal and most holy ones who dwell on high
    Please hear my prayer as my hands reach upwards
    Stretch yours to mankind, the young and old alike
    Turn your eyes toward us in our darkest hour
    Look down at us with compassion
    Shine your briliant light at us
    Help us to come together
    To stand strong and lift eachother up
    For you know the importance of family and community

    First, I cry out to Bright Hestia
    Foundation of all community
    Basis of each individual
    Silent strength of city and home
    Flame of friendship and hospitality
    May we all find a place at your hearth
    A quiet place to rest amidst uncertainty
    I pray that you bless even the homeless
    To find a place or person to call home
    A safe shelter from illness and evil
    See to the keepers of the home
    Who provide hospitality
    Who make any place into a home
    A place to learn, entertain, laugh or cry
    A tiny peace of earth to rest and feel loved
    Bless us all, I pray

    I call out to Mighty Zeus, who rules on Olympos
    King of the Gods and God of the people
    Defender of cities and homes
    May we all stay just in these trying times
    To be fair and give evil and greed no chance
    Look out for eachother and lead by your example
    I pray that you bless all those who lead
    From the head of a family to the hospitalmanager
    to the ministers who lead the country on
    As no other do you understand their burden
    The heaviness of their decisions and actions
    Help them stand tall and strong as an oak
    May they decide for the good of the people
    And feel your justice when hunting for selfish wealth

    I call out to Heavenly Hera
    Mighty Queen with the white arms and Uniter
    Radiant Bride who stays true and commited
    No matter how great the trial or adversity
    May we all stay committed in all our relationships
    To our partners, friends, community and the Divine
    In these scary times, but also when the trials are through
    Help us to see and respect eachother
    To take not one person for granted
    I pray that you bless all the supporters
    All men and women who stand behind their partners
    To urge them on to continue in their efforts
    And still honor them in a moment of defeat
    Bless us all, I pray

    I call out to you, Shining Apollo
    Great healer and ally to mankind
    Formidable marksman with the golden bow
    Whose beaming arrows breach the darkest clouds
    May we all feel your inspiring and purifying light
    May we once more be cleansed and uplifted
    Let us not fall victim to sickness or pollution
    And the despair and disorder it brings
    I pray that you bless the inspired and inspiring ones
    All the healers, artists and scientists
    Those that shine a small light in this darkness
    As they give hope where others see none
    Bless us all, I pray

    I call out to you, Merciful Asklepios
    Apollo’s glorious son with the snake-entwined staff
    Master physician who has knowledge of the body and mind
    Aided by your fair and gracious daughters
    May we all be blessed and guided to good health
    That the ill may heal quickly and the healthy be spared
    I pray that you bless all the healers who stand in the frontline
    That witness the havoc it wreaks
    Those that help the sick and unstable
    Keep their bodies and minds safe and strong
    Guide their hands and whisper in their minds
    So they might heal and restore those in need
    Bless us all, I pray

    I call out to you, Swift-footed Hermes
    Far and wide travelling Luck-bringer
    Divine messenger who bears the caduceus
    Who looks on with grey and cunning eyes
    May we all communicate and hear clearly one another
    May all the people and their supplies arrive safely
    In the times and places where they are most needed
    Face masks and equipment for the nurses
    The last loaf of bread for the hungry man
    I pray that you bless all the travellers
    The transporters of goods and messages
    Keep their ways clear and safe
    Bless us all, I pray

    I call out to you, Bountiful Demeter
    Most devoted mother to Persephone
    Generous and nurturing lady of the wheat fields
    Under your care the earth yields its crops and fruits
    May we all have your blessing in these grieving times
    That the earth blooms and provides bounty
    So all will have enough food and none go hungry
    I pray that you bless all those that provide food
    From the farmers that work the soil and milk the cows
    To the cooks at the hospitals or at home
    Bless us all, I pray

    I call out to you, Grey-Eyed Athena
    Noble and strategic Victory-bringer
    Wielder of shield and spear
    Who protects and guides civilization
    May we all make wise choices even under stress
    To see further than the immediate and plan ahead
    Listen to wisdom and learn from past mistakes
    I pray that you bless us all with a clear mind
    To make good and just decisions
    Empowered by wisdom and reason
    For the common well-being
    For each and every citizen
    Bless us all, I pray,

    I call out to you, Sea-born Aphrodite
    With roses in your golden hair
    Lover of laughter and beauty
    Who brings people together
    May we all feel loved in these strange times
    To always feel connected with another
    Strengthen the bonds of love
    Fill our hearts with compassion
    Not only to others but also to ourselves
    I pray that you bless the passionate ones
    Those who work and fight with a fierce heart
    Be it for a person or a cause
    Bless us all, I pray

    I call out to you, Fierce Ares
    Warriorlike and unshakable guardian
    Defender of your daughter’s honor
    Beloved of Aphrodite and Father of Fair Harmonia
    May we all find strength and courage now
    To do the right thing and protect one another
    And stand up when faced with injustice
    I pray that you bless those who protect and defend
    From police officer, to the family guardian,
    to those in the army who serve in unusual times
    And often in unusual ways
    Bless us all, I pray

    I call out to you, Ivy-crowned Dionysos
    Giver of honeysweet wine and boisterous bliss
    Breaker of chains and soother of minds
    Great and gentle liberator
    May we all be released from panic and fear
    And find some respite to replenish our souls
    Let joy and hope find our heart once more
    Remind us what it is to feel alive
    I pray that you bless those with raging minds
    The ones that get tied down with worry and hurt
    Who might have none to turn to in this isolating times
    Bless us all, I pray

    I call to you, Skillful Hephaistos
    Renowned and resourceful craftsman
    Worker of the forge and bestower of gifts
    Who makes the strongest shields
    The most beautiful jewellry
    May we all find dedication in our own calling
    As you are devoted to your arts
    And let us not fall back in apathy or worry
    I pray that you bless the working hands
    The artists, the craftsmen, but also the labourer
    The ones that provide for all our needs and wants
    Be it for our safety, health or mere entertainment
    May you also bless those whose forge has cooled down
    And are threatened in their livelihood
    Bless us all, I pray

    I call to you Steadfast Poseidon
    King of the Oceans and all who dwell within
    Black-haired and trident-wielding Earthshaker
    Who rules with gentle Amphitrite by your side
    May we all have your blessing during these hard times
    Bless us with calm seas and calm earth
    I pray that you bless those who travel your domain
    The fisherman with a portion of your bounty
    And all who work at sea and can’t be with their loved ones
    Grant them safe passage
    Bless us all, I pray

    I call to you, Shining Artemis
    Sister of Apollo equally skilled with the bow
    Virgin huntress, who loves the wild
    Fierce protector of the innocent
    May we all find back our wildness
    Our connection to nature for we are not separate
    Help us to become more aware and respectful
    I pray that you bless the innocent
    Those that were already at odds in our society
    And protect the pregnant and children even more now
    Bless us all, I pray

    Lastly, I cry out to Fair Hestia
    Keeper of the sacrificial fire
    May your fire shine bright in our hearts
    May we always find our way to the Holy ones
    May songs of praise always find their ears
    May you be honored by all of mankind
    Now and forever

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  6. Hymn to Żywia –

    O Żywia!

    First among the Goddesses,
    Eldest Mother,
    Most Merciful,
    Goddess of Life,

    Look upon Your sons & daughters who are ill,
    All those who are suffering and in pain,
    and come into us so that we may be blessed with Your gifts and healing grace.

    Your Holy Light eases our misfortune,
    and drives away disease.
    O most holy Żywia,
    with Your blessing, grant me strength and vitality once again

    We shall always praise You,
    Creator of Life,
    Mother Żywia,
    Great Goddess, hear my prayer!

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  7. A Prayer to Oðinn for Medical/Pandemic Staff

    Grimr, help us to don our masks well
    Gagnráðr, help us to listen to wise counsel
    Sváfnir, help us to rest and recover
    Hleifruðr, help us to find our way
    Sigðir, help us to claim victory

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  8. A Prayer to Eir in Pandemic

    I cleanse my hands; O Holy Goddess, cleanse me
    I don my gear; O Holy Goddess protect me
    I do my work; O Holy Goddess help me

    May I do my cleansing with care; the virus will not touch me
    May I secure my gear; the virus will not touch me
    May I be skillful and careful; the virus will not touch me

    I offer the cleaning of my hands to hold the virus at bay
    I offer the wearing of my gear to protect those I serve
    I offer my skill and work that health and healing be maintained

    I cleanse my hands; O Holy Goddess, cleanse me
    I doff my gear; O Holy Goddess secure me
    I finish my work; O Holy Goddess bless me

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  9. Hail Lord Bragi,
    May I choose, order, and set down my words rightly, that I might express myself clearly and send my message to the holy Gods.

    On the mountain of Lyfaberg, all find healing
    Good prayers are answered, the suffering succored.
    Mengloth and eight Ladies dwell thereon
    Granting their aid to those who offer to them.

    Hlifthrasa and Hlif, Thjodvara, Bjort and Bleik,
    Blith and Frith, Aurboda and Eir.
    Let us honor these Ladies in time of fear,
    May we work together to end this plague.

    Hail Hlifthrasa! May your breath flow through us
    Easing our lungs, cleansing our bodies.
    Lungs expand, take in air, then contract to exhale.
    This is the cycle, may it be unbroken.
    Lady Hlifthrasa, may this be so.

    Hail Hlif! May the sick be healed.
    Parents and children find aid and comfort.
    Our elders need help, may we aid and protect them
    Finding comfort ourselves in your shielding arms.
    As our parents nourished us, may we so nourish them.
    Lady Hlif, may this be so.

    Hail Thjodvara! May our families find comfort.
    Old and young be nourished and given strength.
    When we must be separated, let us give love
    And keep connection through words and voice.
    Our hearts are united though we stand apart.
    Lady Thjodvara may this be so.

    Hail Bjort! May our heat be tempered.
    May fevers be cooled and bodies repaired.
    May anger be calmed and our thoughts be calm,
    The chill of fear warmed by courage and strength.
    Lady Bjort, may this be so.

    Hail Bleik! May our bodies be purified.
    May toxins be cleared and breathing eased.
    May our minds be cleansed of panic and fear
    Our souls be renewed to courage and hope.
    Lady Bleik, may this be so.

    Hail Blith! May our fears be calmed.
    Our racing thoughts be slowed and tamed.
    We have enough, if we trust in our Gods.
    We need not fear if we have good sense.
    Let us not panic, let us not be complacent.
    Lady Blith, may this be so.

    Hail Frith! May our lives be ordered.
    While we keep apart, we must still keep mindful.
    Others have needs and must be protected.
    We shall stay at home and keep the peace
    While ensuring our neighbors have what they need.
    Lady Frith, may this be so.

    Hail Aurboda! May our hearts be open.
    We shall not hoard, nor fear for loss.
    Gold-giving lady, let us do likewise
    And give where gifts are needed, take what we need.
    Lady Aurboda, may this be so.

    Hail Eir! May we honor our healers.
    As You work in the heavens, so they work on earth.
    Bless them, I pray, with patience and care,
    With good health and strength, wisdom and love.
    Skill to their hands, with knowledge and craft.
    Lady Eir, may this be so.

    Hail Mengloth! Queen of Lyfaberg,
    Our lives are the gems of your sparkling necklace.
    Each stone shines, whether great or small.
    Each stone is linked, each gem in a chain.
    Together we are stronger than we are apart.
    Lady Mengloth, may this be so.

    Praise to you, Ladies of the Healing Mount!
    Thank you for Your blessings. Thank you for Yourselves.
    May you be honored, now and forever.
    Ladies of Lyfaberg, may this be so.

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