31 Days of Devotion – to Dagr The Norse God of the Day : Day 3 and 4

I’m posting these two days together since my answers are fairly succinct.

  1. what are some Symbols and icons of this deity

Well, the sun, obviously in that it represents day replacing night, but also because Dagr is Sunna’s herald. I think the two of Them are inseparable in that regard. One could give Him images of a galloping horse with a fiery mane and I suppose one could use reproductions of the Trundholm Chariot, but I tend to ascribe that more to Sunna. There are scholars who associate Dagr with the rune dagaz, so one could also use this rune. I don’t, because for me, Dagaz is Loki’s rune and when I wear it, I do so for Him. Still, Rudolf Simek notes the possible attribution of Dagaz to Dagr, based obviously on the etymology of the two words, in his entry on the latter God (1).


  1. See Simek, Rudolf. Dictionary of Northern Mythology. Cambridge, UK: D.S. Brewer, 1993, p. 55 (entry on Dagr).


(Trundholm Sun chariot — I actually have a replica of this on my shrine for Sunna)

4 . Share a favorite myth or myths of this deity

 Sadly, none of His sacred stories have survived.



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