Maybe needs an exorcism >_<

I’m used to reading utter crap from They don’t represent polytheism, and they certainly don’t present anything approximating useful viewpoints for our community. At this rate, for the last couple of years they’ve been, more and more, a leftist propaganda machine. C’est la vie. Shit does flow downhill after all. I rarely read something there, however, that is as fucked up as their recently article on Catholic exorcisms. 

Firstly, the article mocks the practice of exorcism equating it with child abuse, FGM, and superstition. Secondly, they allowed the claim – and it has thus far gone unchallenged – that Jesus invented exorcism. No, he did not. Polytheistic traditions were performing exorcisms, purifications, and banishings for millennia before the Christ movement ever happened. But then, we’re not neo-Pagan. We actually respect our theologies and traditions (looking at you, Patheos). 

The issue we should have with Catholics doing this is that they retranslated the rite of exorcism. Why re-work a ritual that functions just fine? Moreover, why have it translated and amended by people who are not themselves exorcists and who cannot, therefore, gauge the efficacy of their needless emendations? I want more information on the translation process and who was involved.

Our world is filled with supernatural evil and pollution. We, human beings, who are no longer raised to cultivate virtue within themselves, let it in. Yes, there’s human malignancy but there’s also shit that goes well beyond that. Our polytheistic ancestors understood that. They understood that there are malefic forces aligned against the sacred and holy architecture that the Gods have created, and that if we venerate and love those Gods, then the corollary is that we stand against that evil, against that which would destroy and corrupt the order and beauty of Their divine creation. We don’t fucking help it along. 

These rituals and techniques were given to us by the Gods to combat those malevolent spirits and exorcists, a very rare and sacred calling (and dangerous as hell) are the first line of defense, the shock troops, that go in and clean up when we do not hold the line and when we fuck up. 

Paganism may be ‘do as you please’ these days. Polytheism isn’t. If the Catholic church is seeing a rise in exorcisms, I’m not surprised.  Our world is burning. Forces of evil are running rampant, hiding behind movements and counter movements and attempts to abolish and transgress all social norms. Even what is good in and of itself can be twisted and corrupted under its influence. This crosses all religious boundaries. 

Instead of bitching and whining and mocking those who hold to their traditions of exorcism, we should be praying for their success. 

Here is a prayer I say weekly (I stole it and reworked it from the Catholics because I liked it and found it effective. Gods know, they stole enough from us. Turnabout is fair play). I encourage any and all of you reading this to write your own prayers in the same vein. Feel free to share them here. But pray, pray fervently as if your life and spiritual welfare depends upon it because maybe, just maybe it does. 

Prayer for Priests and specialists

Oh, great good and immortal Gods, look upon our world and have pity upon Thy priests, spirit-workers, exorcists, specialists, and shamans (insert whatever groups of specialists you wish here). Oh, Compassionate Gods, remember that they are but weak and frail human beings. Stir up in them the grace of their vocation. Set them on fire with love and devotion to You. Keep them close, lest the enemy prevail against them. Grant that they may never betray, subvert , or shame their vocation. Keep them clean, oh great and merciful Gods. 

I pray to all Good Gods for Thy faithful and fervent priests, spiritworkers, exorcists, and specialists –for those unfaithful and tepid, for those laboring hard, for those tempted, for those lonely and desolate, for the young ones, the aged ones, the sick ones, the dying ones, and all the souls of priests, spiritworkers, exorcists, and speicalists who have died. I pray for those facing initiation. I pray for those facing spiritual combat. I pray for all who serve. May they prevail and come out transformed by the Gods. Keep them clean. 

Inspire them, oh Eternal Gods. Look with love upon them. Fill them with burning zeal for their vocations. Shelter them under Thy protection. Keep unstained their anointed hands. Keep unsullied their lips. Keep pure their hearts. Let Thy love and care protect them from contagion. Bless their labors with abundant fruit, and may they endure. May those to whom they minister be likewise fruitful in their devotions. May the laity who seek the Gods understand and undertake clean service. May they support their clergy and specialists.  May they be sustained in their love of the Holy Ones. May they be protected and likewise nourished. 

Please hear my prayer, oh good and glorious Gods. Please hear my prayer. 

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Galina Krasskova has been a Heathen priest since 1995. She holds a Masters in Religious Studies (2009), a Masters in Medieval Studies (2019), has done extensive graduate work in Classics including teaching Latin, Roman History, and Greek and Roman Literature for the better part of a decade, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Theology. She is the managing editor of Walking the Worlds journal and has written over thirty books on Heathenry and Polytheism including "A Modern Guide to Heathenry" and "He is Frenzy: Collected Writings about Odin." In addition to her religious work, she is an accomplished artist who has shown all over the world and she currently runs a prayer card project available at

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  1. My father would say in Spanish: “even pumpkins roll downhill.

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  2. Thanks for this article. It strikes home for a number of reasons.
    I was in Germany offering shamanic workshops when 9/11 and the Bush/Gore electoral vote debacle happened. Since I made it clear I was NOT in favor of the USA’s response to either, I repeatedly received two warnings. The first was that the USA was showing signs of a fascist takeover. The second was that in order to understand the fascist Germany of the 1930′ and 40’s, I had to be willing to accept that the entire country was essentially possessed by negative entities.

    I was scheduled to hold a ceremony in Berlin less than a day after the Twin Towers went down. There was bombing in Kabul, and the European Union was sure that Bush had started WW III. Entering Berlin was like drowning in a swampy miasma of fear, despair and negativity. About sixty people showed up and they all went through that miasma and came out in a positive state of mind. Our group was only one of many praying, but the field of negativity eased and WWIII has not yet come to pass.

    I quit the workshop circuit when the whole scene fell into a pit of petty squabbles and ego/money grubbing nastiness. I became extremely unpopular as people did not want to hear that those prayers get answered too.

    My prayers are more private now, but I know they are necessary and effective.

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  3. The vicious hate people have for exorcism and other holy rites is easily explicable if you ask me. Most Monotheists, Agnostics, Atheists, and Leftists worship the Enemy. They may call their deity Jesus, Allah, Progress, Marx, or reject Gods entirely, but in reality it is the Ruinous who is hearing their prayers. And it is more than happy to answer. That is why we must drown out their prayers with the sound of our own.

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  4. Dear Galina,

    I was curious about the Heathen perspective and which of our Gods tend to most frequently step forward to guide the work of the exorcist? For some unfathomable reason I’m getting the impression that Loki might be one of Them. I understand that within the Hellenic traditions, it’s most often Apollon and/or Dionysos that we see, though of course other Theoi may as well.

    A wonderful post! I think anyone who doubts the importance of exorcisms should just take a look at today’s living indigenous religions–I swear they take demons / malefic spirits at least as seriously as Coptic monks!


    • I have to second Apollo and/or Dionysos for Bacchic and/or Hellenic practice. (I live and work in a blended tradition so i’ve had some experience there). Kemetic, it’s Sekhmet. Heathen…I don’t know (i was ordained a priest of Sekhmet and She’s my go-to for this type of stuff). I would think actually perhaps Frigga or Heimdall. I could see Loki too and even Sigyn (She saved my life once by driving back something foul). It’s a matter of restoring right order, of purification, cleansing, and driving back malignancy. in the end, I think one could call on any of our Gods and I’d be more inclined to go with the Deity that I venerate the most, to Whom I have the strongest devotional practice. I do think exorcism is a specific calling and I tend to side with the Catholics that only priests should do it so my first question for the godhi or gythia would be: to Whom did you take your vows and I’d start there. You are a doorway for the power and command of that Deity when you do your work.


    • Thor comes first and foremost to mind, as he is specifically tied with the protection of midgard and mankin as a whole.

      But there’s room and place for many of our other deities too to be called upon.

      The Goddess Hlin is also set with the duty to protect us. Syn, is specifically a Goddess that guards the door. While one gets the impression this was more for barring enemies, considering the sort of localized folk traditions we have with the threshold of a door (burying an ancestor there, those stumbling at the door being an ill omen, and this is in part where the tradition of sweeping a bride over the threshold comes from). I could see her role as being more than just guarding against mortal enemies, but also other sorts of malevolence from entering our homes. And also ancestors were used to guard the home too.

      If we consider the Faroe Islands folklore of the Loka Tattur, Loki becomes the protector of the people. While this tale is recorded late, we don’t know how old it really is. Also there’s an old 19th Century charm from England that HREDavidson referenced in her

      “Thrice I smites with Holy Crock,
      With the mell [hammer] I thrice do knock,
      One for god, one for Wod,
      And one for Lok.”

      So this appears to be a reference to Odin, Thor (god/hammer) and Loki being called upon together for protection and blessings. Interesting enough, there’s a runic inscription on the Nordendorf fibulae from more than a millennia earlier (the 6th or 7th century) found in the archaeological record in modern day Bavaria, Germany that might show a similar triumvirate of Gods. (Odin and Thor seem most likely, and a third rendered as logathore might be Loki) though interpretation on this one is hotly contested by scholars.

      Odin and Freya with their connections to both magic and warriors seem also to be candidates.

      I feel that within the Northern Tradition umbrella we don’t really just have one specialist, but a range we can call upon, as circumstances warrant, and based on the connection you may have with certain of the Holy Powers. But when you don’t know where else to start, Thor and the ancestors is probably a good place to begin.


  5. fuck it. i’m an idiot: THOR. If i had to call on a Heathen Deity, I’d start with calling on Thor, who girds the world.


  6. I miss the days when Wild Hunt was simply an aggregate summary of news impacting our communities, period. It’s sad to see what it has become.


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