Choice and Opportunity – Use It or Lose It

An excellent article on the sacrality of choice by Freyja’s Frenzy. It’s long but most definitely worth the read.

Freyja's Frenzy

Jeremiah Morelli “Rainy Day”

Choice. Use it or surrender it, and thereby surrender your power.

I grew up on reading Russian fairytales. Growing up in Ukraine, this was pretty normal. The good ones – and there are many, I can recommend some – often have a hero who needs to undertake a quest and who at some point ends up at a crossroad. At the crossroads, there is a rock that has some version of the following inscribed on it:

Ви́ктор Миха́йлович Васнецо́в, 1882, Витязь на распутье

To the right will you ride – yourself you will save, but your horse you will lose

To the left will you ride – your horse will be saved, but yourself you will lose

Straight ahead will you ride – wed will you be

This is a common theme in Russian fairytales, with multiple original versions going back to church Slavonic, an archaic…

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