Story Told with Many Tongues

So many Gods…so many ways to kneel and kiss the ground. Another thoughtful post from Freyja’s Frenzy.

Freyja's Frenzy

Transcendence by Aeirmid –

Our Gods are many, and They are beautiful.

Each with Their distinct paths and Their ways.

One of the most enriching, frustrating and multilateral parts of being a polytheist is finding out that the teachings and the road of one deity doesn’t necessary apply towards another. Indeed, it may not even apply towards different people owned by the same deity.

I recently had a short exchange with a man who belongs to Hela. Forgoing the rather explosive correspondence that we exchanged, as well as an unnecessary dose of impiety that poured eventually from his fingertips, this prompted me to include prayers to Hela into our daily prayer ritual.

We have read many prayers to Her that night, and it was a very powerful and revealing experience. There were prayers that asked Her to strip one of all their mortal coils and memories so that they…

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