T.P. Ward writes a bit about his experience with the Roman Goddess Cloacina.

Terence P Ward

A couple of years ago I sponsor a prayer card for a lesser-known deity for whom I keep a shrine, Cloacina. Why I venerate a god of the sewer comes from a struggle that my family endured nine years ago, when we lost our connection to the municipal sewer system for 149 days.

Before we purchased our house, the prior owners had a subdivision done to allow them to sell off a somewhat spacious yard separately to a developer. We knew that eventually a house would be built there, but we didn’t know that our sewer connection ran directly across that new lot. All underground utilities must be shown on subdivision plans, but that legal requirement just wasn’t followed.

We were without our sewer connection for a lot longer than 149 days. It was probably destroyed when they were ripping up trees to make room for the new house, but…

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