Pagan Author, Musician Andrea Haugen murdered in Kongsberg Attack

Among the victims murdered in the bow and arrow Kongsberg Attack on October 13 near Oslo, Norway was a member of the pagan community, Andréa Haugen (also known as Andréa Meyer, Andréa Nebel, and Nebelhexë). She was the author of The Ancient Fires of Midgard, which explored Northern Tradition spirituality and religion. She was probably most famous among the Pagan and Heathen communities specifically though for her impact in the music world as the creative force behind Hagalaz Runedance, which released six albums. While her last album under Hagalaz Runedance released in 2002, she would continue to work on musical projects afterwards rebranding herself as she explored new sounds and varying career interests. For many Northern Tradition followers at the turn of the millennium her music was something latched onto as not only fans of the sound, but as something that spoke to our religious pathway. My favorite song of hers was ‘Volven’.

Her life was one defined by creativity: she was a poet, scriptwriter, model, artist, and musician. Music is a common thread found throughout her life. She used to go clubbing with Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore, as well as Ringo Star’s daughter Lee. Eventually she found herself starting to work on a number of musical projects, some under her own auspices and some in conjunction with others. She was a vocalist, played various instruments, and even ended up owning a club at one point too.

She is survived by her daughter, Alva (the subject for the song of the same name released on Hagalaz Runedance‘s Volven album).

I think in memoriam I’ll leave you with her song to ‘Hel, Goddess of the Underworld’ and from the lyrics this seems appropriate: “Hail, to the queen of death. Her shadow walks with you.”

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    The news about the attack in Norway has been disheartening, but it struck a bit closer to home for some of us as the names of the victims that died in the Kongsborg Attack have now been released. Among them pagan musician Andrea Haugen who was impactful to the pagan and heathen community at the turn of the millenium.

    I remember discovering her music thanks to a review of one of her albums that I came across. Remember she was active before Myspace, let alone Facebook came along. So the music she released as Hagalaz Runedance. While she’d eventually have a MySpace page, she never got a huge social media boost for her releses under Hagalaz Runedance the way that probably would ahve happened had she released her work today. I was excited at the time to find lyrics in English that spoke to my religious cosmology. I feel like groups like Wardrunna came out of part of what she and other artists like her created.

    Hop to Galina’s blog to read more.

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  2. How sad. Thank you, or more fitting Tusen Takk for the links to her music. What gift.


  3. What a shocker. That album is part of my ‘road music” collection, especially good on the High Plains.


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