Blessed Lussinatt

I’ve just started preparations for my own Lussanatt. In the meantime, here is a piece by Horn and hearth that provides useful links for learning about this day.

Horn and Hearth

If anyone knocks on your door tonight, be sure to give them them hospitality because it might be Lussi/Lucy/Lutzelfraa in disguise. Those who are naughty, who have not kept a good house, who have projects unfinished, and who do not grant hospitality will be punished (some say with a slit belly others with ill luck that leaves your belly empty in the coming year). Those who are good, hospitable, and take care of their home are blessed by this light-bringer who is part of the Wild Hunt/Parade of Spirits.

Lussi is associated often with Frau Berchta/Perchta, Frau Holle, and Sunna.

You can learn more about Lussi from a Heathen perspective in the following links:

Holle’s Haven Podcast

Wyrd Designs



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  1. Thank you for sharing


  2. Other than the Lussi buns, what kinds of offerings should be given to Lussi? I’m giving offerings to a bunch of Wild Hunt / Harlequinade deities and obviously Lussi will be the guest of honor!

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    • traditional are the buns, gingerbread, and mulled wine, I think. that’s what we’re giving.


      • Awesome, thanks! You know, one of these days I’d love to put on a traditional procession for Lussinatt and the other Yuletide observances. I’m saving up for some mumming gear.

        Maybe that’s a post you could do! DIY Mumming costumes!


    • A lot of the food sort of ties to the coloring, the yellow of her light: that’s why you have saffron rolls (lussekater), saffron cookies, etc. Along those lines I personally think of oranges (sun like color, round shape) so I’m personally making her orange rolls instead of lussekater.

      Sometimes you see in areas with this as a tradition they add to those saffron infused treats something edible and red (as a nod to the sash worn by the girl/woman of the household or processional bearing the light, and a nod to the lingonberry branches and berries used to decorate the crowns or inside decorations). Examples include edible red berries like lingonberry, goji berries, cranberries (more in America) incorporated into the treats.

      I also burn sweet smelling fragrances for her in offering. Dried flowers from earlier in the year I gathered and set aside for her. Personally if I can find it chocolate covered ginger too. If not, ginger candies, as well as chocolates.

      When it comes to the traditional foods eaten on December 13, saffron treats, mulled wine, and gingerbread are the most common. But you’ll also find the following too: There’s also Julmust (it’s a soda, sort of like a cross of coco-cola with root beer). Julmust is so popular in Sweden sales of Coca Cola tank by as much as 50% during the yule season (Coke has been trying to buy the manufacturer out for years). Swedish Rye Bread (or other breads made with Swedish beer). Baked Ham (served with mustard sauce and coated in bread crumbs), Swedish meatballs. Lingonberry Jam (or really any sweets made with Lingonberry Jam). Checkerboard cookies. Tea & Coffee. So to my thinking those are very regional type of foods Id add to her offerings if it’s something you’ll be enjoying too.

      In some areas, tradition holds that people eat 3 breakfasts because the night was cold and full of terror during the long night & vigil. So to me as the vigil ends in the morning, I give final offerings comprised from every type of dish I’ll be having for my breakfast. Eggs always feature for me because you have the white of her dress married with the yellow of her light represented in color within the egg itself. If you eat or snack throughout the vigil, by default I’d give her a portion of those consumables too.

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  3. Marcus, I would love to do a Krampus Lauren one of these years.

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