Mani, New Years Resolutions, and the Stories We Tell Ourselves.

I am loving Horn and Hearth’s entire series recently dedicated to the House of Mundilfari. Here is her post about Mani…you can catch up on the rest of the family by going to her blog. Good, thoughtful reading.

Horn and Hearth

Some of you might wonder why I shared about planning by the Moon phases yesterday in my Sinthgunt post instead of today in my Mani post. It is because I wanted to discuss something important about planning, goal setting, wish making, and New Years Resolutions.

Many of us enter the New Year with our plans, our calendars, our journals, and our magic with the best of intentions. Then, usually a lil after February, all those intentions fall away under the blows of life like waves pulling down a sand castle. This can lead to a lot of us feeling kinda down which is felt even more after the highs from which we started. This where self-help books babble about self-talk, manifestation steps, etc (I know…I read a LOT of them over the years).

The thing is, even our ancestors know the power of stories. Some of these stories we don’t…

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I’ve been getting to know the House of Mundilfari and I wasn’t familiar with this writer/blogger, so I appreciate your linking to her.

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  2. Awe thanks! I’ve had such good feedback on that series I’m contemplating what worked for me on it as far as writing and how to do something like that again in the future

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