Could Jormungand Be Connected to the Milky Way?

This is an interesting article, quite speculative but in ways that make sense within our cosmology. (I keep thinking about how my adopted mom and god daughter would call fog Jormungand’s breath… this brought a sweet memory to the surface).

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In the Norse myths, Jormungand is known to be the son of Loki and Angurboda. He takes the form of a giant serpent. Tossed into the ocean, he eventually grows so big he outgrows the water and encircles the world. He currently grasps his tail, but during Ragnarok he is predicted to release his tail as calamity follows.

The Milky Way

This, combined with the fact I spend lots of time in astronomy apps and observing our night skies, has made me wonder if he might just be meant to tie to the visible sight of the milky way in our night skies. (In fact the milky way might just be the origin of the ouroboros symbolism worldwide). Just as the earth we live on (Midgard) rotates daily, and then annually around our sun, our solar system in turn is in motion spinning around our galaxy of the milky way…

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  1. The ecliptic is also thought of as a dragon or serpent in several different acreoastronomical traditions. The moments when the moon and/or sun are obscured are the moments when the dragon snake’s head and/or tail are on the loose.


  2. It’s a neat idea. Though I think the biggest issue with it is wouldn’t someone have said as much if Jormangandr is the Milky Way? We have enough star myths from the Nordic peoples to know that the plotline of “object gets thrown into the sky and becomes a celestial object” was known to them. Instead we see Loki’s serpentine son thrown to the sea with the usual interpretation being that Jormangandr is the numinous being present in the untamed open ocean and by extension the uncontrollable element of nature that will always be around to be contended with by the forces that wish to uphold cosmic order. Totally not impossible though that Jormangandr could be found in the Milky Way as well. After all, space itself is akin to the ocean and certainly if the Northern Europeans peoples maintained their indigenous religions into the age of space travel then surely they would have found the uncontrollable chaos of space to be animated as well by Jormangandr much like how the Greeks started engaging with Okeanos as not just a cosmic river deity but also the embodiment of Earth’s open oceans as the Greek peoples started venturing more and more outside the Mediterranean Sea.


    • Of most of the major European cultures, we actually know very little about Germanic celestial beliefs & astronomy. Even when we have a rare story that is preserved, we rarely know what star(s) it’s talking about. I couldn’t find anything for the milky way when I went searching.


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