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Lithuania is preparing an appeal to the Chief Prosecutors of the International Criminal court against Russia for war crimes and crimes against humanity. 

There are demonstrations against Russia’s invasion all over the world. Better to call it Putin’s invasion because thousands of Russians are demonstrating against the war and in favor of Ukraine’s sovereignty, and in favor of peace all over their country. They’re getting beaten and arrested for it too. 

Putin is threatening Sweden and Finland with “liberation”. 

Elderly women (we’re talking in their eighties) are taking up rifles and going out to defend their country in Ukraine. 

On the Island of Snakes, (historically where Achilles and Patroclus are said to be buried, an island of heroes), Ukrainian soldiers were told to surrender by a Russian warship. Knowing they would die if they didn’t, their final words were “Fuck you” to the warship. CNN chose to censor their final words. May these soldiers be hailed. 

In order to blow up bridge access into Kyiv and thus give the city more time before Russians breached their defenses on the ground, a Ukrainian soldier knowingly blew himself up to detonate the charges. Horatio at the bridge. Hail him. 

Putin, after massive losses of manpower has called in Chechen mercenaries. They are colloquially referred to as Putin’s Isis. 

The Taliban is counseling restraint in this war, which isn’t telling Putin to back off but is still…weird coming from the taliban (I’m flabbergasted by this, and my brain still doesn’t compute). 

Finally, because this amuses me to note- Pornhub has banned users in Russia. They receive a message that they cannot access the service and a picture of the Ukrainian flag. 


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  1. I still can’t believe it’s happening. Such a nightmare scenario for Ukrainians and for Russians too.

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  2. …you know, I always knew Putin is sh.t, but he is smart, and that’s why he is dangerous. KGB never hire stupid people.

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    • and people forget he’s playing the long game and has since he came to power.

      Did you see the way he lined up his troops before invading? It was classical pincer maneuver a la Hannibal. I used to teach Roman history and I just stared at the map and thought, “how the hell don’t the leaders of Europe see this? it’s so obvious. this invasion should surprise no one.”

      People have been asking me what they can do to help my household, for whom this is very personal and I’ve been telling them: pray for the people of the Ukraine AND the people of Russia and pray that there is clarity of communication across the board. May the Gods watch over us all.

      When I pray, when I meditate, I see the spirit of Ukraine and the spirit of Russia – like mother and daughter holding hands in solidarity, neither wanting this, but both trying to sustain their people as Putin drags them into a bloody, brutal war.

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  3. Would prayers and offerings to the Slavic Gods be amiss?


  4. We should all be praying to the Gods of Justice and Peace that this war comes to an end swiftly. There has already been far too much pain and loss of life. May the Gods, Land, and Ancestors turn Their faces from Putin for causing this disaster. Leave the bastard to rot in his own wretchedness without Their blessings.

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  5. Are there any prayer cards for Slavic Deities in the Wyrd Curiosities shop?


    • a ton of them. I”m going to reopen my shop maybe later this week (catching up on orders). I’m happy to send you a free set if you email me your addy though.

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