a further follow up to Sannion’s post on Ecstatic practice.

The House of Vines

Nice poetry, Sannion, but I’m not an ecstatic — what can I do?

Simple. Follow the advice that Vishnu gives Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gītā:

By sacrifice will you procreate! … Foster the Gods with this, and may They foster you; by enriching one another you will achieve a higher good. Enriched by sacrifice, the Gods will give you the delights you desire; he is a thief who enjoys Their gifts without giving to Them in return. Good men eating the remnants of sacrifices are free of guilt, but evil men who cook for themselves alone eat the food of sin. Creatures depend on food, food comes from rain, rain depends on sacrifice, and sacrifice comes from action … the ever pervading infinite spirit is present in rites of sacrifice.

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  1. I’ll go a step further. Sacrifice is always the greater choice of the two.

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