Happy Easter, You filthy animals. :P

not my holiday but I can’t help posting these. “eggs” in Russian and Ukrainian can be slang for “balls.” The title of this article is “our balls/eggs are stronger” referring to an easter custom (that my Lithuanian family also practiced) of cracking eggs together to see which one broke first. the unbroken one had luck for the coming year. You can pop the link into google and get a translation.

My Ukrainian friend sent this to me, cracking up at the memes. For those who do celebrate easter (this weekend is Orthodox easter), have a blessed one. For those, like me, who do not, enjoy the memes in the article. Here’s one of my favorites. Easter bunny came to visit and gave a present to the Russian ship Moskva. *snickers*. (As an aside, if you do Russian on Duo Lingo, there’s an awful lot of “do you have “eggs”?” questions. My friend overheard one of the lessons and burst into laughter saying that whoever put the content together was having a bit of fun. ha ha).

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  1. Ahh the Moskva, I hear it was promoted to submarine and so far doing an eggscellent job of stating submerged.


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