The Witch Hunt – SCOTUS, Justice Alito, Abortion, Sir Matthew Hale and the Connection to the Salem Witch Trials

This is an excellent piece by Wyrd Designs. I’m a little appalled that minors who are wards of the state in TX receive no pain management during labor, and even more appalled that a woman killing in clear self defense would warrant arrest, prosecution, and a guilty verdict (that is bullshit at the highest level). Anyway, read and learn. I’m particularly concerned that SCOTUS will take a run at Griswold vs CT next.

Wyrd Designs

70% of Americans support the rights of women to have a choice with her doctor regarding her own medical decisions. And yet many have been reeling since the leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court of the United States that appears to be ready to overturn Roe v. Wade, the court case that gave women the right to have an abortion.

It’s not just abortion that’s on the hatchet block. Roe v. Wade based it’s argument in part upon a case dealing with birth control as a precedence. If Roe v Wade is overturned then it also weakens the legal precedence for birth control too. And trust me, I’ve seen some crazies here in Texas who think birth control is worse of a sin than abortion. They think birth control kills more babies than abortion.

What happens next for the use of stem cells in medical and scientific advancements…

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  1. Reading all of those cases was absolutely sickening. A woman has a miscarriage from a gunshot wound and SHE gets penalized? Let this be an example to all how man’s law is NOT necessarily reflective of what is just! Anyone who disagrees with that statement is the worst of fools.


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