There’s always something to give

I’m so glad to have read this. we’ve all, at some point I think, been in one of those ‘in between places’. good advice from Dver on how to maintain devotion during those periods.

A Forest Door

I’m in a sort of in-between time in my life right now where things are fairly chaotic and I am unable to do my normal routines (in terms of religion or anything else). I am extremely busy and often overwhelmed, and I do not have access to my shrines or ritual tools for the most part. Rather than seeing this as being prohibitive of devotion, however, it has reminded me how many ways there are to stay connected to the holy powers. A few suggestions for times like these:

If possible, schedule your errands for the appropriate holy day or moon phase, making even the most mundane chores into something meaningful. Work prayers or small offerings into things you were going to do anyways – going out of your way to do something special is wonderful but those aren’t the only times that count. Take on a small, symbolic ascetic…

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