An important discovery

This post by Sannion discusses an important Orphic find. It’s really quite something (and was discovered on a palimpsest. I always think of Palimpsests as little hidden treasure boxes lol. I can only imagine the excitement of the scholars who discovered this. wow).

The House of Vines

The majority of what we possess of Orphic literature has come down to us in fragmentary form, mostly via quotations from late Neoplatonists who were likely using a compilation made in the Hellenistic period that went by the title of the Sacred Discourses in 24 Rhapsodies or the Orphic Rhapsodies for short. (Other texts have also come to light, such as the Orphic cosmological poem discussed in the Derveni papyrus, the ritual script known as the Gurob papyri, the eschatological texts and passwords written on gold lamellae which were buried with the dead, as well as the collection of Orphic Hymns that were likely composed by a community in 2nd century Asia Minor.) 

A year or so ago there was a great deal of excitement as an Orphic text surfaced as part of a palimpset found in a monastery in Sinai. The text was written in a book…

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