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Gods and the Grace They Bring

Today I started my day with a mini conversation on Facebook about keeping one’s word to the Gods and direct expressions of Their grace and power. It made me think of two stories, two examples from my own devotional life and I’m moved to share them here.

The first (chronologically too) involves a blot I was planning to make to Odin. I had prepped for it, bought a small goat from an acquaintance, gone to the appropriate land where the blot was to be held, gotten ready and about ten minutes before we were due to head down to Odin’s godpole, this acquaintance comes to me and tells me he just can’t bear to part with the goat, he’s grown attached. He didn’t have the money to return my purchase costs ,etc. etc. I was vexed, because this meant Odin would not get the goat that I promised Him and was trying to work out possible alternatives when my acquaintance comes back in ashen. He’d gone out to the goat pen to find his favorite goat, the one I’d bought for Odin, dead. It had been struck down in the time it took for him to come in to tell me I couldn’t have it as promised. We did the blot putting the goat’s body (after divination of course) on the fire as Odin likes. Moral of this story: don’t steal from the Gods.

The second is a story I find delightful and still can’t quite believe it happened to me. A couple of years ago I had, for some reason I no longer recall, promised Hermes a steak. On the day upon which I was supposed to deliver there was a blizzard. I went to my Hermes shrine and explained that I couldn’t drive safely now but would go get His steak as soon as the roads were clear the next day and in the meantime, I offered Him some alcohol. I felt really bad about it but it really wasn’t all that safe for me to drive. About five minutes later my doorbell rings. There was a man and a truck that I’d never seen before and haven’t since selling …steak. My jaw must have been hanging on the floor as he told me he was on his way home and was hoping to make one more sale. I bought three boxes. Hermes got His steak. Moral of this story: Hermes really wanted that steak.

 If we meet the Gods half way, even when we fall short of what we should be doing (by means of circumstances outside of our control), if we’re honest and upfront, They will more than pick up the slack.


Submission to Dionysos’ Agon

The God of Broken Souls
by Sparrow

There are Gods for those who take up arms,
To protect their families and tribes.

There are Gods for those who till the earth,
And reap the bounty from Gaia’s depths.

There are Gods for those who are clever,
With their words and their hands.

And then there is a God for the rest of us,
We who are broken in body, mind, or spirit,
We who polite society frowns upon.

He understands our suffering,
For He has suffered.

He understands what it’s like to be human,
For His beloved mother was a human.

He understands what it’s like to be shunned,
For He was shunned from Mount Olympos,
Before His triumphant return there.

This God is the great and powerful Dionysos,
Lover of the outcast and downtrodden,
Loosener of cares,
Master of revelry,
Breaker of chains.

What would we do without Dionysos’ love?
I honestly do not know.
I am only thankful that He is always here for us.
He wraps His protective arms around us,
Offers us sweet wine from His cup,
And then He leads us in His dance.
Let us always praise Him. Io Dionysos!

Second Submission to Dionysos Agon

For Dionysos
By V. Morelli

You are the only God
for Whom I remove all my masks.
You are the only God
Whose Presence I can bear
when my demons come calling,
and You hold me in that Presence
as I writhe, until I am clean.
Restore me, oh my Liberator.
Take me up in the ecstasy
only You can bring.
Tear me Open, Omadios,
fill me with the sacrament
only You bear,
until I am fit, until I am rendered wild,
until I am perfectly and purely free
to be one of Your masks in this world.
Hail to You, Dionysos,
Sweetest and most dangerous
of all the Gods.

First Submission to Dionysos’ Agon

by Ellen




Third submission to Nehalennia’s Agon

by Dr. Emily K.

Welcome Home!
We shouted from the docks on the day You arrived,
Splendid and sailing up from the South,
Your barge trimmed with beaten gold.
A noble hound attended Your right hand
And a basket of the sweetest fruits spilled from Your left.

We have You now!
O Queen who has travelled in many lands,
Now at last in these low fields
Walled off and dug from the ocean
You are home at last.

Keep safe our sailors, silks, silver, slaves,
And all the wealth our merchants will display.
You will be our Mother
Until the day we come sailing to Your harbor
Hounds and health-bearing fruits laid by our sides
As we lie in earth
Seafaring in the mound
Then You will say to us:
Welcome Home!

Winner of Persephone’s Agon and First Submission to Nehalennia’s.

The Winner of the Persephone Agon, chose by div,  is Alexeigynaix. Congratulations. i’ll be in touch today about your prizes. 

Everyone else, thank you so much for submitting such lovely pieces to the Agon. May Persephone ever and always be hailed. 🙂 Please contact me at krasskova at with your mailing addresses and also to let me know which prayer card you would like. 

Here is the first submission to Nehellenia’s Agon. 

Prayer to Nehalennia

May my life,
Be a boat under your guidance and protection,
Grant me strength,
To hold the rudder of my life,
And follow to the right direction.
Grant me wisdom,
To discern between the moment,
To anchorage or to start new voyages.
May the winds blow gently,
And no storms destroy the pleasure of living.
Grant me access to my inner treasures,
And to your deep mysteries.
Oh Lady, grant me prosperity and fullness!


by Bela Síol, 06/11/2012. (This. prayer is part of The Oracle and Nehalennia author Bela Síol and the artist Igor Alexandre).

Submission to Persephone’s Agon

For Persephone

by Patricia R.

I saw You backlit by the summer sun as You stepped into the shadows.

I watched You descend stone steps into a cavern

leaving behind the warmth of summer to embrace the underworld,

to be held again in Your husband’s arms.

Each footstep entranced me

as You willingly, delicately stepped down into the cold,

the hem of Your heavy pewter dress sliding over the stone floor.

Cold mists welcomed You into the dark

Where You received a silver crown.

Spring is Your season, but no more so than winter

when stillness brings icy relief.


Submissions to Persephone’s Agon

To Persephone at Eleusis
by P.S.V.L

O You Who was once the Maiden,
Who now and forever is Mistress of the Dead:
when will You call Your banqueters
to stand forth in Your field
and ready their arms for what is to come?

O You Who are the fair hand in Hades,
the gentle Mistress like a drop of honey in darkness:
what will be the occasion that comes
when Your fosterbrothers, Demophoön and Triptolemos,
are at the heads of Your indomitable army?

O You Who is the Daughter of Demeter,
Granddaughter of Rhea, Great-Granddaughter of Gaia:
when will the Children of great Gaia and starry Ouranos
and the Offspring of Gaia and Nyx
gather their forces to await Iakkhos’ order?

O You Who is the Daughter of Zeus,
and fair wife of wolf-capped Hades:
will it be a child of white-capped Poseidon
that kindles the flame that Your initiates
will pass through, as they were once lead to it?

O Great Persephone, Whose honeyed Daughter
Melinoë, and a brood too great to number,
have mercy upon those the soil has already covered,
shower Your blessings upon those who carry Your torches,
and upon we who pray to You, grant us peace and victory!


by C. Valentor

Dark Lady of the shrouded Underworld
Cerberus ever present at Your side
The passing seasons by Your power unfurl
In birth and death the rhythms do abide.

Demeter’s daughter, gone with Hades lure
Who took You down into His grand abyss
Abandonment of all that once was pure
Yet foggy worlds reveal a newfound bliss.

Once innocent, seduced into the realm
Now Goddess, so benevolent and wise
The Shadow Queen of transitory helm
You welcome mortal souls as old flesh dies.

From seeds of pomegranate bargains born
To lessen winter’s cold eternity
The Lady of the Equinox transforms
As seasons split the year’s equality.

When once again in spring You do return
To paint the landscapes pink with bloom and flower
We celebrate our steadfast lessons learned
And bow before Your omnipresent power.

Sweet Goddess of the changing atmosphere
We hail You as both light and darkness fall
Embracing all with gratitude sincere
Until we heed Your Underworld’s call.


Prayer to Persephone
by A Bayless

Arise, O gracious Persephone, Queen of the Underworld!
Husband to the All-Receiving Lord, your kingdom is vast.
You keep a garden for those whom you have spoken on their behalf to the Judges of the Dead that they may no life even in death.
You were once the weaver of the world when your age and name were the same but then a great trauma befell you: a trauma that led to the birth of the Great Hunter Zagreus.
But this pain still lingers.
It consigns all to death.
But thankfully Dionysos and His soothing ways have healed you of your grief.
Through you both, humanity will know true life.
O Persephone, you who speak on behalf of the children of Earth and Starry Heaven, may you be appeased and may we be granted access to your gardens!
Io Persephone!

Submission to Persephone’s Agon

For Persephone
by Alexeigynaix

You dance in the meadows
in golden summer light,
so light on Your feet
You never crush a wildflower,
though the meadow blooms profusely
in the nymph’s joy that You are there
to dance beside her.

You dance in the halls
in silver winter light,
a partnered dance, sedate,
gowned in garnet, crowned in gold,
and the still air weighs less heavily
in Your husband’s joy that You are there
to dance with Him.

Daughter of Demeter,
You walk among the orchards
while butterflies and bees
flit from bloom to bloom,
flower-crowned, arms bare,
while apples, peaches ripen
and nectar turns to honey
and Your mother walks with You.

Queen of Haides,
You walk among the asphodel
while new guests in Your realm
disembark the river ferry,
treading lightly on the pallid blooms,
while Lethe burbles quietly
and still Lake Memory reflects
and Your husband walks with You.

Submission to Persephone’s Agon

Prayer to Persephone
by Claire M.

Hail Persephone, Queen of the Underworld,
you who are Holy and knowing.
I call upon you in honour and reverence
and ask that you be present in my life.

I call to Kore Karpophoros;
bringer of spring flowers, mistress of seasons
whose return brings light to the world.
Help me find my path and have the courage to walk it.

I call to Persephone Khthonia;
infernal Queen of the great below.
Bringer of death, destroyer of light,
help me discover my power and have the strength to wield it.

I call to Persephone Megala Thea,
Queen of the sacred way.
Help me grow closer to you and understand your mysteries.
With grace and ease, so mote it be.


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