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Bookversary! Viva il Coltello: In Honor of the Castrati

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Originally released on March 24, 2020.

This book is about the castrati, a group of singers who dominated the stages of Europe for centuries. This is a work of love and devotion, a small collection of offerings, words spun together to honor a group of men the last of whom died a century ago. They were great and their voices haunt us still. May these words summon their music, their voices, their stories, and their presence that they may live again through the power of our memory and our retelling. They are part of a group of honored dead that many in my tradition venerate. This book is a brief introduction to them and to that process. Viva il Coltello.

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Bookversary! Devotional Polytheism

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Originally released on March 15, 2015.

Devotion is the heart of polytheism. It makes our traditions live and grow, infuses them with joy, and opens doors for our Gods to come through. Devotional practice is the most important work any of us will ever do. In this book, priest and spiritworker Galina Krasskova guides the reader through the beginning steps – from the most basic spiritual exercises, to engaging with deities and ancestors through prayer and offerings, to ensuring receptivity in body, mind and spirit. She warns of the challenges on the path and gives advice on how to surmount them. She presents ritual ideas for daily use as well as throughout the year, using her own tradition of Heathenry as an example. She follows the thread of devotional practice from the shrine to the world at large, examining how to carry a love for the Gods into one’s everyday life. And most importantly, she speaks passionately of the necessity for devotion in cultivating a meaningful and reciprocal relationship with the holy powers.

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Bookversary! A Child’s Eye View of Heathenry

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Leap Day bookversaries are extra special. My book A Child’s Eye View of Heathenry originally released on February 29, 2012.

Learn the facts about this little understood collection of religions by one of their most prolific authors, in a format easily digested by adults and young readers alike. A children’s book aimed at presenting the facts of modern Heathen belief. This is the first in a series of Children’s Books presenting the facts about modern religious belief systems.

Features color images.

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Bookversary! Honoring Sigyn: The Norse Goddess of Constancy [Revised & Expanded]

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Today marks the bookversary of my published book Honoring Sigyn: The Norse Goddess of Constancy [Revised & Expanded] originally released by Spero Publishing on February 26, 2012. The book is a revised and expanded edition of the same book first published through Lulu Publishing in 2011. 

A devotional dedicated to the Norse Goddess Sigyn, including original prayers and poems to Her. Honoring Sigyn includes the mentions of Her for The Lore, as well as considerable material derived from the practices of women who have served Her in the modern era. This new expanded revision also includes recipes and much more!

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Bookversary! Full Fathom Five

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Today marks the bookversary of my published devotional book Full Fathom Five: Honoring the Norse Gods and Goddesses of the Sea originally released on February 21, 2008. The book is currently out of print, but you can find copies on the resale market.

Full Fathom Five is a devotional dedicated to the Norse Deities of the sea: Ran, Aegir, Their Nine Daughters and Njord. It is the first full-color devotional from Asphodel press, with beautiful photographs and illustrations on nearly every page. It offers a moving compilation of poems, prayers and personal accounts from people who love and honor these Gods. Respect for the ocean and its bounty is also discussed by those who have found that loving Gods of the sea means preserving that which is Their body. For anyone seeking to develop a relationship with these Gods, seeking a means of deepening a pre-existing relationship or for those who simply want to learn more, this devotional is a worthy addition to one’s book hoard.

Features color images.

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Yule Sale – 30% Off Books at RedWheelWeiser

If you’ve been eyeing some of my books to add to your book hoard, RedWheelWeiser, the publisher behind three of my books (Modern Guide to Heathenry, Living Runes, and The Northern Tradition for the Solitary Practitioner is holding a sale (only for a limited time) for 30% Off all orders shipping within the continental United States.

Use coupon code: YULE30 at checkout.

Bookversary! Runes: Theory and Practice

Today marks the bookversary of my published book Runes: Theory and Practice originally released by New Page in 2009. Since then, New Page was acquired by Red Wheel Weiser Books, who re-released it under the new name of Living Runes: Theory and Practice of Norse Divination.

Living Runes provides a thorough examination of the Norse runes that will challenge the experienced rune worker to deepen his or her understanding of these mysteries.

The book begins with an explication of the story of Odin, the Norse god who won the runes by sacrificing himself on the World Tree. It continues by examining each of the individual runes in turn, both the Elder Futhark and the lesser-known Anglo-Saxon Futhorc. Each rune is studied not only from a historical viewpoint but also from the perspective of a modern practitioner. You will be introduced to the practice of galdr as well as the magical use of the runes and the proper way to sacrifice to them and read them for divination.

Most importantly, the book specifically addresses the runes as living spirits and provides guidance on developing a working relationship with these otherworldly allies.


Bookversary: Honoring the Mothers

Honoring the Mothers made its initial debut on December 13, 2016.

51p3GltU6TL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_“Honoring the Mothers” is a collection of novenas to ten holy women, mothers of heroes like Achilles and Perseus and Gods like Hermes and Dionysos. These mighty women received cultus in the ancient world. They were reverenced, honored, venerated. This novena booklet provides a starting point for those wishing to honor them today.

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Bookversary: Modern Guide to Heathenry!

Today is the anniversary of A Modern Guide to Heathenry: Lore, Celebrations & Mysteries of the Northern Tradition, first released on December 1, 2019 from my publisher Red Wheel / Weiser Books.

The book takes what I created in Exploring the Northern Tradition: A Guide to the Gods, Lore, Rites, and Celebrations from the Norse, German, and Anglo-Saxon Traditions (2005) as a foundation and significantly expanded upon it with more than 70,000 words of new material especially on devotional work, honoring the ancestors, and theological exegesis. It’s basically twice the word heft of its predecessor!

What the Back Copy Says:

An accessible yet in-depth guide to this increasingly popular pre-Christian religious tradition of Northern Europe

Heathenry, is one of the fastest growing polytheistic religious movements in the United States today. This book explores the cosmology, values, ethics, and rituals practiced by modern heathens.

In A Modern Guide to Heathenry readers will have the opportunity to explore the sacred stories of the various heathen gods like Odin, Frigga, Freya, and Thor and will be granted a look into the devotional practices of modern votaries. Blóts, the most common devotional rites, are examined in rich detail with examples given for personal use. Additionally, readers are introduced to the concept of wyrd, or fate, so integral to the heathen worldview.

Unlike many books on heathenry, this one is not denomination-specific, nor does it seek to overwhelm the reader with unfamiliar Anglo-Saxon or Norse terminology. For Pagans who wish to learn more about the Norse deities or those who are new to heathenry or who are simply interested in learning about this unique religion, A Modern Guide to Heathenry is the perfect introduction. Those who wish to deepen their own devotional practice will find this book helpful in their own work as well.


Bookversary: Northern Tradition for the Solitary Practitioner!

On this day in 2008, Northern Tradition for the Solitary Practitioner first released.


Northern Tradition for the Solitary Practitioner is not denomination-specific: rather, it seeks to provide an entry into interior practice for anyone involved in a branch of this broad family of traditions of the ancient Norse, Germanic, and Saxon peoples, using material suitable for the solitary, independent practitioner. Those outside of the Northern Tradition who wish to deepen their own devotional practice will find this book helpful in their own work, as well.