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A Reminder about my Online Div. Class

I’ll be starting the online divination class on August 9.

Those interested need to be registered and paid up by August 6 so I can send slackchat invites to everyone and get folks sort out there. I’m excited about this class– it will give us the opportunity to explore the ins and outs of divination at a level beyond basic 101. We’ll be talking about developing protocols for before-during-and after divination sessions, trouble shooting, problems that can arise, and how to develop your skills as a diviner too (and probably more).

The cost of the class is $50 paypal to The course will run for six weeks.

I’m capping the class at ten so it’s very much a first come, first serve. If you’re interested, contact me at krasskova at There are six spots left. 

A Further Note on Divination

So I’ve been having quite a few conversations recently on divination, how to use it as an ongoing guide, it’s place in our traditions, how I use it, etc. Now I’ve written a book on divination, titled (in partial homage to Cicero) “On Divination” where I discuss some of this, but there are more things that I think it necessary to highlight. This is an important conversation, and one that I think should be ongoing.

Divination was crucial to our polytheistic ancestors. It was a means of determining whether we were working in alignment with our fate and what the Gods wished for us, of determining what the Gods wanted, and of solving problems as they arose (if not heading them off completely). When we read the sources, problems typically arose not in response to ambiguous divination but as a result of prideful, overly enthusiastic, or relatively oblivious responses to divination. It was never just ‘fortune telling,’ but was—and is—a sacred craft that can guide us in developing and maintaining right relationship with our Gods and ancestors. That is a very important thing!

I’m a vitki, priest, shaman, what have you…and believe me, I’ve been called every name in the book. Lol. (That’s ok. I like to encourage people’s creativity). Anyway, as someone in that position, just as if I were a Boukholoi, or Druid, Bard, or even just a gythia (instead of also xy and z), it should be second nature to seek out divination, either that performed by myself or that performed for me by a colleague or elder A) quarterly and B) before any major life decision, particularly with respect to my work with my community. Not to do so seems misguided, foolish, and perhaps even an act of hubris.

Does that sound too strong? Maybe, but think about it. Divination is technology given by the Gods so that we can maintain a strong line of communication, so that we can check before we royally fuck up. We have plenty of people now in our communities who are skilled diviners and there are simple (but effective!) systems that even the most head blind lay person can use to at least indicate when they need to seek out a professional’s services. So …why aren’t we using it more? I don’t post or write about every time I perform divination to check myself but I do it quite frequently. It would simply be foolish not to, given the nature of my work. The same holds true for many of my colleagues.

A couple of weeks ago I was at a major retreat. Before I participated in the big ritual, I did extensive divination and it turns out it was not proper for me to participate. I was told not to do so and I really, really wanted to participate! Instead, I spent that time with my ancestors and received a powerful gift, one that I had been seeking and working toward for over a year and one that I would not have gotten had I not listened to the div. Furthermore, I was there to provide after care to those trickling up from the rather intense ritual. It worked out exactly as it should have, all because I had the sense to divine.

There have often been public rituals, conferences, and gatherings that I’ve wanted very much to attend. Then I divine and I’m told to stay as far away as possible, often because there is pollution, sometimes because the work that I do is not congruent with what is going on wherever it is I’m hoping to visit. Now, when something like that happens, I have several choices:

  1. I can assume that this divination holds for everybody but me and go anyway (and boy do I deserve what I get if I do that).
  2. I can prioritize my desire to participate or not make community waves (stop laughing, assholes :P) over what the Gods and spirits have directed (and again, I deserve whatever I get for doing so).
  3. I can do what the divination has instructed because really, what is the point of seeking the counsel of the Gods and ancestors and then ignoring it? I do not actually know better than They.

There’s always of course the option to not do divination, either because I am in alignment with the position whatever group I wish to join in with holds, or because I’m sure that they’re not carriers of miasma or for whatever reason…but there’s an old saying about what happens when we assume (you make an ASS out of U and ME) so it goes without saying that I divine.

Assume nothing. We can control ourselves and how we prepare for ritual, our level of cleanliness and miasma, but we cannot control anyone else and the moment you bring others into the mix, you end up with an awful lot of moving parts, often moving miasmic parts.

I tend to do divination for myself at the start of every week, nothing extensive but just a quick check to see what’s coming down the pike. Quarterly I will visit one of my elders for a session. I do this because it’s really, really difficult to be totally objective with oneself. I often sit with my ancestors and will use a special divination system (one that is only used for my dead) to see if there’s any messages that they have for me that I might not otherwise be picking up, if everything’s copacetic, etc. I check in regularly.

Of course one doesn’t want to get addicted to divination. Having this technology at our disposal does not excuse us from learning to make good choices. I don’t divine over every little thing. I do my work and work things out for myself. Sometimes I make mistakes and deal with that. I divine consistently though, and before important events, work, gatherings.

I’ll be writing more on divination over the next few weeks, maybe even days if I have the time. My next pieces is going to be on one of the most crucial elements of both divination and devotional work: discernment and learning to listen. After all, you don’t want to end up like way too many people I could name, not even being able to tell when your God is present as opposed to the sock puppets in your head.


Gift Certificates Available

I am now offering gift certificates for divination sessions at the reduced rate of $50 (plus $5 S&H if you need me to send the hard copy certificate to you or a friend). I will be selling them at this discounted price through February because hey, winter can be grueling and miserable and any little thing to brighten it up a bit is a good thing. 🙂

(I’ve estimated an hour, which is standard, though I do not charge by the hour, but rather by the session-they go as long as they go. While I prefer to see people in person, I am able to do a session via email as well. Technology is a wonderful thing.). Contact me at krasskova at for more info.

First Recording from the NY Regional Diviners’ Conference is Available

Thanks to the hard work of Sarenth Odinsson, we have several recordings from November’s NY Regional Diviners Conference available. Over the next few weeks, they’ll be uploaded and made available on youtube.

The first, the introduction to the conference, is already up and those of you who are interested, may view it here:

divination updates for the new year

All my outstanding divination is done and I have sent the responses to all those who booked a reading for the New Year. It’s good to start the year out productively and well. 🙂

I am running a special through January. My rates for divination will be $50 instead of $80 just because January is such a miserable month. There’s nothing going on. lol. So if you’re interested in divination and have been waiting to book with me, now is the time.

I hope everyone had a happy and satisfying New Year’s Eve. May 2015 be one of health and abundance for us all. Blessings.

Policies for Divination Sessions

(This is one of the handful of posts that I”m transferring directly over from my old Gangleri’s Grove blog).

I am an experienced diviner and priest with over a decade’s experience offering readings and spiritual counseling for folks from all manner of backgrounds, religions and lifestyles. I work particularly well with folks who have unusual spiritual practices, involving Gods or spirits, or who do serious energy work, or ordeal work, because this particular demographic tends to have difficulties finding competent and non-judgmental diviners/spiritual counselors. That being said, there are specific parameters under which I work. Please read these guidelines before you decide to contact me to schedule a reading.

1) Readings take place in my office in Beacon, NY (see or at another NY location as per my convenience. I don’t travel to you, unless there are really special circumstances. Occasionally, I do travel and I can sometimes schedule readings during my travels, however this is entirely contingent on my schedule and general availability. Generally I prefer that you come to my office. How you get here is your concern. Unfortunately, I cannot pick you up or find you a ride.

2) I do occasionally do readings over Skype or email. I ONLY do basic divinatory readings in this manner. I will not do soul-map readings this way as it is much easier to access orlog and wyrd with a face to face connection.

3) I have the right to refuse anyone, for any reason. Of course, if the Gods and spirits tell me that I have to help you, I will. But if They don’t, I have the right to say no to you, for any reason. I do this for religious reasons, not as a money-making thing. (See my fee arrangement below.) That being said, I rarely turn away someone who is genuinely looking for help.

4) I choose the method of divination. Unless you are coming to me for a soul map reading, I choose the method of divination. Under normal circumstances, I use runes to access wyrd. Sometimes, however, other systems of divination may feel more appropriate to the querent in question. I am trained in several different methods of divination including runes, ogham, tarot, lithomancy, and astrology. I reserve the right to choose. In most readings I will very likely cycle throughs several systems.

5) I don’t do this for entertainment purposes. I do this for religious purposes. Please do not contact me for parties or parlor tricks. This is a sacred duty for me, not a game.

6) Please arrive on time. Readings last as long as they need to last. This may be ten minutes or two hours. Please arrive on time. I generally need at least an hour of ritual preparation prior to a reading. If you need to call and reschedule, please give me at least two hours notice. Pushing the reading back an hour or two is generally but not always possible.

7) Fee issues: I am owned by Odin, however because of my relationship with Andvari, Who is a God of exchange, sacred reciprocity, value, and money, I have very binding taboos re. payment. I am required to take money for any reading I do (unless the Gods tell me otherwise). Andvari is all about learning the value of one’s work and setting an appropriate price on it. It is one of the steps in learning to properly honor money and exchange, things He feels have been corrupted in our society.

I charge $80 per reading and the readings last as long as they last, be it ten minutes or two hours. Payment is expected prior to commencement of the reading. I accept paypal (, cash and money orders.

8) I am very busy and receive many, many emails per week, many of them from people in crisis. Please do not send me a ten-page version of your life-story out of nowhere. If you wish to contact me either about setting up spiritual counseling or about scheduling a session of divination and feel that I might need background information, please send me the short version of your question or concern and ask if I need more information. Short, by the way, means one paragraph or less. If I tell you that I do indeed need more information, and to please send me your extensive email description of your issues, please conclude with a clear, succinct, logically coherent list of the actual questions or concerns you want my help with.


Re.: the incontrovertible consequences of a reading

Readings can be difficult to hear and I must caution you that because of the way Odin has me wired, I am extremely detached during a reading. Essentially, I sacrifice my identity for the duration of the reading to make space for the voice of the wyrd coming through me. If you hear praise or condemnation it is not me doing the praising or the condemning. I am not really there. This can be difficult and even painful to experience. The intensity that rolls off me during a reading is the force of the wod pounding into and through me. It is not in any way personal. Remember I cannot be kind or cruel because while I read I am not there. I am required to enter into a totally objective headspace and that means giving up my identity and my humanity for the time the reading lasts.

Please consider before you come to me for a reading. You may be prepared to hear unpleasant information, but you may not be prepared for what often comes across as complete lack of compassion on the part of the human vessel. Please look deep within yourself and make certain, to the best degree that you can, that this will not be a problem for you afterwards.

Galina Krasskova

House Sankofa

(Thanks to Raven Kaldera for his kind permission in allowing me to adapt some of his own guidelines to serve my required needs).