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Big Fundraiser for Special Series of Prayer Cards

Ok, folks, I’m reaching out for help for this project. I wrote the novena book “Honoring the Mothers’ (which will be available soon), because I kept feeling pushed by Hermes and Dionysos to do something for Their Mothers. Then I realized that while many of these women had cultus in the ancient world, we don’t seem to give them much attention today so I decided to expand that and divined on whom to include and the result was the aforesaid book.

I would like to commission prayer cards for each of these divine Mothers: Semele, Maia, Leto, Thetis, Metis, Alcmene, Leda, Danae, Pasiphae, Penelopeia. Grace Palmer has already done a lovely card for Maia, and I’m hoping that she will be able to do the others as well.

This means I need to raise – y’all sitting down ? — $3600, if I did the math right and minus what I’ve paid for Maia’s card and Leto’s. (the cards are $400/each just to commission the art alone and then $50/printing each set).

I think having devotional images is important. So many sacred images were destroyed when our traditions were sundered. I think it’s very, very important to bring new images of our Gods into being. That’s a huge part of why I started this project. I think it’s a necessary step toward rebuilding specific cultus and there’s something very special about having a devotional image of a Deity that one loves.

So I’m asking for help raising the funds to make these images happen. Those who donate will receive recognition as sponsors on the back of the card and the following:

For donations of:

$25 ten prayer cards of your choice.

$50 novena book of your choice (of those published) and three prayer cards

$75 three prayer cards, a gift certificate for one divination session.

$100 signed copies of my book “On Divination” and Sannion’s book “Hunting Wisdom” – a divination power pack. 🙂 plus three prayer cards.

$100+ a copy of the ‘Honoring the Mothers” novena book, a complete set of the Mothers cards (when they are available), and one other novena book of your choice.

Please contact me at Krasskova at if you wish to donate or paypal to but then email me at the gmail account anyway, so I know who you are and can arrange mailing of your loot. Please let’s make this happen.


Edit: one of my readers reminded me that we have a Leto card also by Grace Palmer. I had forgotten. So that means there are only eight cards to find. I’ve adjusted the cost accordingly. 

Magni and Modi Card Needs Sponsors

I’ve just talked to Grace Palmer and the next card is going to be Magni and Modi, Thor’s sons. Grace has already done beautiful images of Thor and His daughter Thrudr

From start to finish, the card costs $450. That includes shipping. If you have a devotional practice to Thor and His family (or even if you just like this project), please consider donating something. I can only keep this project going with your support. 

Those who donate receive six cards of their choice, and a setting of lights for donations up to $50. Anything over that receives those two perks plus a year’s subscription to Walking the Worlds Journal. Of course all sponsors get noted on the back of the card (the only exceptions are when sponsors happen after i’ve sent the card off to print. Then i try my best to note them in the second printing, when that happens). For any donations over $50 i’ll even throw in a gift certificate for a divination session (worth $80). 

If you’re interested in sponsoring (which is cool, because it means even if you aren’t an artist or poet, you can still help birth these images into being for our Gods) please contact me at krasskova at You can paypal directly to but paypal often omits messages and contact info so be sure to email me anyway with your name and mailing addy (so i can send your choice of six cards) and also to let me know your donation is for Magni and Modi. 

Be well, folks. 

Forthcoming Prayer Cards

I have several prayer cards in progress. All of them still need fundraising and most need a prayer too. Check it out: 


Cernunnos by Basil Blake 

(needs $50 for printing. I also need a prayer for this card)

hypnos drawing

Hypnos by Grace Palmer

(this is the detailed sketch. The finished will be in color. This one is specifically created as a match for Thanatos. $400 still outstanding to pay the artist)


Mars by Lykeia

($50 for printing needed)


Diana Nemoriensis by Lykeia

($50 for printing needed)

better jupter

and finally, Jupiter by Lykeia

($50 outstanding needed for printing)

If anyone can donate toward these cards, it would be much appreciated. Contributors up to $50 will receive six prayer cards of their choice and a setting of lights. Over $50, that plus a year subscription to Walking the Worlds journal. It’s important to bring images of our Gods back into being. Please help make that happen. 


Fundraising for Hypnos

I am fundraising now for a card for Hypnos (total cost $450). I don’t feel right having one for His brother Thanatos and not one for He Himself. If you are interested in contributing, please email me at krasskova at or paypal to 

Those who contribute $1-50 will receive a setting of lights and six prayer cards of their choice. Those who contribute more than $50 will receive that and a year’s subscription to Walking the Worlds journal. 

In them meantime, check out the finished Andvari card. It’ll be available shortly. 

andvari painting2x4

Andvari by Grace Palmer

Andvari card update

For those considering whether or not to donate toward the Andvari prayer card, Grace Palmer has graciously allowed me to share the rough thumbnail sketch for what will eventually become a finished piece of art. 

Here it is: 

andvari rough

Contest (there is a prize!) and Fundraising

Fundraising for Cards

As I mentioned earlier today, I’m fundraising for a Hypnos card, and i also want to start fundraising for an Asklepius card. If anyone wishes to contribute to making these cards possible, please contact me at krasskova at 


Additionally, I want to run a small contest. As a thank you to Asklepius for helping my husband through his recent surgery, I’m putting together a small, pocket-sized prayer book — really more of a small chapbook containing an extensive novena to this God of healing. 

I need a title! So, since I can’t think of one, I want to run a contest: please submit your suggestions for a title to my email above. Today is the 4th; on July 10, at midnight EST, I”ll put all of the suggestions in a bowl, prayer to Asklepius, and divine on which He wishes. The winner will be announced that night.

The winner will receive a copy of the prayer chapbook for free when it comes out and one prayer card of his/her choice.

Help. LOL. I’m totally stumped on a title. 

Fundraising for Hypnos Card

As I was mailing out prayer card orders today, I realized we have a card for Thanatos (thank you to everyone who helped sponsor that card) but none for His brother Hypnos. This doesn’t seem right to me so I want to make sure that Hypnos also has His card too. 

I’m fundraising now for this card. The total cost for the card from commission of the art to printing is $450. 

Those who donate $1-50 toward the card will receive six free cards (either six of Hypnos, or six cards of your choice), and a setting of lights.

Those that donate $51+ will receive the above plus a year’s subscription to Walking the Worlds journal. Additionally for both, i’ll throw in a couple of surprise gifts when I mail your prayer cards. 

I’m hoping we can make this happen. If you’re interested in sponsoring the card, please contact me at or paypal directly to MAke sure to put your name and email in the paypal, and also note that it’s for the Hypnos card. 🙂 Paypal often doesn’t include this information. 

that is all. Again, a huge thank you to all those who have helped to sponsor cards. It’s a good thing, and important thing to bring images of our Gods into the world, as many as possible, and this is something that we can all do, either by making art or sponsoring it. I am deeply grateful to you all.

Morrigan Card Fundraiser

I have commissioned a card for the Morrigan. If anyone would like to donate to the card (I need to raise $400. I’ll cover printing myself), please contact me at krasskova at or paypal directly to Please include your email and note that it’s for the Morrigan. 

Those who donate will A) receive credit on the card; B) receive a setting of lights; C) and six  cards of their choice. 

Please consider helping 

New Card Fundraiser

Ok. The next card will be Airmid. (spelling? help, Celtic people).  I need to raise $400 to pay my artist. I”ll pay for the printing of this one myself. If anyone would like to donate, here are the perks: 

anything under $100 and you will receive six cards of your choice, plus a setting of lights (for yourself, or one of your ancestors). 

Over $100 and you receive all of that plus a year subscription to Walking the Worlds journal. 

If you are interested in donating, you may do so by pay paling me at BUT please note which card this is for! 

If you have questions, go ahead and email me at krasskova at 


Also, feel free to distribute this. Please, let’s get this done. I haven’t seen anything for this Goddess and i would very much like to see us bring a devotional image for Her into the world. 

Fundraising for the Next Card.

UPDATE: The Njord card is fully funded. Thank you, Everyone! It’ll be available in about a week.

Now i’m seriously fundraising for Pan’s card. Thanks to those of you who’ve already donating. We’ve raised about $60 toward the card. That leaves $340 to go). Help!! ^_^


The next prayer cards in progress are one for Antinous (fully funded) and, based on your requests, one for the Greek God Pan. 

I will cover the printing ($50) for Pan’s card,  but I need to fundraise the other $400 for the art itself. If anyone is moved to donate, please contact me at krasskova at or paypal to tamyris at 

In return, anyone who donates will receive six free prayer cards (six of your choice). If you donate $25 or more, you will receive a subscription for one year to Walking the Worlds journal. 

Let’s get this done, folks. 🙂