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House Altar for our Nov. 1 Ritual

Here are a couple of photos from our House ritual for the dead on November 1. We honored our ancestors collectively and the military dead.


These were taken before the ritual began.


House Sankofa


What Is House Sankofa?

House Sankofa is a mixed House dedicated to ongoing engagement and veneration of all of our collective ancestors, spirits, Gods, and Orisha. We are polytheist and animist, striving always to be in right relationship with all of the many interconnected Beings Who are part of the web in which we live. Being polytheist, we do not exclude any of the many Holy Powers – Gods, spirits, and ancestors–of our lines and of our hearts. Devotion, piety, and respect form the common denominator that unites us all within the House. We serve with joy and respect and welcome others who do likewise. Always, we live and die by the blessings of our ancestors and the Holy Powers.

Who is House Sankofa?

House Sankofa is an independent religious lineage grounded deeply in the confluence of multiple traditional strands. As a mixed House, we have strong Norse and African lines and a growing Greco-Roman line. We welcome those who seek to serve their Holy Powers with awe, reverence, and love. We encourage devotion to all the Holy Powers with which we share our world. It is to Them our deepest loyalties and obligations lie.

We are a community and a tribe, deeply rooted in loyalty to the Holy Powers and our honored Dead. We are mystics and spirit workers, clergy, devoted lay people, respectful friends and many affiliated allies from a variety of backgrounds and traditions. In addition to ongoing ritual praxis and devotional engagement, as a House we are dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of devotional polytheism and ritual esoterica and to developing a thoroughly rooted indigenous consciousness within the lineage of the House. Our goal is to transform the world.

Joining the House

Joining the House is much the same as being formally adopted into tribal body. Those from outside the House may request membership, but a probationary period at the very least will be expected. Likewise, the House may extend an invitation to known students, devotees, and practitioners. All potential House members are put to the ancestors and Gods via divination and Their wishes are respected above all others.

We are partners in service, devoted to the Work the Gods and ancestors are trying to do. Our job is to facilitate that Work as cleanly and as well as we possibly can. Ashe!


(People often ask us what ‘Sankofa’ means. It’s a multi-faceted concept rooted in a restoration of ancestral traditions. It means that we must reach behind us to the ancestors and their collective wisdom and commit to carrying that wisdom into the future. It means that it is not forbidden to restore and reclaim that which has been lost. Sankofa is an exhortation to turn around and look at the generations of ancestors supporting you, look at where you have come from, grasp their hands, grasp their wisdom, engage and pave the way for a better future. It is only through the wisdom and protection and strength of our ancestors that we have a future worth living).