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Newest Prayer Card by Grace Palmer

Mundilfari, holding a baby Sunna (or maybe Sinthgunt) and Mani. 🙂  This card will be available next week. 



New prayer card

Hygeia pulled a fast one with me and ended up with two cards. LOL. Here is the latest by Halldora. It’ll be in the store next week. 🙂



New Prayer Card: Nuada by Halldora

This will be available next week.


New Prayer Card: Salus by Grace Palmer

Here is the newest prayer card, which will be available on my etsy store next week. This completes the Roman medical triad of Asklepios, Hygeia, and Salus. These Deities were extremely popular and had extensive cultus amongst both the medical corps of the Roman military and the common people too. (There are other healing deities that received cultus in ancient Rome, but these three were the most popular amongst the military). 

Here is the Salus card by G. Palmer (I think it’s one of my favorites!). 

salus painting 2x4

Once this card is back from the printer, I will be offering the three (Asklepios, Hygeia, and Salus) as a set, in addition to individually. The cards normally cost $4/each but I’ll be offering this set for $9 plus .50 cents shipping and handling. If you are interested in purchasing this in advance, please contact me at krasskova at Otherwise it will be available on etsy next week. 



New Prayer Card: Hygeia by G. Palmer

Here is the latest prayer card: Hygeia by G. Palmer

hygeia painting2x4

Thank you Ellen and Dr.E for sponsoring it. 🙂 It’s available on my etsy site.

Halldora is also working on Hygeia, plus Nuada. Basil Blake is working on a Celtic Smith Deity, and Grace Palmer is rounding out the Roman military medical corps LOL with the Goddess Salus.

If anyone would like to donate to /sponsor these cards, please contact me at krasskova at If there is a Deity for Whom you really really want to see a prayer card made, also please contact me.
that is all.

New Prayer Cards

There are three new prayer cards that should be available by week’s end. The first is my Apollon for the Castrati. At their request, i’m turning that into a card so once I write the prayer, it’ll be available. I posted about that here

Then there is a gorgeous Hermes by Halldora:


and finally the Starry Bull hero Alexander by Grace Palmer:

alexander painting2x4

More to come soon, folks. 

I’m still running a fund raiser for the Hygeia card. If anyone would like to donate, please contact me at krasskova at My plan is to have Asklepios (done), Hygeia (in progress), and Salus, the three Deities most honored by the Roman military medical corps. They had cultus throughout Europe. 

New Prayer Cards: Anubis and Sokar

I have two new prayer cards that should be available next week: 

Anpu Full

Anpu (Anubis) by Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa

Sokar Full

Ptah-Sokar-Ausir also by Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa. 

Check out his interview here to learn more about this amazing polytheistic artist. 

Newest Prayer Card – Scathach by Halldora

Here is the newest prayer card. it should be available in a week or so. 

scathatch-final copy

Scathach by Halldora

Agon Updates

Just a little housekeeping to cover: 

Per divination, the winner of the Agon for Maia is Kira R. (I’ll be contacting you shortly privately to arrange for your prizes). 

The winner of the Orpheus Agon is Neve (ibid), and the winner of the Achille’s Agon is J. Breuer (ibid). I’ll be having the cards printed this week. 

If you have not done so already, and you contributed a prayer to the Agon, please contact me at Krasskova at with your address, or just a reminder to send your prayer card. I’ll get those out this week. 

JUNE’S AGON is for Loki. I choose the God or Goddess for each month’s Agon via divination and Loki was most insistent. 🙂 Everyone who submits will receive a prayer card for Loki and the winner will receive a copy of my devotional to Loki’s wife Sigyn, “Our Lady of the Staying Power,” and a copy of all the current Loki prayer cards. The Agon will end June 30, 9pm EST. 

Here is the Achille’s card by Grace Palmer. 

achilles painting 2x4

The next card in progress by Grace P. is a card for Mithras. If you are interested in contributing to this card, please contact me at Krasskova at

Current Submissions to the Orpheus and Achilles Agon

Here are the submissions that I’ve received so far for the Orpheus and Achilles agon which ends Saturday, 9pm EST. if you are considering submitting, please do so sooner rather than later. Winners will be determined via divination late Saturday.

[EDIT: I’ve added the latest submission from Sparrow as of 11:08 pm May 26):

Prayer to Orpheus
by Sparrow

I sing of the long haired and sweet voiced Orpheus
Son of bright Apollo and melodious Kalliope
Prophet of the wild and intoxicating Dionysos
Husband of faithful Eurydice
To you, great bard and prophet, I raise my voice in praise
Please hear this simple song.

You most gifted Orpheus
Could move trees and rocks whenever you sang and plucked your lyre.
The wild animals of the forest would become tame
And sit at your feet to hear your lovely song.
Fountains would stop flowing so they could hear your blessed music.

Please great Orpheus help me in my artistic pursuits
Please instill in me the discipline to practise my art every day
Please help foster any talent that I may have
Please help me to find inspiration and to continue to grow as an artist.

Praise be to you inspiring Orpheus!
May you always be remembered for your talent,
For your love for Eurydice,
And for your devotion to Dionysos.
Io Orpheus!

Prayer to Orpheus
By Neve Antheus

Hail to you,
Founder of traditions,
Connecting the worlds
By way of your songs and charms.

Hail to you,
Who penned hymns
To the immortal Theoi,
That we may piously call out.

Hail to you,
Maenadic decapitated
Oracular head washed ashore
To sing of holy powers evermore.

Prayer to Achilles and Patrokles
By J. Breuer

Son of gods, son of mortals,
Achilles and Patroclus,
Hear our prayer and attend to our voice.
We worship you,
We praise you,
We honor you in your glory.
Warriors together,
Friends, lovers, partners in life and afterlife,
We offer you these words of thanksgiving
And ask your blessings upon us.
Let us live that we may love,
Let us love that we may serve,
Let us serve that our devotion and observance
Be an example to others.
Achilles and Patroclus,
Let your presence fill our days with joy and comfort,
Let the pleasure you take in one another
Be the pleasure we take in your veneration.
Hear our prayer, heroes, and our rejoicing.
Receive our praise and may your holy names be known throughout the world,
Now and in all times.

Prayer to Achilles
by Andrew Bayless

Arise, O Swift-footed Achilles, the mightiest warrior in the Achaean army!
Son of Peleus and Thetis, you were fated to either live a long but forgettable life at home or to die a short but glorious life by fighting at Troy!
Your destiny was inevitable and so it was that you prepared to face the rage of war but it is this same rage that made your Goddess mother fear for your health.
Dutifully, your mother dipped your body in the Stygian river so that you would be invulnerable to all blows and cuts!
Bravely you fought on, proclaiming that you would rather burn up than fade away.
When it was revealed to you that your beloved Patroclus had been slain, you rushed to slay Man-killing Hector in retaliation.
Advised not to for it would assure your demise, you fought on anyways knowing that your valor would be rewarded in this life and in the next.
Even now we sing of your chase around the well-walked citadel and your victory over the mightiest of Priam’s sons.
Mighty Achilles, hear our prayer, and be with us always!
May we be guided by you to be ever bold in the face of doom.
May we rather burn up like you in a blaze of glory than fade away like a witless shade.
Io Achilles!

Prayer to Orpheus
by Andrew Bayless

Arise, O great Orpheus, blessed prophet and musician!
You who is celebrated for your sweet song, we contemplate your sway over creation for it is you who quelled the disorder within the natural world and within the hearts of your fellows with honey-like harmony!
Yet your crowning feat had yet to come.
On a quest to retrieve your love, the mysteries of life and death were revealed to you!
Wondrous Harrower of Hell, it is known by your followers that you returned with instructions necessary to save our souls from the fate that is due mortals.
O Orpheus, not even dismemberment could end your glory for your severed head is said to give oracles as true as those of Apollon at Delphi!
O great Orpheus, hear our prayer, forever guide us in the mysteries you delivered to humanity and continue to sing sweet words in our ears that we may be in accordance with your teachings.
May we hear your blessed lyre plucking out the tune to which we will dance in heaven!
Io Orpheus! 

orpheus painting 2x4

^Orpheus by G. Palmer (forthcoming)

Thanks to everyone who’s submitted so far!


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