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Three new prayer cards by G. Palmer

These should be available in my shop as of late next week. 

Hodr painting

Hodr by G. Palmer


chantico painting 2x4

Chantico by G. Palmer

Lucifer painting 2x4

Lucifer by G. Palmer


Two New Prayer Cards

Here are the two newest prayer cards. They will be available in my shop next week. 

kwan yin painting2x4

Kuan Yin by G. Palmer



Eir by W. McMillan.

(and a huge thank you to all the wonderful artists with whom I work. You guys rock). 

New Prayer Card: Vesta by G. Palmer

This will be available in my shop in just a few minutes.

vesta painting2x4

Check out the latest prayer card…

Vesta by Grace Palmer. 🙂

vesta painting2x4


This will be available late next week.

Check out the Newest Prayer Cards

The newest prayer card is this gorgeous image of Hestia by G. Palmer. It will be available in my shop next week.

hestia painting


And courtesy of P.S.V.L. and artist Grace Ibor: 

Achilles Trophimos

Achilles_Grace Ibor

Achilles Trophimos by G. Ibor


Memnon_Grace Ibor

Memnon by G. ibor


Polydeukion_Grace Ibor

Polydeukon by G. Ibor

Then we have Nergal by Lykeia

Nergal by lykeia

Nergal by Lykeia

and Hekate by W. McMillan. 


Hekate by W. McMillan

 Pazuzu by B. Kring.


Pazuzu by B. Kring

and finally, by request, a card for our past religious specialists: shamans, spirit workers, diviners, seers, orpheotelestai, vitkar, etc. The artwork here is mine.

Krasskova_Shaman copy 2

Shaman by G. Krasskova

These are all currently available. 

New Prayer Cards

There are two new prayer cards that will shortly be available. The first, Dagr by Grace Palmer, will be finished next week (it’s at the printer now), the second, Milda, also by Grace Palmer is one for which I need a prayer. If anyone would like to donate the prayer, I would be most appreciative and you would receive notice on the back of the card and six prayer cards of your choice. Milda is the Lithuanian Goddess of love in all its forms (so i’d like the prayer to be as inclusive as possible). Any takers? 

best dagr painting 2x4

Dagr by G. Palmer


milda painting 2x4

Milda by G. Palmer

Newest Prayer Card by Grace Palmer

Mundilfari, holding a baby Sunna (or maybe Sinthgunt) and Mani. 🙂  This card will be available next week. 


New prayer card

Hygeia pulled a fast one with me and ended up with two cards. LOL. Here is the latest by Halldora. It’ll be in the store next week. 🙂



New Prayer Card: Nuada by Halldora

This will be available next week.


New Prayer Card: Salus by Grace Palmer

Here is the newest prayer card, which will be available on my etsy store next week. This completes the Roman medical triad of Asklepios, Hygeia, and Salus. These Deities were extremely popular and had extensive cultus amongst both the medical corps of the Roman military and the common people too. (There are other healing deities that received cultus in ancient Rome, but these three were the most popular amongst the military). 

Here is the Salus card by G. Palmer (I think it’s one of my favorites!). 

salus painting 2x4

Once this card is back from the printer, I will be offering the three (Asklepios, Hygeia, and Salus) as a set, in addition to individually. The cards normally cost $4/each but I’ll be offering this set for $9 plus .50 cents shipping and handling. If you are interested in purchasing this in advance, please contact me at krasskova at Otherwise it will be available on etsy next week.