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Walking the Worlds Issue 3 is Available

Issue 3 of Walking the Worlds, “Magic and Religion” is now available. All contributor copies and subscription copies have been sent out as of yesterday. (If you need to renew your subscription, you can do that easily here.

The next issue will be on ‘Polytheism and Philosophy.” The deadline is May 1, 2016. If this is a topic about which you think you have something to say, please consider submitting an article or essay. The polytheist world birthed major philosophical movements, and polytheism itself developed hand in hand with philosophies designed to teach one how to live as a decent human being. Many of the philosophers still studied today like Plato, Socrates, Proclus were devout polytheists (a fact often elided from philosophy classes and classical discourse). As polytheists, philosophy is our birthright. Check the above website for submission guidelines and think about adding your voice to Walking the Worlds. 

Meanwhile, check out the Table of Contents from Issue 3:

“The Irish Drui as Magicians Rather than Gaulish] Druids” by P.S.V.L.

“Hoenir’s Hlautvidr” by Dagulf Loptson (check out Loptson’s new book here)

“Pazuzu: Exorcist and “Good Demon”” by Tamara Siuda

“Navigating the Cosmos: Traveling Through Time” by Virginia Carper

“Odinn as Shaman” by K.C. Hulsman

“The Art and Power of Evocation” by Sophie Reicher

“Serbian Magico-Religious Folk Beliefs Surrounding the Start of Winter and the Saint of Wolves” by Anna Applegate

“Toward a Magical Enlightenment: Notes on Bruno’s Magic” by Edward P. Butler

“Magical Practices of the Modern Northern Tradition Pagan” by Raven Kaldera

“Pancrates/Panchrates of Heliopolis: Portrait of a Poet/Priest/Magician in Second-Century CE Graeco-Roman Egypt” by P.S.V.L.

“A Polytheist Look at Magic” by Sarenth Odinsson

“The Magic of Words” by Cat Treadwell

(apologies to any contributor whose website I didn’t include. I tried to get them all, but I’m missing a couple. I”m happy to edit if you send me your site). 


Walking the Worlds Journal Update

wtwIssue 3 is a hair’s breadth away from going to print. As I was writing my editor’s intro tonight, I had the pleasure of browsing again through some of the contributions and I have to say, we have a friggin’ amazing issue. 

Our contributors for this issue include Tamara Siuda, Edward Butler, PSVL, K.C.Hulsman, Raven Kaldera, S. Reicher, Cat Treadwell, Sarenth Odinsson, Anna Applegate, Dagulf Loptson, Virginia Carper and the artwork of Mary Ann Glass. I won’t tell you what they each wrote on, you’ll have to buy a copy and see for yourself. ^__-

Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this one! Be sure to check your subscription and renew here if it ended with Issue 2. If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, consider subscribing. You can order just one issue. I’m really proud to be associated with such a top-notch journal, that consistently puts out thoughtful, provoking, and relevant articles of interest across the broad spectrum of contemporary polytheisms today. 

Issue 3 Open for Submissions

Issue #3 of Walking the Worlds is now accepting submissions. The focus of this issue is “Magic and Religion.” Please contact me at krasskova at if you are interested in submitting articles or essays. Full submission guidelines can be found here. Deadline is November 1.


Walking the Worlds Sneak Peak – issue 2

For those who are curious, we’ve post the table of contents for issue 2 as a sneak peak. Check it out here.


Update on Issue 2


All copies of vol. 2 have been sent out to subscribers (contributors receive a contributor’s copy). For those in the US, you should be receiving your copies around July 10. Sadly, for those overseas, estimates varied from July 10 to August 10. It is in the mail, however. 🙂

For those of you who have not yet registered but might be thinking about it, check out our site.

that is all. Have a good weekend, folks.

Walking the Worlds Issue 2 Headed to Print

Issue 2 of Walking the Worlds is about to go to print. The topic is ‘regional cultus’ and we have a number of amazing and thought-provoking articles by Edward Butler, P.S.V.L., Weyland Skallagrimsson, Anomalous Thracian, Morpheus Ravenna ,Rhyd Wildermuth and many more.

I’ll be contacting both those whose articles were accepted and those whose articles, unfortunately weren’t (we received some really amazing pieces, but in some cases, style and/or theme didn’t quite fit in with our overall issue — i want to thank everyone though who took the time to submit and I encourage folks to do so in the future too). In the meantime, if you have been thinking about subscribing, now is the time to do so. Check our the journal site for how to do that.

Issue 2 will be shipping shortly after the Solstice.


Deadline for Issue 2 Approaches

hey folks,

just a reminder if you’re working on articles for issue 2 of Walking the Worlds that the deadline for submission is April 15. That’s less than two months away.

Shoot me an email if you have any questions, otherwise the submission guidelines are here.


Walking the Worlds is accepting submissions for Issue 2

Walking the Worlds is now accepting submissions for Issue 2. The topic is “Building Regional Cultus.” What does this mean to you? Why is it important to polytheism today? How does one go about doing this? How are you personally maintaining cultus? What problems can arise and how can they best be met? What does it mean to restore and build cultus in the modern world?

Check out the submission guidelines and consider submitting an article or essay. Your thoughts and voices are important. The deadline for submissions is April 15, 2015.


“Walking the Worlds” is a bi-annual journal of polytheism and spirit work, and the first extant, peer-reviewed journal of poly-theology. The first issue was released late December 2014 on the topic of Ancestors and Hero Cultus. Subscriptions may be purchased here, and issue 1 is also available on, though you get a better deal if you subscribe for the year through our site. 🙂 For those who may be curious about the journal, Rebecca Buchanan, editor-in-chief of the online magazine “Eternal Haunted Summer,” published a review here. (Thank you, Rebecca – that was a nice surprise).


Walking the Worlds Journal Update


Copies of Walking the Worlds, the first journal of polytheism and spiritwork, have been ordered and should be in the mail to subscribers and contributors by late next week.

I received the proof today and issue 1 looks fabulous. 🙂 We will be making the journal available on amazon, but it’s cheaper to subscribe, either for one issue, or for the full year (two issues).

To learn more, check out the journal site Walking the Worlds. There you can find information on subscribing, advertising, and the themes for upcoming issues.

Literary Matters

The inaugural issue of “Walking the Worlds” is quite close to being ready and I am very, very excited about it. It’s an amazing issue with some truly remarkable pieces, including articles by P.S.V.L, Edward Butler, Rev. Tamara Siuda, Beth Lynch, Jason  Pitzl-Waters and more.  I’ll post here when it’s available but in the meantime, check out the journal site. Once the prep work is completely done and we’re waiting for our proof, I’ll contact those contributors contributors whose articles have been accepted so we can get you the monies. ^_^  For those whose work wasn’t quite suitable for this issue, please don’t be discouraged but check out our upcoming themes and try again.

In the meantime, we are also prepping an anthology of articles based on the presentations given at the recent NY Regional Diviners’ Conference. I’ve already received some great contributions and we are hoping to have that out in the spring.

So stay tuned, folks. There’s lots of neat stuff happening and as my Thracian colleague often intones, it’s a damned fine time to be a Polytheist.