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Three new prayer cards by G. Palmer

These should be available in my shop as of late next week. 

Hodr painting

Hodr by G. Palmer


chantico painting 2x4

Chantico by G. Palmer

Lucifer painting 2x4

Lucifer by G. Palmer

Two New Prayer Cards

Here are the two newest prayer cards. They will be available in my shop next week. 

kwan yin painting2x4

Kuan Yin by G. Palmer



Eir by W. McMillan.

(and a huge thank you to all the wonderful artists with whom I work. You guys rock). 

Submission to Vesta’s Agon



“Vesta” by Lykeia

(This painting is for sale. Interested parties may contact Lykeia directly at daphne.kyrene @ gmail.com (remove the spaces around the @ sign first). The price is $275 + $15 shipping and handling. It will be shipped off frame in a tube for best pricing and safety. The painting is 20×24).

Submission to Vesta’s Agon

Eternal Fire
by Wynn Dark

Hail the holiness of hallows fire
kept burning through the long dark
by virginal hands.

Holiness that even the wolf children of the North
can understand, for you are a Lady
of the wolf children of the South ,holy Vesta.

Hail Vesta that both keeps and is that eternal fire,
hearth flame of the Roman people,
may your flame ever be kindled
in the hearts of Your people.

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Prizes for Vesta’s Agon

After posting the winner of Sigyn’s Agon it occurred to me that I hadn’t posted anything about the prize for Vesta’s. So here goes. 🙂 

Everyone who contributes something will receive a copy of Her prayer card (please email me with your mailing addy). 

The Winner will receive a prayer card and a KINDLE copy of “The Darkening Age” by C. Nixey. (You have only to provide me with your email and I can send this directly to you). If the winner doesn’t have a kindle account (I don’t use a kindle, but do most of my reading on the kindle app, which is a free download), we can work something else out. 

Good luck, folks. As per the norm, the winner will be chosen by divination. February’s Agon runs till the very last day of February, 9pm EST. 

Winner of Sigyn’s Agon

Congratulations Dr. E. Kelly, you are the winner of Sigyn’s Agon. I did the divination this afternoon. I’ll be in touch via email. 

Everyone who contributed may receive one of Sigyn’s prayer cards. Please contact me at krasskova at gmail.com with your mailing addresses and let me know which of Her cards you want. There are versions by Grace Palmer, Lynn Perkins, and W. McMillan. 

And a huge thank you to all of you who contributed. 🙂

First Submission to Vesta’s Agon

“To Vesta”
By Alexeigynaix

As long as Your temple fire burns
the city is protected.

The strength of the city’s protection
is Your temple-tenders’ dedication.
The light of truth
(they say in Unitarian
Universalist circles
of the chalice flame
at the moment it’s
the warmth of community
the fire of commitment.
Things that burn ever
in our hearts
even as the physical flame
goes out.

May we too tend the flames
the light of truth
the warmth of community
the fire of commitment
and may our passionate devotion
burn us inside with love of Gods
with love of You.

May our dedication shine
lighting the way for our children
and their children
and theirs
and may we someday
light Your temple flame
to burn ever as protection
as once it did in Rome.

I light a candle to You.
The flame is small
but its heart burns so hotly
I see Your blue eyes there.

Ave Mutti: Fuensanta Arismendi Plaza 1950-2010

Today is the anniversary of my mother’s death and I woke from nightmares of the moment I found out she was dead. Ironically yesterday I was reading Catullus 101 with my students, a poem in which he mourns his brother as he’s returning his brother’s ashes home for funeral rites and grief just washes through the words. When I woke, that is what immediately came to mind, that and the moment I learned she had died, the uncertainty and grief in the eyes of those around me, the moment my heart died.

Catullus talks about crying out to the mute ash of his brother and bids him hail and farewell but ash is not mute, our dead are not gone. I awoke with the knowledge that in having Fuensanta Arismendi Plaza as an adopted mom, and as a deep and dear friend, in my life at all i had experienced something of profound grace, something unspeakably sacred. The world is poorer for her corporeal absence now and so am I; but the echoes of who and what she was, of her holiness, of her devotion remain like ripples on a pond and continue to work their magic. I am the daughter of a sancta and I can only hope and pray that my own soul and character were in some way formed by her.

Some of you have wondered over the years why I never post pictures of her. The answer is simple: she *loathed* having her photo taken and if she did not know how important it was for me to have pictures of her, would have asked that they all be burnt when she died. One day she will have a prayer card — numerous people who venerate her as a sancta have asked for one — but only once she agrees and I know it without a doubt through my own divination. She would always prefer that anything of that sort go to Sigyn. So I’m going to end this with a prayer she wrote for Loki, for Mutti was a fervent devotee of both Sigyn and Her Husband and carried Their blessings with her wherever she moved. When I honor her, I honor Sigyn too because she would have it no other way. Today I remember both my beloved mother and the Gods she loved best. Ave, Mutti. as we always used to say: ich habe dich unendlich gern auf Zeit und Ewigkeit.

 For Loki

By Fuensanta

I love You powerful, and I love You powerless.
I love You young as flame, and I love You
decrepit as the dying ember.
I love You in Your greatness, and I love You
in Your meanness.
I love You in Your beauty, and I love You
in Your hideousness.
I love You changing, and I love You changeless.
I love the force that drives You, and I will love
You if You lose it.
I love You famous; and I love You unknown.
I love You kind, and I love You cruel.
I love You sane, and I love You mad.
Because I love You, show me how to love You.