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Submission to Hathor’s Agon

Gifts from Hathor
by Sparrow

Oh great Hathor
Golden One
Queen of the Heavens
Beloved daughter of Ra
Please hear my prayer.

Humanity needs You now more than ever
There is so much ugliness, fear, and hate in the world
It is very easy for us to forget Your gifts of beauty, joy, and love.

Where there is ugliness, please beautiful One, send us beauty
Show us Your magnificent sunrises and sunsets
Let our eyes feast upon our comely lovers
And let us drink in their every curve and contour.

Where there is fear, please Queen of the Dance, send us joy
Send us Your sweet music so we may become joyful
Let us dance to Your rhythms and sway in time to Your sistrum
May we join in a dance with those we had feared.

Where there is hate, please Lady of Love, send us love
Open our hard hearts to let Your love in
May our hearts bask in Your love as a calf basks in the love it receives from its mother
May the warmth of our hearts then spread to other hearts across the world.

Praise be to you mighty Hathor! May we never take Your gifts for granted!

Submission to Hathor’s Agon

Hathor’s Night

On the darkest eve of the year
when Nut’s black skin shimmers radiant
the people trembled in the cold—
what would emerge in darkness’ womb?

It was not radiant Re in His barque,
nor shining Set with His russet spear;
it was not Neith of the weaving ways,
nor even Isis Greatest-in-Magic.

She came forther, Hathor of Golden Horns,
tiaraed in turquoise, lapis lazuli Lady,
standing like a pillar of earth and heavens
upon a ford in a river of milky white.

“Between sun and moon, smiles and blood,
between life and death, breath and silence,
between day and night, flower and sleep,
between winter and spring, chill and grain—
only I may hold the balance.
Which of my hands on outstretched arms raised will you take?”

(by P.S.V.L.)

Submission to Hathor’s Agon

These are the words of the artisan Ptahmassu,
Beloved of Ptah, the master color artist,
Great Director of Craftsmen in the House of Ptah
Who has spent his life making images of the Gods,
Who propitiates the Gods through the works of
His hands, dynamic in the Soul-Mansion of Ptah,
Whom Ptah the Lord of Ma’at loves:

Rise, O Goddess, bedecked in the trappings of Ra,
Shining of face like the Disk at sunrise,
Acclaimed by the Vault as its mistress,
Heiress of the sky whose embodiment glitters
With fine gold!

Rise, O Hwt-Her, Hand of the Netjer!
Your body, young and perfectly appointed,
Causes Atum to rise in His season,
His passion becoming the verdant land,
His seed bearing the fruit of the Sacred Land.

Rise, O Hwt-Her, the Golden One,
Upon whose brow radiates the Eye of the Disk,
Whose radiation flares as the Cobra Goddess,
Her terror filling the hearts of gods and humankind.

O Beautiful One, the perfect countenance of
Her father in his sky, Ra has lifted you up,
Your body forming the domain of heaven,
Your navel becoming the great Mooring Post.
The Ark of the Day shines by your light!
The Ark of the Night follows your glistening
Thighs into the realm of the Blessed.

Rise, O Hwt-Her, Mansion of the Lofty,
The House of the Falcon, the Residence of the
Elevated One!
Your embodiment is the seat of the Eye,
Whose wholeness becomes you,
Whose powers shine through you,
Whose life is renewed at your coming home
From the south.
Djehuty the Lord of Eight-Town comes out
To hail you, acclaiming your powers, and
Leading you to your throne at the Filling of
The Wedjat Eye.

Rise, O Hwt-Her, Mistress of Turquoise,
Mistress of real Lapis-lazuli, upon whose
Limbs glitters indestructible gold,
That skin of the gods which brings joy
To the hearts of humankind, through whose
Magic the netjeru possess the entire circuit
Of the sun.

Rise, O Goddess, O Hwt-Her, O Mistress of Love,
Lady of Intoxication swimming through the
Thighs of men!
They see you, their hearts beat fast and their
Loins shudder in rapture.
They hear the music of your feet, the shaking
Of your breasts, the swaying of your hips.
All men make a dance for you, you who grant
The joys of lovemaking, the beauty of the flesh.

Rise, O Hwt-Her, the Daughter of Ptah, His beloved,
The ornament of Ra Whose brow dazzles as the
Eye of the Sun!
Come, O Goddess, in peace and in beauty!
Awaken in peace, O Hwt-Her, awaken in beauty.
Awaken in peace, O Golden One, awaken in beauty.
Awaken in peace, O Lady of Life, awaken in beauty.
Awaken in peace, O Lady of the Green, awaken in beauty.
Awaken in peace, O Eye of Ra, awaken in beauty.
Awaken in peace, O Mistress of the Sky, awaken in beauty.
Awaken in peace, O Mistress of the West, awaken in beauty.

O Goddess, your holy image is established on earth and
Outshines the circuit of the sun, the zenith of your powers
Becoming this image in the eyes of humankind.
Let all honor be yours in it, and the fruits that come forth
Be all things good and pure!

These are the words of Ptahmassu, having consecrated
This body, this ba of the Great Goddess Hwt-Her,
Calling it after Her “Hwt-Her Mistress of the Sky”.

-Consecration prayer for the icon Hwt-Her Mistress of the Sky
By Master Iconographer Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa

Submission to Hathor’s Agon

Homage to You, Hwt-Her, Lady of Life,
Enveloped in turquoise with the lotus
as your diadem!
O Golden Lady, how can men approach you?
How can the Gods behold your glory,
shining as electrum in the Eastern heaven.
To look upon You is to be blinded
by the fire of your body, casting the
shadow of the Sun as that Great Cobra Goddess.

The Sun’s light does not reveal your completeness,
Though your embodiment is the circuit of the
Wedjat Eye in its time;
it is unknowable, and the Gods cannot fathom
your strides across the Imperishable Stars.

O Goddess, the Mistress of the Sky,
how fair is your countenance,
how dazzling your lips,
your eyes of green malachite,
your eyebrows like the iridescent plumage
of the Sacred Falcon.
How He comes to you, erect upon His perch,
His lofty standard shining with your love.
He embraces you, the One of the Two Horizons,
His two wings not spanning the length of your
divine body.
Smitten, the Lord of Valor becomes yours,
as you, the long-legged Goddess, cause the
faces of the Gods to be turned away,
Ensnared by your beauty.

Homage to You, O Lady of Love
who bestows rapture by the very sight of Her,
whose body challenges the Sun for His light,
whose Father is born through Her,
whose brother becomes the Lord of the Earth
by way of Her thighs!
You, O Hwt-Her, are the sovereign Mistress
before whom the Gods submit their powers.
Mysterious One, who in secret gives birth
to the Sun in His moment of becoming.

Let me, too, come near to You in the hour
of your rising, when in shards of turquoise
your face becomes the illumination of the
May my two eyes behold You,
may my ears hear the shaking of your papyrus reeds,
may my nose inhale the intoxication of your lotus-fragrance,
and may I be one of those in your entourage
who lives forever on account of You.

– From the Hymns of Hwt-Her Mistress of the Sky
By Master Iconographer Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa

submission to Hathor’s Agon

Prayer to Hathor
by Hugh E.

Mistress of the House of Horus,
Mistress of Heaven, Divine Cow,
Eye of Ra, Lion of His wrath,
Queen Dancer of endless drunken delight,
Lady of Jubilation, of the music of harps,
Who guides souls to bliss,
Who fills houses with joy,
Sevenfold Weaver of the wreath of fate-
May the menat always be shaken for you!
May the sistrum always be played for you!
May blood-red beer always be poured out for you!
Lady of Turquoise, Lady of Stars,
Mighty Hathor, hail!

Second Submission to Hathor’s Agon

For Hathor
by Wynn Dark

From the North
Did You know our Holy Cow,
Audhumla of the land of ice and mist?
In that ancient time as You wandered
in Your land of fire and fecund river?
When You danced in the blood of ungrateful humanity,
had You already danced in Ymir’s blood?
One of Your folk I am not,
but on this occasion benevelont Hathor,
I praise You in the way of the North.
Hail Hathor, Hail the Lady of the Nile,
Hail the Watcher at the prow of the Celestial Barge!
May Your people again sing Your praises,
in hallowed Egypt and beyond.

First Submission to Hathor’s Agon

Prayer to Hathor
By V. Morelli

Hail to You, Hathor,
Bringer of sweetness,
Nourisher of Gods,
Nourisher of Men.
Through Your blessings,
the Nile rises and floods,
nourishing the land.
Through Your favor,
the world is rejuvenated each day.

Golden Goddess,
You protect all women,
and bestow Your blessings
upon those who treat them well.
You bring renewal,
to the land, to the heart,
and to all our hopes.
The sun and the moon rejoice in You.
Life flows from Your hands.

Mighty Cow, Holy Mother,
Your Power transcends the boundaries
of life and death.
Golden and glorious,
You protect the path of Ra.
Lady of the Sycamore,
Your blessings balance all things.
Help us to restore balance to our world.
Help us to open our hearts to Your blessings,
to never push You away.
May Your praises ever be on our lips,
and offerings ready in our hands.

Hail to You, Hathor,
ever magnificent.