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And the Victor for the Agon Is….

Jennifer Lawrence. Congratulations, Jennifer! Send me your address, and your selection for the prayer cards that are part of the prize, and I shall send them out Tuesday morning.

I thank you all for participating in this agon. As noted in my last post, if you haven’t already, please send me your addresses, and I shall send you a Juno prayer card when they are ready.

For those who might be interested in sponsoring prayer cards, I have the following in progress and almost ready for the printer:

1. Three Manannan cards (one is partially sponsored)
2. Two Juno (Sospites and Curitis – the former is fully sponsored, but the latter is not).

Participants in this Agon should let me know whether you’d like a card for Sospites or Curitis.


Again, thank you, folks.

Juno Agon Now Closed

Juno’s Agon is now closed. I should be posting the victor either late late tonight or early tomorrow.

For all those who submitted: thank you. Thank you for getting this agon off the ground. Please know that I loved every piece offered to Her. May this magnificent Goddesses ever and always be honored.

Also, please contact me off list with your mailing addresses: I’m having prayer cards to Juno made, and once they are ready (it might be a little bit), I want to send you each one as a thank you for your participation in the agon.

Stayed tuned…we’ll have a victor soon.

Agon for Juno — Entry 8

Juno Curitis

By Grace Ibor


Agon for Juno – 7th Entry

Hymn to Capitoline Juno

by O. Cook

O Queen of heaven, Saturn’s graceful child,
implacable foe of all who break faith,
eternal empress, fairest ornament
of high Olympus—hear my prayer, I beg,
and look with favour on those who call
your name in supplication. Juno, Queen!
enthroned in glory on the Capitol,
O sceptred Juno, Juno mistress of Rome,
employ your power; unleash your righteous will;
admit no fetter to your effective force.
Let heaven shake, and with the sound of praise
reverberate in honour of your majesty.
Reveal to those in ignorance how great,
how fair, how splendid is the strength
of your pervading numen, light
of countless ages, light of Tyre
and Carthage, light of Libya’s strands,
which crossed the sea in all your might,
exalted and adored, to make your home
on Rome’s most venerable height.
The world, O Juno, must recall
what grace, what order, you bestowed
on Senate, people, and all their works.
From Tiber to the Ocean Sea
arose in strong and beauteous form,
in union true, a state unbowed,
magnanimous, constructive, bold—
one city of countless nations made,
united, as from height to height
the smoke of pious offerings
each Kalends to the sky would rise,
in faithful thanks to your divinity.
Let us who pleasing incense burn
and pour libations for your sake,
receive the blessings you impart,
and flourish as in ancient days.
Great Juno, hail! For some there are
who steadfast still keep faith with you.

Agon for Juno – Entry 6

From Ovid’s Fasti, Book VII

Kalends of July

The Kalends of every month are given to her,
Juno of the Heavens, and the entire month
preceding the fifth, too, is filled with festivals
that daily recall the name of the queen
of the gods of Rome, steadfast in marriage.
On the Nones of the month now called
after the Divine Caesar comes the feast
of the serving-women with the wild figs,
the day of Juno Caprotina, and on the Kalends
of March comes Juno Lucina’s festival, Matronalia,
welcomed by mothers giving birth after marriage
in the month named after her nine months earlier.
Juno Sospita, she who saves, is given a feast
on the Kalends of February, for protection
and fertility, from whence she is said by some
to be called Juno Februalis as well, and if that name
is true, then who might Februus be other than Jupiter
in a name not commonly known to men any longer;
for this reason, they say on the Lupercalia:
Ianus and Quirinus,
Mars and Venus,
Vesta and Roma,
Juno Sospita,
Faunus, Silvanus, Romulus,
Februus and Lupercus.
She is hailed as Juno Regina on the Kalends
of the seventh month, and as Juno Capitolina
on its Ides. The girls in the first bloom
of womanhood celebrate Juno Sororia
on the Kalends of the eighth month,
and six days before the Ides the Temple
of Juno Moneta was founded, recalling
the Kalends of the fourth month when the goddess
of the hill is usually celebrated, who warned
with her sacred geese of the attack of the Gauls
on the very walls of Rome itself on the Nones
of the sixth month. And on the Nones
of the eighth month, the temple of Juno Curitis
was founded, the spear-carrying goddess
worshipped in all the curiae of Rome itself–
thirty divisions, not unlike the perfection of the days
of each month of the year, and thus
the reason why the Kalends of each month
are called sacred for Juno of the Romans.


(by P. Sufenas Virius Lupus)

Agon for Juno – Entry 5

Hymn to Juno

by J. Lawrence

Hail Juno Regina, fierce and stately in aspect,
wife of Jupiter, mother of Vulcan and Mars;
we bow in reverence to you, o regal queen,
who reigns on high over Rome as part
of the Capitoline Three. In mien and aspect,
You take our breath away, and there is no part
of our lives in which You do not hold sway.

Juno Lucina, You are there when first
we come into this world, bawling and shaking,
and you stand guard as each tiny light
emerges from its mother’s womb to join
the rest of us, mortal and human, to honor You
in pious thought, prudent word, and industrious deed.

Juno Pronuba, You are there when
spouse joins with spouse in marriage, hands held,
vowing to join their lives together forevermore
and become one with Your holy blessing.

Juno Sospita, grant Your protection to
women everywhere, guarding them against violence and harm;
so too do You grant that protection to Rome itself.

Juno Moneta, warn us when we go astray;
teach us to turn our backs on folly and ignorance,
that we may more properly revere and honor You.

Juno Curitis, protect our soldiers who go off to war.
We pray You shelter them under Your cloak,
protecting them from all dire influences
that would lead us to turn their hearts away from You.
Give them the strength to defend our land,
as you gave the legions the power to protect Rome
from all those who would see it torn asunder.

O Juno, who does not ignore the cries of Her people,
nor turn Her face from their prayers and praise,
we pray You hear us now, as we lift our voices and hearts
in celebration of all that You are, and instead
smile upon us when we sing of You
in love and thanksgiving, all the days of our lives.

4th Entry for the Juno Agon

by Daphne Kyrene


Third Entry to the Agon for Juno

For Juno

by M.T. Webster

I approach you, Dea Juno, Juno Regina: I see you
standing over me with queenly mien. Queen of heaven,
queen of gods, sovereign lady, you preside in state
on the Capitoline Hill with Jupiter and Minerva,
your husband and his daughter. Like Hera in Hellas,
you own the peacock as your bird; the stars are your eyes,
the rainbow your handmaid, the clouds your veil.

I come closer, and you are Juno Moneta, Juno Curitis.
Wrapped in the aegis, you advise the sacred king
and wield your spear in defense of the people.
Under your protection auguries are issued, coins
are minted, and you become the giver and preserver
of wealth. Records, too, are in your storehouse,
for it is memory that advises and counsels us at need.

I come closer to find Juno Sospita, Juno at Lanuvium,
mistress of fauns, she who purifies with whips.
Under your direction the Luperci hound but do not harm;
pain and laughter drive out the winter’s filth.
Juno Seispes Mater Regina, Savior, Mother, Queen,
your temple is a grove, and as Juno Caprotinae
you bring together slave women and free in revels
and accept the sacrifice of the lusty goat.

If I approach closer still, I see you as Juno Lucina,
she who brings to light, the midwife who helps
the birthing mother, who opens the doors of the womb
that the child may journey from dark to light.
You are our helper in the deepest pain, in the hardest
labour, in the most daring task: Bringing life to light,
bringing children from our bodies. Protectress
of marriage, of children, of matrons, you still
remind us that our sovereignty is our own.

At last I come face to face with you, great goddess,
and find your face to be a mirror of my own.
For my own inner deity, guardian spirit, better self
is also called juno. Or should I say that my face
is the mirror to yours, and if I look at you, Savior,
Mother, Queen, Wife, Adviser, Purifier, Defender,
I may become all this as well? Therefore I look to you,
Juno Dea, Juno Regina; I bow to you, great goddess,
divine matron, heavenly sovereign; I praise you,
glorious Juno, of peacock, spear, and cloud.

Second Entry for the Juno Agon

Juno Regina by C. Laurentine


First Entry for the Juno Agon

Juno in Her Many Guises

by Sparrow


Oh stately Juno,
Goddess of many names and many things,
Protector of the great city of Rome,
Please hear my prayer.

Juno Regina,
Queen of the Roman Gods,
Wearing a bright diadem and long flowing robes,
Please help me to be as dignified as You.
May I carefully watch my speech and actions,
May I act in a way that is befitting to You.

Juno Februa,
Queen of the feast of Lupercalia,
Which was celebrated on February 14th.
Your priests would whip women with goat skin thongs so that they would become fertile,
Please make my mind fertile.
With Your help, may I find inspiration for prayers, poems, and stories for You and the other Gods and Goddesses.

Juno Lucina,
Goddess of childbirth,
Please protect pregnant women and new born babies.
With Your help, may the babies see the first light that strikes their eyes.

Juno Moneta,
Goddess of commerce and money,
Please help me look after my finances.
With Your help, may I pay off all my debt,
Learn the basics of banking and investing,
Wisely invest and save my money,
Donate my money to worthy charities,
Be generous to my friends and family,
And when I die, may my descendants receive their inheritance without confusion and debt.

Ave magnificent Juno! May You always be praised!