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Agon Updates

Just a little housekeeping to cover: 

Per divination, the winner of the Agon for Maia is Kira R. (I’ll be contacting you shortly privately to arrange for your prizes). 

The winner of the Orpheus Agon is Neve (ibid), and the winner of the Achille’s Agon is J. Breuer (ibid). I’ll be having the cards printed this week. 

If you have not done so already, and you contributed a prayer to the Agon, please contact me at Krasskova at with your address, or just a reminder to send your prayer card. I’ll get those out this week. 

JUNE’S AGON is for Loki. I choose the God or Goddess for each month’s Agon via divination and Loki was most insistent. 🙂 Everyone who submits will receive a prayer card for Loki and the winner will receive a copy of my devotional to Loki’s wife Sigyn, “Our Lady of the Staying Power,” and a copy of all the current Loki prayer cards. The Agon will end June 30, 9pm EST. 

Here is the Achille’s card by Grace Palmer. 

achilles painting 2x4

The next card in progress by Grace P. is a card for Mithras. If you are interested in contributing to this card, please contact me at Krasskova at

Catching up on Nerthus Submissions

It’s finals time again, folks, so I’ve been mostly offline slogging through writing a couple of papers (I think I wrote my first MA thesis in less time than this one paper is taking, but at least I’m enjoying the topic). I’ve had multiple submissions to the Nerthus agon, that I’ll be sharing below in a moment. The Agon ends at 9pm EST tomorrow so if any of you are thinking abouit submitting, you have one more day. 🙂

Here are the outstanding submissions.

Prayer to Nerthus
By D. Fields-Bryant

As a child I call to You
I know You though I have never beheld Your face
Our veiled progenitrix
My heart pounds the shaman’s drum
As I greet You in Your domain
I both long and fear to be enfolded on Your lap
For You are Lady of both bounty and sickle.
Embracing Your form
My senses are filled with Your heady perfume
Petrichor and bog flowers.
Wise Earth Mother
Shrouded Keeper who marks the boundaries of my steps,
Winnow me
Separate the grain from the chaff
As I strive to be worthy
Of You and Your succor.

I Praise Your Name
By K. Usik

I Praise Your Name
She comes in guises, in masks
To me, She comes in black earth
Like writhing soot, Her roots touch each and every one of us
For that, I praise Her Name
In deadly might, She gives life
To insect, to grass, to waterways, to us
She is in us
I have never seen her face
Knowing the price
But I have felt her, cocked smile, as She points to the Earth
Savage soil
Seeds bursting
Fehu, Ingwaz, Jera
Underground waterways
These are all mine, She says
And so are you
For how are we without Her? I want us to sing Her praises
As we did millenia ago
Your ancestors praised Me, and now you have a debt to do so
She whispers
Knowing Her, how could you not?
It is the absolute joy
In burdock, clover, dandelion, and plantain…
All weeds, we say
But that is where She gives Life
The soil, the blood, and bone
That is where She is
I call Odin the Great Sweeper
But She is the Great Swallower
Intense She is in Her Might
She sucks you in straight to the soil, to Life and Death
That is why we are trapped in Her Name
But I do not want to live in a world without Her
She is Life within Death
She is Death within Life
And to that, I owe her a debt
And to that I praise Her Name
Great Earth Swallower
Roots of Rivers
Bogs of Bones
Grower of Grains
Lady of the Forest
I praise Your Name

OK, folks, if you’ve emailed me and I haven’t posted your Nerthus piece, email me again, because this is all I have outstanding! Happy Saturday.


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First Submission to Nerthus Agon

A Harvest-Time Prayer to Nerthus
by Kira R.

Fruitful Mother,
Devouring Mother I hail You.

Eldest of all,
Veiled and Mighty

I sing Your praise.
Terrifying and trembling,
awash in adoration,
I will lay my treasures before You.

With head bowed low
upon the earth that is Your gift
(and our obligation),
I whisper my prayers
Thinking of You
and of Your holy groves.

You sent Your family forth,
gifting the world of man
with the arts of civilization.

These things You and Yours have given.
These things we have received:

The skill of drawing sustenance from the sea
The skill of tilling the soil
Of planting
of bringing forth crops
the gift of the harvest
The crafts of the earth and clay:
of throwing a pot and working a kiln
Of building
Of reading the weather
The yoking of animals
Stewardship of the land
Burial of the dead
The merit of sacrifice
The terror of mystery

For these things, we are grateful.
For these things we shall always remember:

Prayers to You, oh Nerthus, Ancient and wise.
Prayers to the Mother.
Be Thou always honored.

Two New Agons

Seems like this is taking off, which is wonderful to see. There are two other Agons running this month: 

The first is an Agon to Apollo. You can read about that here. It’s running from March 31 to April 30 and submissions must have been created for this agon specifically. There are prizes. 

The second is for Athena. This too runs through April 30 and there are prizes. You can read about this agon here

Check them out and consider submitting something. 

April’s Agon is for Nerthus

April’s Agon will be devoted to the Norse Goddess Nerthus. She is a Vanic Goddess of earth and growth, terrifying in Her power. In the ancient world, only those devoted to Her, priests and the like, could view Her image unveiled, all others were put to death. 

There will be prizes for this Agon. 

Everyone who submits something will receive a Nerthus prayer card. 

The Winner will receive the following: a prayer card, a copy of my forthcoming Vanic  novena book (though this may take a little time—i’m still working on it. If you’d prefer one of the existing novena books, that can happen instead), and I will donate $25 to the charity of your choice (so long as it is not something that I cannot morally stand behind. for Nerthus, I recommend charities that in some way support farmers or the earth). 

The winner will be chosen by divination as has been the norm for these. 

Please consider submitting something. 

Reminder: There are Several Agons Running Right Now

Just a reminder that there are several Agons running right now:

I’m doing one for Ares through March 31. You can read about that here. Ares doesn’t get anywhere nearly enough attention and veneration in my opinion. Let’s give Him some love, folks. I already have three really good submissions. There are prizes for this agon so if you have something for Ares, I’m accepting prayers, poems, essays, and art. 

Lykeia, over at Lykeia’s Botanica is also running TWO Agons: one for Aphrodite and one for Hera. Again, there are prizes. 

Give it a shot and try writing or creating something for your Gods. 🙂 If you can’t paint, try collage, or word art. If you don’t think you’re a poet, just write a prayer expressing your feelings and longing for these Gods. Have courage! The arts are sacred to and beloved by our Deities. Honoring Them in this way not only gives an offering, but brings another prayer or sacred image into the world and with all that were once destroyed, that is a powerful thing. 

Speaking of Images, the next prayer card will be part of the Mother’s Series: Alkmene, the Mother of Herakles. If you’re interested in donating toward this card, please contact me at krasskova at I still need sponsors for this series. 

That is all for now. stay tuned for more updates soon. 


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