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Bookversary: In Love’s Winged Harbor

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Today is the bookversary, the second in fact, for a devotional I published to Anteros during the first year of the pandemic.

“Son of Aphrodite and Ares, member of the Erotes – divine manifestations of love – and God especially of requited love, Anteros has received little attention from modern polytheists until now. With this heartfelt devotional, Galina Krasskova introduces the reader to Anteros and offers a nine-day ritual of prayer and worship for Him. Giving honor to Anteros can lead to a deeper connection in our spiritual lives as a whole. As Krasskova writes, “Love must be given and received and doing so ennobles, lifts us up, and opens us up to the Gods.”

Do you have a copy? You can find it on amazon.

Yuletide Shopping Guide – Knitting & Crochet Patterns

Makers, crafters and DIYers I have been spotlighting in my Yuletide Shopping Guide resources to help you create items related to polytheistic religious traditions. So far that has included cookie cutterscraft molds, and fabric related to MesoamericaAncient EgyptAncient Greece and Ancient Northern Europe. I’m shared machine embroidery design files, cross-stitch and embroidery patterns, and today I have knitting and crochet patterns (including amigurumi) to share.

Not all patterns below are depicted.

Please let me know if there are any errors, with all the copy/pasting it is easy to make a mistake. If there’s something you think I should spotlight in the yuletide shopping guide, please contact me and let me know. So concludes our fabric resources, but there will be more resources to come! Stay tuned.

We Have A Winner!

Congratulations to Petros for winning the Ares agon with his “Ares at Gaugamela.” Your prize will go in the mail his week. 

All those who submitted ,please email me your mailing addresses and I will send your prayer card out this week (if I haven’t sent it already). thank you! 

and may Ares ever and always be hailed!


(part of the prize for this agon was a donation to the military charity of the winner’s choice. To that end, I’ve donated $25 to Farmer Veteran Coalition).

The Ares Agon is Now Closed

Here are the final submissions to the Ares Agon. 

N kostich

A Devotional Candle by N. Kostich who says “Devotional candle making is my particular devotional craft. I had never had contact with Ares until about a week before you announced the agon, when I saw Him in a dream. The candle is a 6 inch pillar infused with frankincense, dragons blood resin and cinnamon. Its always such a joy to create these candles!!”

Then there is this lovely prayer by Sparrow, who reminds us that Ares had a dancing teacher before He learned combat.

 “Dancing God” by Sparrow

There is another God besides Dionysos
Who loves to dance.

He parries and thrusts
Moving in time to the music of the battlefield
Swords and shields clash together sounding like cymbals.

He moves so gracefully and quick
Sprints here, moves there
To deflect His enemy’s lunge.

Then with a quick sword stroke,
He kills His Enemy
Another dancing partner now dead.

Ares smiles. His old dancing teacher Priapus would be so proud of Him.


And finally, a vibrant painting by J. J Starmans. 

Thank you all for contributing to the agon. The Ares Agon is now closed. I will announce the winners tomorrow. 

The April Agon will be devoted to the Vanic Goddess Nerthus. 🙂

Submission to the Ares Agon

I’ve gotten quite a few last minute submissions to the Ares Agon ( YAY! Thank you, folks). I’ll be posting them momentarily, and then tomorrow morning I will post the winner. 

To start, here is a small portable shrine by Alexeigynaix and it is available here.

201703 Ares agon Alexeigynaix 1201703 Ares agon Alexeigynaix 2

201703 Ares agon Alexeigynaix 3201703 Ares agon Alexeigynaix 4



Entry #5 for the Ares Agon

Ares at Gaugamela
By Petros

Koinos waited for them to hit. The Persians were coming. They were screaming as they came and they were terrifying.

He was not feeling so brave at the moment. Despite the heat of the day, he felt cold, even as his sweat dripped beneath his linothorax. He hoped that no one had noticed the piss running down his legs.

He prayed to the Gods that the men next to him wouldn’t see his shaking or see that he could barely keep his sarrisa at the proper height and angle.

He wanted to run.

“Don’t worry boy. I’m here.”

Koinos looked to his right at Amyntas.

Amyntas who rarely spoke. Amyntas who never joined the boisterous drinking after the day’s march.

In fact, last night Amyntas had been alone, just outside of the firelight kneeling in front of a stone he had placed on a stump.

Koinos had blearily noticed him pouring wine over the small black stone that he carried with him on campaign. He could hear him muttering something, though with all the pre-battle revelry going on, it was hard to hear his words.

But, today, he could hear him. His voice was…different.

“Don’t worry boy. I’m here.”


“Today your shield will not drop. Your spear will not shatter. The blood of the barbarians will flow like wine from my brother’s cup.”

Koinos again took his eyes off of the onrushing Persians to glance at Amyntas.

Amyntas seemed larger somehow. His shoulders were rising and falling like a bull’s. His breath loud. His voice more like a growl now.

“Let them fall like harvested grain beneath our blades.”

And then Amyntas turned to Koinos.

“Are you with me boy?”

Koinos stared into the face visible behind the helmet’s face guard. The too-white teeth smiling at him. The eyes glowing the way a man’s never could.

He could only nod, his mouth too dry for words.

“Good boy.”

When the Persian line collided with the Macedonian phalanx, Amyntas, who-was-not-Amyntas, began to laugh.


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4th Submission to the Ares Agon

For Ares
by Amanda Forrester

Ares, the blood-stained Battle-Lord, throws Himself laughing into the fray,
Wherever the fighting is thickest
There the son of Zeus and Hera will be.
Great Ares, once I would have prayed for You to put down Your sword
And join laughter-loving Aphrodite on the couch of love.
Today I have a different prayer, O Lord of soldiers.
I am older now, and less idealistic than I was in my youth
I see the rot at the core of society now
And I pray for the strength to fight it.

You are the inciter of revolution
And the defender of the old order, all at once.
I pray for discernment, that I may see what is worth preserving,
And what needs destroying.
That I can tell when to speak
And when to hold my tongue.

Ares, Lord of Hosts,
With my Lady Athena
You drive back the enemies of the Gods
Protecting Olympos from Titans, giants, and all of Gaia’s monsters.

Give me strength to protect me and mine,
The bravery to stand for what is right,
The aim to strike true,
And the wisdom to know what is worth fighting for.


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Third Entry to Ares Agon

To Ares
by Keith McCormic

Mighty, they call You-
Beast-Like, Destroyer Of Men.
Soaked In Blood, I fear You.

Perhaps I am lucky
To see this side of You
Only from far away.

Yet I know that You,
Or this part at least,
is always near to us, to me.

And I dread You for that,
Terrible City-Breaker.
I tremble to draw near.

We favor the Bright-Eyed,
We dedicate our militaries and
Our capitols to Her.

Wise Counselor may have led
Our forefathers to Just Rebellion,
But You are Her father.

Unescapable reminds us
There is more than one
Goddess of Justice.

When You slew a rapist,
You stood trial for the deed,
And were rightly acquitted.

Some call You duplicitous,
But You speak with decisive action-
With clarity and finality.

I fear You, even though
Harmony is also Your daughter.
Passionate Love, Your son.

These sides of You
My people and I also
Struggle to acknowledge.

We have built a society of laws
Riddled with injustices and
We coldly plod past them.

Because we recoil from You.
In our dispassion, we
Equate hubris with Wisdom.

I fear You, Brazen One.
But I need You.
My people need You.

And I know that You
Are coming again amongst us-
Please help us be ready.




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First Entry for Ares’ Agon

To Ares
By K. R.

Once, women did war dances for you
knowing that every field of battle
was an offering ground to You.

Once libations were poured out
Spears clanged and altars were stained red
With offerings proper to You.
Once, Your very name was a sacrament.
May it be again, oh my God.

Yours is the rage that burned
In Achille’s heart,
Yours his fury
When he slew his lover’s slayer.
Yours is the hunger
That drew Aphrodite to You,
Like a moth circling the savage flame;
Yours, the terror of nations.

To You, God of valor,
I pray always:
Igniter of passion,
Attended in war
By Dread, Terror, and Horror,
You Who avenged Your daughter
When She was raped,
Who stood proudly in the court of Gods
Stood for justice for Your children and prevailed,
Bless me always, that I may have such a share of courage too,
And that I may never back down from what is just.

Hail to You, Ares,
God of valor and vengeance.
I offer this libation to You.

(make a libation).