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Tears of a Warrior

Since at least one of these authors was quoted out of context in a recent G&R piece, I present for your reading pleasure and edification:

Response to “strong toward the powerful”

Leading from Behind


and finally, A Warrior’s Pants-Wetting.

Good reading, folks.





Triggly Puff: the Celtic Edition

Well, I guess I won’t be posting about Chris Thompson anymore. This is how his side operates: you disagree with them and they threaten you with lawyers or cops. Funny how it’s the anarcho-communists who are the first ones to rush to authority. Fine, i don’t need to play this game, but remember this the next time you engage with Chris Thompson.

He can’t argue. he can’t take criticism, and he will resort to threats to shut down anyone who disagrees with him but fortunately for his fragile sense of self worth, I have a wider agenda and he is largely irrelevant.

Here’s his email to me as of this morning:

“Galina, this is Chris Thompson. I know you don’t have any respect for me or my work, but I’m contacting you because you are promoting Son of Hel’s posts about me. His new post this morning includes the line “none of us are going to be safe until you’re exterminated.” I consider this a direct threat to my life and I intend to take appropriate precautions. I’m quite sure this blowhard won’t do anything himself, but if his words reach some lunatic in my local area they might act on his threats. If you continue to promote this series, I will consider you responsible personally for endangering my safety and the safety of my family. I have two little girls and I am their primary caregiver. If anyone comes after me because of this, the responsibility of it is on you, as this loser had basically no readership until you started sharing his posts. There is a line, and it has just been crossed.” (from Chris Thompson)