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Yuletide Shopping Guide – Greco-Roman Products

I created the Yuletide Shopping Guide in part because Yule is one of my favorite times of year. The guide features items polytheists would enjoy seeing in their homes or under their tree this yuletide. All with the hope of spreading some holiday cheer in a difficult year by finding items that can help feed our devotions within our polytheistic traditions, but also to hopefully along the way lift up some of the artisans in our midst too. So far I’ve included resources for crafters, makers, and DIYers: cookie cutters, crafting molds, fabric (MesoamericanEgyptianGreekNorthern Europe), machine embroidery designs, cross-stitch and embroidery patterns, as well as knitting and crochet patterns. I’ve also highlighted some items on a Krampus theme. I’ve spotlighted items you can use to deck the halls and trim the tree. 

There were some artists and artisans who offered a range of product across pantheons, or whose work focuses on a tradition that I didn’t have enough items to spotlight on it’s own. So I highly recommend that you carefully peruse the spotlighted artists and artisans in my miscellaneous Part 1, & Part 2. You will find offerings encompassing a vast array of traditions: Norse, Slavic, Celtic, Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Hindu, Polynesian, Mesoamerican, Minoan, Assyrian, Sumerian, Welsh, Asian, Native American/Inuit, and more!

Today I’ll be featuring items of interest for polytheists within Cultus Deorum (Roman Polytheism) and Hellenismos (Greek Polytheism).


ArxMercatura based in the Ukraine offers items for modern practitioners of Cultus Deorum with religious statues, libation bowls, shrines, Lares, clothes and more.


GoldenGlitterArt offers a wide range of blinged out foil art prints, you’ll have to dig among all the offerings but there’s several Greek Gods and Goddesses offered (Hades, Poseidon, Athena, Artemis, Aphrodite, Hera, Hephaestus, and Demeter).


SummitCollection offers Greekies, which are hand painted cold cast resin figures of Greek Gods and Goddesses. Artistically, these might be cute statues for a children’s altar.


Not all products in the links are depicted in the above image.

Additional resources: The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a mini replica of the Three Graces Statue  and a bust of Thalia. The British Museum has a range of Greek and Roman merchandise too. Be sure to peruse the previous entries in the Yuletide Shopping Guide as there is a range of items relevant to devotees worshipping under the Greco-Roman umbrella.

Psyche and Eros Shrine

update: the shrine has been claimed. Thank you, folks. 


For a couple of years I maintained a shrine to Psyche and Eros in my home, largely because I had a student and member of House Sankofa who was powerfully dedicated to these two Deities. She moved on two years ago and we’ve lost touch. Over that time, slowly but surely I’ve allowed that shrine to go fallow. I myself, while I respect (immensely) both Deities, have no personal relationship with Them. I finally did divination and received the ok to deconstruct the shrine, which I did last month and since then it’s been sitting, carefully packaged in my closet.

I’m willing to send the shrine (several statues, an offering bowl, and a few other things) for the cost of shipping to anyone who has a relationship with these Deities. It is important to me that the shrine pass into the hands of someone who will tend it well. I’ll be doing divination when contacted to make sure that it’s going to the right person too, just to be sure. A shrine can be a living conduit to the Gods and this one was very well tended for many years.

So…if you honor Psyche and Eros and would like to expand your shrine, please contact me at Krasskova at I want to give Their shrine a proper home.