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General Updates and Reminder about Setting of Lights

I have a couple of updates that I want to be sure to post before the weekend. 

The first, is that I’m offering Setting of Lights on a weekly basis now and will be doing that throughout the year. See more on that here – this is a reminder because the candle shrine opens this Sunday and the weekly deadline for requests is Saturday. 

I haven’t fully set things up yet, but I’ll give you a sneak peek at part of my space. Last year a friend gave me this giant candleholder (the thing is huge!) that he’d gotten at an antique sale.

It’s recycled from a church, I think. I absolutely love it and we originally planned to put it outside by one of our outdoor shrines but there was disagreement about where it should eventually go, so it’s been sitting on my porch for a year. Finally, I realized it was perfect for the candle shrine. I need to give it a good once over with rust remover and a good scrub brush but then it is going to be deployed in the shrine room. I have a secondary small table that will go right in front of it to hold more candles and if I can find it, I may have another cast iron candle holder for that table too (I need to dig through my storage room). I plan on having everything up by Friday evening (and thank you to those of you who have already ordered candles). So, if you are interested, please reach out to me at Krasskova at 

Secondly, I have reopened my etsy shop. I have a ton of new cards, all of which are currently available: 

Irish Deities:

  • Lugh  
  • Boann
  • Aine
  • Midir
  • Sheela na Gig (it’s complicated, I know, but this one was by repeated request)


  • Hrethe (Hreðe)


  • Concordia


  • Jurate


  • Lada


  • Izanami

They’re all up and available in my etsy shop, which y’all can find at the link above. 

Finally, I’m working on a new project. It’s a year long stitch journal – I got the idea from this blog (and the author of this blog also offers a PDF and explanation of the project for sale). I plan to do this as an offering for the House of Mundilfari (though I’m doing each month individually and then will sew them together and onto a nice backing after I’m all finished, instead of how the author suggests). After all, They are the Gods Who govern time and our cycles and seasons. It seems fitting and at the same time, the stitch work honors my female ancestors, my Disir. When I’m all done, I’ll be able to create a stitch roll, and I’ll attach a button with which to tie it and voila. I’ll put it on the shrine next New Year’s Day as an offering. Here’s what I have done so far (only five days of course since we’re only five days in) (1). I’ve already chosen the back cloth for February’s piece. 

What do all of you have going on devotionally for this month? What goals have you set for this upcoming year? 


  1. Space one is the Bayeux stitch, a couching stitch over satin stitch used in the Bayeux tapestry. Space two is just some chain stitch and colonial knots. Space three has tulips and a daisy, and I got to practice lazy daisy stitch, which I suck at lol. Space three is more lazy daisy, and then space five is seed stitch and leaf stitch. In various places there’s also back stitch, blanket stitch, and stem stitch. 

Shop for a good cause!

If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I do a lot in honoring both the military dead, and in supporting our living Veterans. Through the years I’ve sent materials off to military pagan/polytheistic circles and groups both stateside and wherever they served abroad.

For the last couple of years I’ve been doing a promotion in my etsy shop each and every November, where I donate all profits from that month’s sales to a reputable non-profit charitable organization that renders support to our Veterans, last year alone that translated to $1300 in donations sent to the Paralyzed Veterans of America. This year I have decided to continue that tradition and chose the non-profit: the Fisher House. They operate comfort houses so families can be with their veteran as they receive medical care and treatment. Those facilities can be found at certain VA centers and hospitals, and they also help to support flights and hotel accomodations too. “Since inception, the program has saved military and veterans’ families an estimated $451 million in out of pocket costs for lodging and transportation.” You can read up on the Fisher House from third party watchdogs Charity Navigator and Charity Watch, both of which rate the organization highly.

A friend of mine had her father fighting for his life in a VA hospital last year, and for 3 months drove 2-4 hours roundtrip a day (varying on traffic) so she could be with him. To be able to take a burden like that from a family already worried and under stress is a gift indeed. It also reminds our veterans and their families, that can sometimes feel very isolated, that they are not as alone as they might feel.

So if you have been wanting to pick up some prayer cards, bookmarks, or one of the few books I have in the store (including a few autographed copies) any purchases you make in November will be going to support a good cause. So it’s a great reason to increase your own hoard, and maybe pick up some Yuletide stocking stuffers. Visit the Shop: Wyrd Curiosities.


Thank you!

I would like to thank all of you, my readers, who chose November to shop at my etsy store. 100% of my proceeds have been donated to Paralyzed Veterans of America. Last year, we made, iirc, $611 and change, which was also donated to PVA. This year, thanks to you, that amount doubled and I was able to donate $1300. Hail the military dead and let us honor those veterans living. 

New Prayer Cards

I have added two new prayer cards to my Etsy shop


Ragana, Baltic Goddess of Fate, Prophecy, and Healing by Halldora

Turan Ati lykeia

Turan Ati, Etruscan Goddess of love, fertility, and vitality by Lykeia.

I’ve also uploaded an assortment of greeting cards, which may be purchased singly or in groups of five (i can also set up a reserve listing if you want a larger one time order). I have two sets: my shaman series and my still life series. 

I’m slowly uploading several of my photographs and paintings. If you’re interested in owning a piece of original art, check them out. 

Krasskova_Still Life With Pears6-krasskova-sunflowers




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Piety Posse Rides Again LOL

I rather like the term that our detractors so gleefully use for those of us who value piety, so I’ve commissioned buttons that I’ll be selling on my etsy site (I’ll post here when they’re available at etsy). For those of you who are interested, you can pre order here by emailing me at The buttons are 1.75 inches, one/$3 or two/$5.  Wear them with pride, folks. Wear them with pride. Piety is not ever a bad thing. 



Updates at My Etsy Store

I’ve made a bunch of updates at my etsy shop.  The following cards have been added: Mars and Jupter by Lykeia, Cernunnos by B. Blake, and Tezcatlipoca by D. Loptson, Asteria and Logi by Halldora. 

I’ve also added a listing for iron “coffin” nails, a useful item in certain conjure workings. 

That is all for now. 

Updates on Etsy

I’ve updated my Etsy Site today.

I added some happy skeleton stickers (with an image drawn from a medieval manuscript — I really love these ^_^), gift certificates for divination sessions, and a couple of new prayer cards.

I”m also still running a special on my recent poetry chapbook. See here for more info.

Dead guy in condom hat copy


Sale on Poetry book

I’m running a mini-sale at my Etsy shop: 

Purchase a copy of my new poetry chapbook “Nine for Odin” and receive a free prayer card of Odin, and a surprise free gift. 

Just let me know which Odin prayer card you want, when you order. We have several: two by Wayne McMillan, one by Lynn Perkins, one by Grace Palmer, and one by Sam Flegal. 

The poetry book is available here.

All money raised is going toward two new prayer cards (one for the Lithuanian Goddess of the Sun and the other for the Lithuanian God of the moon). 

poetry book

Poetry book for sale

I’m putting out a small chapbook of Nine Centos for Odin. Folks can order it directly from me at krasskova at, or I’ll shortly have it up on etsy. This is a limited run.

poetry book

Etsy shop updates

i have updated my etsy shop and added both the Cybele and the Mokosz cards.  I’ve also put a painting of Hermes up for sale. Check it out, folks. 🙂