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Winner of the Freya Contest

The winner of the Freya contest was entry #2: 

Vanadis! Tränenschöne!* Menglada!
Bountiful, beautiful, fierce and true
radiant, shining, daughter of Earth,
Your tears, washed ashore by your father
Your neck bejeweled, pure amber and gold,
to you do I raise my prayers,
beloved sister of the fruitful fields.
Look benevolently upon me
and accept the little things I do in your honor
Strengthen my weapons and harden my shields, oh Lady
for you see the knots that weave the net of my fate.
Lend your voice to my song and brighten my eye,
Watch my hands as I work your mysteries.
Ancient one, sow on silent cats paws,
thrice-burnt, thrice-reborn
I hail your names in awe!

By Christopher Gaspar

(Tränenschöne is, as best as I can translate it, “She of the beautiful tears” — Freya’s tears were amber)

Congratulations Christopher!


Please, everyone who contributed, email me your mailing address to and I will send you a Freya card (or other card of your choice) once these are printed. 🙂 Thank you everyone for contributing! It was nice to see all of these new prayers of praise to the Vanadis come into being. Hail Her!

update on Freya contest

I’ve decided to wait to select the winner of the Freya contest until Her day: Friday. 🙂 Until then, I’ve each of the entries numbered and a bowl with scraps of paper, each bearing a number written on it, sitting in a bowl at Her shrine. 

Friday, I’ll make offerings and prayers, and do a drawing by lots and announce the winner. Submissions are closed now, but stay tuned. 

Freya Contest – Entry 13

Flaxen Lady of Vanaheim
Beauty to behold
Shine on us in all your ways
Your tales e’er to be told

Vanadis of the battlefield
Chooser of the slain
Welcoming to Folkvangr
Warriors of the plains

Bearer of Brisingamen
Ring of fire about your neck
Obtained with your assuredness
Inspire us to be our best

Falcon feathered Sorceress
Soaring through the night
Enshroud us by your magic power
With the runes of might

Rider of the chariot
Around the world you’ve fared
Leaving pieces of yourself
Your presence felt and shared

Great Goddess Queen of Vanaheim
Bright daughter of the sea
Cloak us with prosperity
May we ever connect with Thee.

by Jan Tjeerd

Freya Contest – Entries 9, 10, 11, 12

#9 by Laine Mardolldottir

Fire-hearted, golden-haired, sea-eyed, jewel-lipped,

You light the fires of passion.

Wand-wise, witch woman, flame caller, curse breaker,

You light the fires of wisdom.

High Priestess, Goddess, Queen of Herself,

You light the fires of power.

Amber-teared, never ceasing, ever seeking,

You light the fires of hope.

You are the power that boils from beneath.

You are the flame that climbs the torch.

You are the heat that renders us senseless with desire.

Yours is the light, yours is the heat, yours is the sere sky, yours is the flaming torc,

And yours is the flame.

Hail Freyja, Lady of the Flame.


#10 by Laine Mardolldottir

Dedicated to Freyja in Her role as Blotgydja

Hail Freyja, Blotgydja!

Priestess of the Sacrifice.

You keep the sacred flame and the blade that cuts

to free the offering from the offered.

When we reach out to that which is beyond us

You are there at the gate.

In the flame we pour our blood, our sweat, our tears,

we give our passion, our toil, our pain,

Let it pass through the gates and into the hands of the Holy Powers.

May it be transformed and showered back upon us as amber, bronze, and gold.

Teach us the good gifts to give, oh Gefn, and the prices to pay

to achieve our deepest desires.

Hail Freyja, Blotgydja!

Priestess of the Sacrifice!


#11 by Laine Mardolldottir

For Mardoll Freyja, the Sea-Bright Lady:

Upon the joyous waves the sun gold dances,

and there we find you, Sea-Bright Mardoll.

Youthful, shining, beautiful.

You draw us close

and our eyes sting with tears of joy.

When you seek your lost love Odhr,

sorrowful Mardoll,

Your tears turn to shining treasures.

Flying, riding, and walking, your devotion to your love

leaves a trail of beauty in your wake.

Be with us when we are wracked with sorrow,

when we are overcome with pain,

when we are mad with devotion

when passion takes hold of us and our waters overflow.

As our tears burn their hot paths through us,

let us be purified and transformed.

Take our tears and make of them amber.

Take our tears and make of them gold.

Every tear a jewel in Your horde.

Hail Mardoll Freyja,

beloved daughter of Njord.



#12 by Angela Kunschmann


Hail Freyja, the golden Goddess

Loved by all who honor Her

The Lady of light who teaches us to love and be loved.


Hail to the Lady of the Vanir

She who is a strong Warrior and collector of the Dead

The Mistress of Folkvangr, home to the Fallen.


Hail to the Magical One

Who teaches us the sacred magical arts

She who guides the Seidrkona


Hail to the Sensual Mistress

Who reveals the sacredness to our sexuality.

The Goddess who revels in sensuality


May I be as authentic, loved, and strong as She.

May my magic be strong and my sexual nature be adored.

Hail Freyja, the Golden Goddess.


(The contest ends 9pm EST, August 22, folks. All contributors receive a prayer card of their choice, and the winner –who will be chosen by lot after prayers to Freya—will receive that and have their prayer used on the new Freya card. May She be hailed.)

Freya Contest – Entry #8

Falcon-haired goddess
Who rains red from above
Heavenly, earthly
Sacred one
Guide us out of the labyrinth of deception
With mighty steel
Illuminate all
In your glory.

by Courtney Belyea

Reblogging: Freya is NOT Queen of the Valkyries

I just had to turn down a submission to the Freya card contest because it referenced Her quite strongly as ‘Queen of the Valkyries.’ I really really felt bad about having to refuse but I felt that to accept would have been wrong on my part and it got me to thinking again about how prevalent this idea is — i’m not sure where it started, but I know that authors like D.J. Conway have not helped matters any at all. Freya is mighty and powerful and fierce and magical and She does receive half the battle slain, but She’s not Queen of the Valkyries. She has Her own attributes and powers so I decided to repost this piece that I wrote earlier this year, because Freya is awesome and I’m saddened that this incorrect idea keeps circulating. It does Her a disservice (and I know those who honor Her would not want that). Here’s the original piece: 

I have seen this error floating around the Internet and repeated by otherwise thoughtful people for over fifteen years. Personally, I blame D.J. Conway and assorted “Goddess” oriented Pagans (yay. Let’s roll all our Goddesses into one SUUU-PER Goddess and call it a day. * sarcasm *) determined to leave a doggedly feminist imprint on contemporary Heathen practice regardless of what the lore and our theology actually says. It seems incomprehensible to some folks that the Valkyries, powerful warrior beings, who are choosers of the slain, are under the aegis of Odin, not Freya, and, in fact, not any Goddess.(1)

The Valkyries belong to Odin, so much so that I’ve even seen some scholars claim they were His hypostases. They are, at the very least, extensions of His will. (We see this, for instance in the story of Brynhild, who violates His will and is punished for it). (2) Certainly one of their other, lesser known names is ‘Odin’s maids.” (3) The Valkyries are, in some ways, like the Greek Keres. They hunt the field of battle and enact fate: they choose the slain who are then destined either for Valhalla, or for Folkvangr. Here we see the only connection that Freya has with the Valkyrie: She cut a deal with Odin to receive first pick of the battlefield dead. This does not make Her a Valkyrie, neither does it make Her Queen of the Valkyries.

Part of the problem may simply be linguistic confusion. Wyrd Dottir, in her article about Freya and the Valkyries notes:

“The word valkyrie is composed of two Old Norse words. The first valr means ‘corpses on the battlefield’ and the second kjosa means ‘to choose,’ thus the word valkyrie means ‘those who choose the slain.”

Freyja’s two poetic names that also share the root valr are:

Eidandi Valfalls (in the Skaldskaparmal) which means ‘Possessor of the Slain’

Valfreyja (in Njal’s Saga) which means ‘Mistress of the Chosen’”(4)

We already know that Freya possesses half the slain warriors, thanks to Her deal with Odin, and of those warriors She is their Mistress – they reside in Her hall Folkvangr and as such owe Her fealty. Apparently from there, it is a hop, skip, and a jump in faulty logic to handing over possession of the Valkyries too.

R. Ellis Davidson notes that from their earliest history, Germanic peoples “believed in fierce female spirits doing the command of the war god, stirring up disorder, taking part in battle, seizing and perhaps devouring the slain.”(5) That war God is Odin. He is a god of many things, powerfully among them battle and death.

As Mardoll M. put it in a recent conversation, “To have the Waelcyrge(6) select battle corpses for His Hall ( the Einherjar) is part of the All Father’s magic, ecstasy, and His war God aspects. It’s His Wod and His Wod is tied to death.”(7)

I think this is a perfect example of the need to guard against putting politics before the Gods, the tradition, and the community. It is certainly in part due to unquestioning feminist scholarship, and unlearned feminist adaptation of the surviving lore that we have seen this particular fallacy gain such traction and it actually is incredibly disrespectful to Freya. Freya is powerful. She is a Goddess with Her own areas of sovereignty, including war, but it diminishes Her to spread these untruths. It says She isn’t powerful enough.


  1. Though we do see the Goddess Eir listed amongst the Valkyries. Modern UPG, interestingly enough, connects Her with battlefield/combat medicine. The Norn Skuld, Who cuts the threads of one’s life, is likewise listed amongst the Valkyries. They are listed among them, not ever given sovereignty over them, which I find significant. What this says about Odin and His connection to fate I’ll leave for another post.
    2. Later Norse lore humanizes the Valkyries to a great degree moving them from occasionally being directed to guide mortal heroes to actually marrying mortal heroes. I personally suspect that later Christian writers conflated actual female warriors with Valkyrie much as we see actual female warriors being conflated with amazons by Greek and Roman writers. Likewise some scholars (like Rudolf Simek) associate them with the Disir, Idisi, or Matronae, powerful female ancestors, possibly warrior goddesses, or guardian spirits of the dead (one’s ancestral lineage?). It seems that quite a few different types of beings came to be conflated here, especially in later Anglo-Saxon writing. The Valkyries do bear some connection to the Nornir, but they are clearly not the Nornir who lay the laws of wyrd and direct fate (with the possible exception of Skuld). The Nornir determined fate, the Valkyries executed a very specific type of fate associated with death in battle, and in this function, they specifically obeyed and acted upon Odin’s will.
    3. Óðins meyjar, found in the Skáldskaparmál. They are also referred to as “Odin’s Disir” in the Guðrúnarkviða.
    4. See the full article here.
    5. See Davidson, Gods and Myths of Northern Europe, 61-62.
    6. This is the Anglo-Saxon word for Valkyrie.
    7. Quoted with permission from a facebook conversation on May 2, 2016.

Freya Contest — Entry #7

I hail now Freyja, brilliant daughter of Njord

Lady of the Vanir, Who wears the falcon cloak

Wandering Goddess known to many peoples by many names

As You are the Mistress of Seidhr, may Your magic fill and soothe me.

As You are a warrior, may I become strong enough to fight for what is right.

As You are the Goddess of Love, may I be filled to bursting with love –

Love for myself, love for others, but most especially,

An enduring love for the Divine, for Gods and Goddesses in all forms.

May I be washed in Your tears of amber and gold,

Purified in light of Your radiance.

May I worship You forever.


By Amanda Artemisia Forrester

Freya Contest Entry – # 4, 5, and 6

This are courtesy  of Facing the Fires Within.

1) For those who have suffered abuse

Freya, who wears Brisingamen

and would never be someone else’s prize

Freya, who IS Worth!

There are those who have been struck and knocked down

They have been told that they have no value or Worth

Freya, we ask that you guide both those struck and those helping them

May they find their own worthiness,

gain the strength to stand

and know how to stand for themselves

Hail Freya!


2) Generic

Hail Freya!

Hail Lady of the Falcon Cloak!

Hail Lady of Love!

Hail She Who Takes Half the Slain!

Thank you for all of your blessings and the change you bring.

Thank you for your lessons, even if they are hard.

Hail Freya!


3) More personal, but should work for most followers

Freya, Lady, Vanadis

Weeping Tears of Gold for Odr

Taker of Half the Slain

Taker of the Warrior’s Sacrifice




I thank you for your bounty and blessings

I thank you for the answer I would not see

Help me to show those who have Fallen…

How to Stand and tell their Stories

Hail Freya!

Freya Contest – Entry #3

Hail Freya, Vanadis
I ask for protection, under your falcon wings and war-maiden’s shield
Help me to make peace among my enemies
Give me the courage to fight again for if I am battle-slain in truth
May my actions be ever-worthy of your choosing.
Hail Freya, Lady of Sessrúmnir
Help me to set boundaries for myself so I can honor the boundaries of others
For as your home when locked is protected by your will
Let me be also protected and closed against trespasses.
Yet may my hospitality be true and help me act in frith.
Help me to pay fairly and to accept fairly what is my due
Show me your just ways.

Hail Seidhkona, Holder of Magic and Keeper of Mysteries
Teach me to see the magic in all things
Help me to move between the veil, allow me to walk among the worlds.
May I glimpse in your forge of dreams
By Seidhr rune-wise and true as words from your tongue.
Hail Goddess of Beauty, Amber laden Creatrix, Mistress of Brisingamen
Ignite within me the creative spark
Help me to bring beauty into my own deeds and all that I make
May the fierceness of your eyes lend me their keen awareness
that I might see none other than your face before my work
Let me be ignited with Need-Fire, your Will.

by December

Freya Contest – Entry #2

Vanadis! Tränenschöne!* Menglada!
Bountiful, beautiful, fierce and true
radiant, shining, daughter of Earth,
Your tears, washed ashore by your father
you neck bejeweled, pure amber and gold,
to you do I raise my prayers,
beloved sister of the fruitful fields.
Look benevolently upon me
and accept the little things I do in your honor
Strengthen my weapons and harden my shields, oh Lady
for you see the knots that weave the net of my fate.
Lend your voice to my song and brighten my eye,
Watch my hands as I work your mysteries.
Ancient one, sow on silent cats paws,
thrice-burnt, thrice-reborn
I hail your names in awe!

By Christopher Gaspar

(Tränenschöne is, as best as I can translate it, “She of the beautiful tears” — Freya’s tears were amber)