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Freya Contest – Entry #1

Oh Great Goddess Freya, We hail you!
Twin of Frey.
Daughter of Njord and Nerthus.
Lady of the Vanir, Come, be with us now!, and for days to come.
Wearer of Brisingmen, Help us see the value with in ourselves.
Lustful lover, ignite a fire of creativity and passion with in us.
Falcon cloaked, teacher of seidr, Show us your magic.
She who gives birth to wealth, Grant us abundance.
Fair haired one, be one with us. Let us carry your gifts through out our days.
We praise you. We thank you for all that you do. Hail Freya!

by Juliette Freyasdottir

Contest for a new Freya prayer for card :)

Instead of re-using the prayers that are on the other two Freya cards, I’d like to run a contest to find a new prayer for Her. This might delay the printing of the card a little bit, but it’ll give a chance for new prayers to Freya to be written and brought into the world. 🙂 

If anyone is interested I’ll run this contest for one week. It will end 9pm EST on Monday, August 22. Send me a prayer for Freya for use on the back of the prayer card. Since the cards are 2 1/2 x 4 inches, so prayers should be about 25 lines. They can be shorter, and one or two lines longer won’t matter too much but do keep the size constraint in mind. The winner will receive credit on the back of the card, and nine cards of their choice. Everyone who contributes will receive one copy of the new Freya card. 

Please send me your entries to krasskova at I will post them here and on Aug. 22 I’ll number each of the entries, put them in a bowl, pray to Freya and draw lots to allow Her to choose the winner. 

Please consider submitting an entry. 🙂