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Happy Lammas, Everyone!

We honor Frey today, and His Divine Family with Gifts of joy, celebration, with food, drink, prayers, and song. In the time of our ancestors, it would have been the start of the harvest. By now, the garden would be flourishing and there would be so much bounty from the land with which to feed one’s family and community. I think it’s easy to forget what a crucial turning point in our survival this holy tide marks. Hail Freyr, every and always, the God of bounty, God of the land, God Who brings peace and fruitfulness, and God Who loves without measure.

And happy Lammas everyone. May Freyr’s blessings fall upon all those who need it, and all those who honor Him, and all those struggling to find a way to reap a fruitful harvest in life and work and devotion.

Pre-Order is Live for my new book, A Modern Guide to Heathenry

Modern_Guide_to_heathenry_circleAn accessible yet in-depth guide to this increasingly popular pre-Christian religious tradition of Northern Europe

Heathenry, is one of the fastest growing polytheistic religious movements in the United States today. This book explores the cosmology, values, ethics, and rituals practiced by modern heathens.

In A Modern Guide to Heathenry readers will have the opportunity to explore the sacred stories of the various heathen gods like Odin, Frigga, Freya, and Thor and will be granted a look into the devotional practices of modern votaries. Blóts, the most common devotional rites, are examined in rich detail with examples given for personal use. Additionally, readers are introduced to the concept of wyrd, or fate, so integral to the heathen worldview.

Unlike many books on heathenry, this one is not denomination-specific, nor does it seek to overwhelm the reader with unfamiliar Anglo-Saxon or Norse terminology. For Pagans who wish to learn more about the Norse deities or those who are new to heathenry or who are simply interested in learning about this unique religion, A Modern Guide to Heathenry is the perfect introduction. Those who wish to deepen their own devotional practice will find this book helpful in their own work as well.


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