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Winner of Gefion Agon and Prizes for March Agon

The Winner of Gefion’s Agon is Emily. I”ll be contacting you privately for your address. Congratulations. 🙂 

The Agon for March is for Ares. The winner of the Ares Agon will receive the following: 

*an Ares prayer card

*a beautifully hard bound copy of the Iliad and Odyssey (one volume, Canterbury Classics, translation by Stephanie Budin)

* $25 donation to the Paralyzed Veterans of America, the American Legion (or your country’s equivalent), or Wounded Warrior, (or the military charity of your choice)

please send your submissions to krasskova at The agon runs until March 31, 9pm EST.

Submission to Gefion’s Agon

Prayer to Gefion

(by Emily)

That must have been a tall tale
That Gefjon gave to Gylfi
When Her travels brought Her track
To his hall’s hospitality

She made all the men blithe
Ale-glad She made Gylfi
And gift for gift he gave Her
All the ploughing of one day and night

Erce! Pull, you white ox, bright as rain!
Erce! Pull, you red ox, blood-coloured!
Erce! Pull, you gold ox, warm as sunshine!
Erce! Pull, you black ox, moon-browed and dark!

Gefjon greatly multiplied Her gift
To the land She left a shining lake
To the sea She sent a holy island
So all the places of Her pilgrimage were blessed

Hail Gefjon!

Submission to Gefion’s Agon

by Ellen



Submission to the Gefion Agon

by Wyrd Dottir

Hail to thee Land-churner,
May your blessings lay
tilled in the fields.

May our industry
in the days ahead
reap the harvest of them.

So do I ask;
so do I hail thee:

Image of Gefion’s Fountain

I’m not entering the Agon, but I’m posting this anyway as an offering to Gefion. I took this photo on my trip to Copenhagen. It’s the Gefion fountain. (Please do not use without permission.)


First Submission to Gefion’s Agon

A Hailing Prayer to Gefjon

Hail to Gefjon, Far-seeing Goddess!
Hail to Gefjon, Who knows Her own Worth!
Hail to Gefjon, Who shapes liche and hame!
Hail to Gefjon, Who drives hard Her Oxen!
Hail to Gefjon, Who plowed and claimed Zealand!
Hail to Gefjon, Who claims Her own pleasure!
Hail to Gefjon, whose halls house the virgins!
Hail to Gefjon, Ásynja!
Hail to Gefjon, Mother of Jotnar!
Hail to Gefjon, Whose Consort is Skjöldr!
Hail to Gefjon, Whose Plow is Mighty!
Hail to Gefjon, Whose Courses are Swift!
Hail to Gefjon, Whose Lands are Fertile!
Hail to Gefjon, Whose Ways are Wise!


Land-finding Prayer to Gefjon

We seek, we seek land of our own
Growing green and good
We ask Gefjon to lend us your aid
So we may settle soon!

We ask for land for orchards
We ask for land for grain
We ask for land for goat, hive, and lamb
Whose harvests shall be great!

We seek, we seek a place to build
A hof to call our own
Where we can raise a horn to You
Within our hallowed home!


(both by Sarenth Odinsson)

February Agon 2017: Gefion

When I decided to do a year agons dedicated to the Gods, I also decided that i’d alternate between my two traditions: one month would be for a Greco-Roman Deity, and one month for a Norse-Germanic Deity. I had an awful lot of trouble deciding to Whom February’s agon ought to be dedicated so I actually divined on it. (I was torn between Sigyn, Mani, Frigga, and then this morning I read a lovely prayer to Gefion and sort of felt pinged to add Her to the choices). I actually divined about it and it came out that February was, this year, best given to Gefion so, today starts a month for Her. 

If you are interested in submitting something (a prayer, artwork, etc), to this Agon, please contact me at krasskova at The Gefion Agon will run until the last day of February and then on March 1, I’ll post the winner. 

There are prizes! Each person who enters will receive a prayer card (if you want a specific one let me know, otherwise, you’ll receive Gefion’s). The Winner will receive a copy of my Eir novena book and Gefion’s prayer card, plus a small surprise gift. 

let’s make beautiful things in honor of this Goddess!