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Yuletide Shopping Guide – Machine Embroidery Design Files

The Yuletide Shopping Guide was created to spotlight items that support our religious devotions and practices, help artists who are struggling in this pandemic year, and to help some of the artisans in our religious communities too. I’ve started early to share resources for cookie cutterscraft molds, and fabric related to MesoamericaAncient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Ancient Northern Europe. In hopes this early start will allow the makers time to get ahold of materials if they intend to make something for this holiday season.

Next up, is needlework (cross-stitch, embroidery, crochet and knitting). Before we tackle hand wrought patterns, I decided to go ahead and spotlight machine embroidery designs first. These are downloadable files that work with embroidery machines. Most of these design will make Northern Tradition polytheists happy, but there are a few designs with Celtic connections, or that might appeal to the Kemetics, or the Hellenics.

Not all designs listed below are pictured.

Please let me know if there are any errors, with all the copy/pasting it is easy to make a mistake. If there’s something you think I should spotlight in the yuletide shopping guide, please contact me and let me know. Stay tuned for more!