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Icon of Hela

I just finished an icon of Hela. I had a dream about her a couple of weeks ago, that I painted Her so when I woke, I thought, “I should get on that.” lol.

This is a 6×8 inch on Arches watercolor paper, painted in acrylic. it still needs a good varnish but otherwise is done. Artist: G. Krasskova.Hela april 13 2019


A Note on Hela and a Shrine-share

Holdasown made a comment on my previous article about Hela caring for dead children and I concur 100%. My devotional sense of Hela has always been that She cares tremendously for the dead, especially those who were vulnerable, abused and neglected in life, that Helheim is a sanctuary where the dead are cherished. I don’t believe any of our suffering passes unnoticed into the void. Our Gods care deeply. Because I particularly resonate with the idea of Her tending to dead children, I wanted to share a statue of Her that I have on my ancestor shrine, honoring Her thusly (and also as Queen of Helheim and Protectress of all the dead). The statue was created by Brandon Hardy.