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Submission to the Hermes Agon

by J. Starmans




Hermes II


Submission to Hermes Agon

In His Footsteps
(by J. Lawrence)

The first path He laid down
was tiny footsteps:
despite the fact that He was less than a day old,
those prints were sure, steady, determined:
He knew what He wanted,
He knew how to get it,
and He knew where to find it–
and thus He created sacrifice.

He stole His brother’s cattle,
led them away, built a fire,
and, with praises and thanks,
laid out two of them in twelve portions,
offering up their flesh to the Deathless Ones.

Oh, swift and keen Hermes,
You show us the way to please You and all the gods,
show us to offer up the best we can, the best we have,
in gratitude toward all that You and the gods give us;
without Your example we would have no idea
of what gifts to offer to please
those who created us and the world around us,
and so I thank you for this example,
and follow in Your footsteps,
giving the best that I can
to show my gratitude to You.

Submission to Hermes Agon

Who is this God?

(by Sparrow)

There is a God…
With hair as curly as a sheep’s fleece
With eyes as blue as the sky He travels

He wears…
A cloak as green as the fields of Arcadia
And a pair of silver sandals with wings on them

He carries…
A staff as golden as the coins in a merchant’s pouch
And a travelling bag on his elegant shoulder

It is good fortune to know and adore this God
He who…
Helps bards and politicians spin their tales
Oversees the dealings of merchants
Protects travellers on their journeys
Guides the Dead to the Underworld
Blesses His followers with His luck and love

Who is this God?
Why, it is Lord Hermes, of course!

May there always be sweet offerings laid out to Hermes…
On tidy household shrines,
In unkempt cemeteries.

May prayers of adoration always be sang to Him…
In private homes,
In the vast outdoors.

Let us praise this sweet, crafty God

Hermes Agon Submission

By Crisan


“I Hermes stand here at the crossroads by the wind beaten orchard, near the hoary grey coast; and I keep a resting place for weary men. And the cool stainless spring gushes out.”

–Ante of Tegea

Hermes Agon Submission

To Hermes
by Melia Phosphorou

To Hermes,

The god who watches and intervenes,

Who travels with and guides,

Who has saved my life more than once,

Who has led me unscathed as cars crashed behind me

or as my own crumpled with me inside,

He who has listened as I prayed for the safe return

of one I loved,

And gone between to carry hopes, prayers, and dreams

to the other deathless ones,

with whom I had not yet built kharis,

but wanted to know.

We praise you!

Submission to Hermes Agon

Here is another [gorgeous] entry to my 2017 Hermes Agon.  Ellen, the creator, is willing to send this to the first person to make a minimum $50 donation to the Mothers Prayer Card Project. Any takers? (The image de Morgan’s painting “Mercury,” the same as on the cover of my Hermes devotional). 


Submission to Hermes Agon 2017

Prayer to Hermes and Athena
by Andrew Bayless

Come, O great Hermes and Athena, the beautiful children of Zeus that edify the minds of humanity and encourage glory! Craftiness and inventiveness, prudence and strategy, learning and wise counsel; these are the gifts of Atlantiades and Tritogenia! Together, brother and sister unite to mold the minds of their pupils! Hermes and Athena, most cerebral of the deathless Gods, furnish us with your gifts and guide us in bettering ourselves intellectually and bettering our community with our knowledge. Accept our offerings, Hermes and Athena, and put us under your mentorship. May all humanity become enlightened through you and your gifts. Io Hermes Io Athena!

First Entries for the Hermes Agon


There is a gate
at which the hero waits.
Quietly, sizing his chances,
flexing his thoughts,
until the dawn of movement
and the sun of a new day.

He tilts his hat at its coming,
tightens his grip
on an ever-present staff,
and then boldly steps forward.
There is a gate,
and from it the hero goes forth.

(by Agi Samothrax)


Melia Phosphorou

Messenger, storyteller, and dreamer
Protector of home, bringer of fortune
Clever and sarcastic god,
Guide us in dreams and over roads,
You, the giver of grace and of the lyre:
salve for sorrow and despair
Inspiring love, joy, and sleep
Son of Zeus and Maia,
grandson of Atlas who bears the world
Beautiful brother and loyal friend to Apollo,
far shooting lord of the silver bow
Lord of all birds of good omen, all flocks and all herds, and of the lion – wild and free
Sly thief with beguiling charm,
Be remembered, and remember us, too.
Accept this gift, my prayer in song.

A Song for Hermes
Melia Phosphorou

Clever and sarcastic
Guide over roads and through dreams
Athletic and fantastic
Protector of home, Lord of schemes

Wherever we roam
We call you
Save us from harm
Help us pass through

Keeper of flocks
Please count us
Among your own

Trickster and Deceiver,
With your wit, guide us through
You are heart delighting
and Giver of Joy

Bringer of luck and of grace
We glory in your embrace
Hear our song and join us
It is you, Busy One
It is you that we praise
with this song.

Starting 2017 Off Right. :)

Happy New Year, folks. I’ve finally flopped down on my sofa after doing my New Year’s Eve ritual — ancestors, Asynjur, then the Roman Deities that I typically honor on this night, so three rituals in all plus setting out offerings to all the vaettir– and I very much hope that 2017 brings health, joy, and wealth to us all. Let it be a year of happiness and success. I pray that the good, immortal Gods block misfortune and malintent from entering our homes and our lives this year. May They bless us with all good things throughout the year, even in the midst of our challenges.

I want to start this year with something creative, fun, and that emphasizes the love and devotion we have for our Gods. As I was making offerings tonight to Pietas and Pudicitia, I kept thinking that if i could pick a keyword to govern my 2017, I’d choose devotion a thousand times over.

Anyway, each month I want to run a mini-Agon. I’ll choose a God or Goddess and offer a ‘prize,’ inviting you, my readers to submit prayers, poems, or art. On the last day of the month, I’ll choose a winner via divination. Everyone who submits may have a prayer card (just let me know which one you want when you submit), and the winner will get a card plus a small gift. I’ll alternate between Greco-Roman Deities and Norse-Germanic Deities since that’s the nexus at which I work.

January’s Deity of choice for me is Hermes. 🙂 He’s awesome and I think it fitting to start the year with a Hermes agon. So those of you who are interested, submit your art (photos of), prayers/poems to krasskova at Make sure to put “Hermes Agon January 2017” in the subject header and to let me know what card you want. The winner will get a card and a signed copy of my Hermes novena book, plus a small surprise gift.

Happy 2017.