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Yuletide Shopping Guide – Cookie Cutters

I recently posted that because 2020 has been a challenging year I was putting together a Yuletide Shopping Guide with the intent to help artisan members of our community & to help spotlight items that support our religious devotions and practices. I know it’s early, but I wanted to go ahead and start spotlighting project materials that DIYers may want to use to make their own gifts this yuletide.

We’ll be starting off with some installments to help the bakers, crafters, and DIYers so that those who may want to create something for a yuletide gift can get their project materials before the holidays.  Today’s installment is for the bakers. The pandemic has had many of us returning to our kitchens, instead of eating out. With that shift, has come a huge explosion in baking, with kitchen spices being some of the most in demand items at many grocers. I think in times of stress we return to the comfort and warmth of our kitchens and hearths.

While these cookie cutters can be used to make edible sweet treats to appeal to the cookie monsters in your life, they can also be used for other purposes too like ornaments made out of polymer clay, or for applesauce and cinnamon ornaments used for the tree, in wreaths, garlands, and more.


Bakerlogy offers an array of cookie cutters from symbols for Northern Tradition Polytheists, to Egyptian iconography that will appeal to Kemetics. There are also Celtic symbols and other links to the past: like the Venus of Willendorf, the Greenman, Cereberus. They also offer a range of other designs that are not sacred in origin too. All their cutters are made with dishwasher safe plastic, and can be purchased from either their main site, or their storefront on Etsy.


Like their eponymous name would suggest, Runic Cookies offers cookie cutters for the Norse runes, as well as mjollnir (Thor’s Hammer), and some Slavic symbols too. All their cutters are made from stainless steel. You can find them online at Etsy.

Coming Soon for our creative makers you can expect to find resources to a variety of fabrics, craft moulds, patterns, and more! After that, we’ll transition to finished goods ready for purchase. If there’s something you think I should spotlight, please contact me and let me know.

A Helpful Holiday Shopping Guide

In addition to my etsy shop, which has over three hundred prayer cards for our Gods and Goddesses, and my own books at, I’ve found a number of other clever gifts, mostly on etsy, that I’d like to bring to folks’ attention. (If you have a shop that you’d like me to include, please feel free to post in the comments).

I am in no way associated with any of the following shops. They’re items or shops that I’ve found and really liked the past couple of weeks while doing a bit of Yule shopping of my own, so I pass them on.

  1. Mjolnir Cookie Cutters from Bakerlogy. These are awesome. This shop also has Valknot, rune charms, and vegvisir cookie cutters. These are so clever, that I couldn’t resist them. If you like to bake, these are great.

mjolnir cookie cutter

  1. Artist SJ Chilton has a lovely collection of small, plaster statues…quite unique, for many of the Norse Gods and Goddesses. I particularly love the Odin but also the fact that this shop has statues of Ran and Nott too – one doesn’t often see these particular Goddesses represented.

Chilton Odin

  1. I adore this image of linocut image of Hermes. It’s inexpensive and quite compelling. The artist has a selection of linocut prints that may be of interest to Polytheists and Pagans. It’s worth checking out.

linocut hermes

  1. RareEarthWoodworks offers a fantastic selection of travel shrines and portable icons. I found this site one night while going down the insomnia rabbit hole and was really impresse with the quality of the shrines and the variety available. I particularly liked the Apothecary case for Asklepius and the Loki shrine. Check them out.

loki box

  1. Averidesigns has jewelry, both rings and pendants with images of the Greek and Roman Gods. I bought an Apollo piece from the shop and was very, very pleased with the quality. You can check them out here.

athena averi

  1. Paul Borda just came out with a lovely Hel statue. I’ve liked most of his Norse themed statues (except his Loki – I just don’t see Loki bearded lol). He has some jewelry at his shop too that Heathens may like. Check out the Hel statue here.

hel statue

  1. For those with a devotion to the Goddess Frigga, this shop offers a gorgeous silver pendant. It’s thick and heavy and nicely solid. It’s a powerful piece. The artist has pendants for several other Deities available too.

Frigga pendant

  1. Here are some knitted socks from Norway. When I was a child, I hated getting clothing as a gift for the holidays, now, socks totally rock.


  1. There’s also this gorgeous scarf, showing scenes from the life of Dionysos that can be found here. It’s pretty, elegant, and very well made. I figure it can serve either as a scarf or a shrine cloth. Y’all know how these things go. Lol.

dionysos scarf

  1. Finally, there’s this absolutely stunning set of runes. They are just gorgeous, come in their own hand carved box, and can be worn as pendants or used in divination.

rune box

Let me know what treasures y’all find as you’re preparing for the holidays. I love this time of year and in my home, the gift giving as already started. 😉