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July for Loki -for Loki Clever and Cunning

for Loki, Clever and Cunning

You are the fire that burns in Odin’s shadow
The stitch holding the worlds together,
The whisper ever unquiet igniting dissatisfaction. 
You keep us from succumbing.
You make memory blaze and sear
Driving us inevitably back to the Gods
Our ancestors forgot. 
Bright flickering fire
To Grimnir’s icey dark
The two of You brought the worlds to life
(Hoenir granting order and sense)
and You will bring it back to life again:
restoring what must be restored
even if it must be done in blood and fire. 
May we work with the Gods always, 
Grant us that, oh clever Roarer*,
And never, ever against, 
No matter how rough and challenging 
The road may grow. 
Hail to You, Loki, 
On this, Woden’s Day. 

By G. Krasskova

excerpted from this book. 

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July for Loki – For Loki, Friend of Odin

for Loki, Friend of Odin

He Who battles alongside His friends
maintains the strength of Asgard,
using His gifts to challenge the giants, 
using His body to subvert Svaðilfari’s Master.
He pours treasure down upon His allies,
He rains wrath down upon His foes. 
His victory lies in the longest game,
and of all the Gods, not even He
knows its end. 
Bright as fire, slippery as a fish,
drenched in the well-bright, whispered warnings, 
this God comes. He challenges everything, 
laughing around a bonfire encompassing even
His own destruction. 
He knows that with chaos
comes opportunity, 
to turn the final battle on its end,
to grab victory out of the maws of the wolf,
a celebration of blood and steel,
and those who think He lacks courage
know not what His courage has cost. 
Hail to You, Loki, friend of Thor, 
Who works Your wiles in Odin’s shadow
so the Old Man may shine all the more. 
Hail to the fighter Whose wit is a wound
deadlier than poison in the heart of Their enemies. 
May we always honor You, oh God Who finds the loops
in every loophole. Show us too how to be slippery
and hard to catch in the maze of things that would bind us
away from our Gods, stifle our devotion, and burden our hearts
with pollution. 

By G. Krasskova

excerpted from this book.

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July for Loki – for Loki

You rose up from the primordial grime
hand in hand with Your brothers,
savage yet determined fury
under the light of a cold-bladed moon. 
You destroyed Your ancestor,
ruined Him, the indolent breeder,
clotted up his gaping maw
silenced his screeching snores and groans
that ever rattled the wyrm-like field. 
You swept it all away and from His bones
built anew, a web of worlds-
bleak in their youth, rich in their promise,
rising and shining in the boughs of the Tree. 
You made of his screams a symphony,
bone beautiful and clean. 
There was no remorse in You
but elation, satisfaction. 
Let there be no remorse in me either,
for the things that I must do
in devotion. 
Hail to You, Loður,
Whose blood stained fingers
painted our flesh a lively hue. 

By G. Krasskova

Excerpted from this book. 
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A passel of prayers for Loki

July 8

When I paint, I think of You, oh my God. 
I think of Your skill as craftsman and creator. 
As Loður with Your Brothers, 
You brought worlds into being, 
You changed the balance of creation, 
and when You and Your Brothers found trees
ash and elm, on the border of the holy marsh, 
You enlivened their existence – gifted to Them 
by You and Your brothers – with color, heat, 
with hunger, hungers of all the senses, 
and an appreciate of beauty. 
It can lift our souls up to You and the other Powers,
if we allow it, if we throw ourselves into its embrace
as hungrily as You did the making of our souls. 
Hail to You, oh Loki, Architect of our hearts, 
Architect of our being. 

July 9

Dumezil called you the unquiet thought
and I think You are that, and You inspire that, 
in those who venerate You. 
Satisfaction leads ever to the next holy task, 
the next project, the next prayer, the next 
whisper of devotion. 
You did more in those moments, 
after the words were first made
 than simply gift us with the pumping of our blood, 
all the beautiful shades of our skin, and the blessing
of our sensorium. You did so very much more. 
You made space in our hearts and filled it with longing
for the Gods, for You, love, and longing, 
a hunger for the Gods as deep and abiding 
as Your hunger for experience, for knowledge, for movement
that ever drives back destruction. 
Only with Sigyn do You find peace. 
Only with Her are You truly home. 
Hail to You, oh wondrous Power. 
Hail to You, Loki. 

July 10

Your cleverness got me through very difficult times, oh God. 
Wit and wonder, wry humor, and a talent 
for inventing the means for survival, when none at all 
previously existed saw me through and raised me up. 
For that, and for so much more, I am grateful. 
There is not a single thing in my world, 
not a single thing I treasure, 
not a single thing of true and abiding goodness and joy
(including my relationship with Odin) 
that did not pass in some way through Your hands. 
Thank you. They are small words but every atom of my being
exhales them every moment of every day in gratitude to You, 
my gracious and loving God, and my Protector. 
Hail to You, Loki. 

July 11

There are days that are exhausting and stressful, 
irritating, angering, and sometimes just plain bad. 
Today was one of those days, but even at its worst, 
and today was just annoying, not the worst by any means, 
when I sit down to pray, and turn my attention to You, 
and to the other Gods, then the day is radiant and good
for nothing is better than speaking Your holy names
a sacred litany, and rooting myself in the grace 
of Your presence. 
Hail to You, oh Loki, always. 

My photo, a window in Phoenicia, NY. there’s something about the delightful kaleidoscope of light and color that reminds me of Loki and the way He restores and renews the way I look at the world.

2 for Loki

For Loki – July 6, 2022

Three things I ask of You, my God. 
That I may always love You, 
That I may love You well, 
And that Your name never be absent from my heart. 
Hail Loki, Who fuels the fire of devotion. 

For Loki – July 7, 2022

You have never flinched from the cost of Your words and deeds. 
You paid the cost and in doing so, won glorious gifts for all the Gods. 
Because of You, Thor has Mjolnir. 
Because of You, Odin has Gungnir. 
Because of You, Freyr has Skiðblaðnir.
Because of You, Odin has Draupnir. 
Because of You, Freyr has Gullinbursti. 
Because of You, Sif of course, has everlasting golden and glorious hair.
Because of You, the Treasures of the Gods were brought into being, 
by Brokk, Eitri, and the Sons of Ivaldi. 
You suffered for this and more, 
yet these treasures exist, ever in the hands of the Gods;
and these treasures protect the worlds.
Hail to You, Loki, now and always. 
Snaptun Loki

Two Prayers to Loki

For Loki on the 4th of July. 
(wrote yesterday but forgot to post)

Hail to You Loki, God of quixotic beauty, 
God of devotion, best ornament of Sigyn’s Hall, 
Burden of Her arms, fire of Her heart, 
God of doing Your duty even when it hurts,
of courage and saying what needs to be said, 
doing what needs to be done, 
of standing and holding the line against entropy
even when the sacrifice for doing so is high. 
Your name is a blessing on my lips. 
May I love You better and more deeply 
every day of my life. 
Hail Loki. 

Prayer to Loki for July 5

Thank you, sweet and merciful God,
for Your care, Your compassion, 
for holding me safe, and helping me 
ford the challenges in my life. 
I learned perseverance and trust in the Gods
at Your knee and for that above all else, 
I am deeply grateful. 
Protect me and mine, Loki, this I pray. 
Grant us Your blessings always, 
and teach us how to better serve You
and all the Gods we love. 
Hail to You, Loki, 
My lips rejoice forming the phonemes
of Your name. 

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For Loki – Day 3

Loki by John Bauer 1911

Yesterday, a friend called you “Kinsman of the Unquiet Thought”
and I recall something similar was my mother’s favorite heiti for You. 
It encapsulates Your sneakiness, and it is not deceit as so many claim, 
to keep us aware and on our toes. It is a grace, gift, and kindness.
Let us ever and always be “unquiet” too, lest complacency smother
our devotion. 

Hail to You, Loki, enemy of Acedia.
Hail Hugreynandi Hoenis, Tester of Hoenir, 
You test us as well, to make us stronger, 
to make us better, to root us in courage, 
confidence, and piety. 
We grow under Your caring hands,
whether we would or not; 
and our worlds expand
as the worlds expanded in the beginning of time,
under the will of You and Your brothers, 
and Your capable hands. 
Hail Holy One.

Hail Loki – Day 2

You, oh God, were the comfort of my youth, 
my strength in times of weakness, 
my salvation when I otherwise would have been lost. 
You held my head above the waters of terror. 
You sustained me in isolation and poverty. 
There are no words that I can say; 
no gift that I lay at Your feet,
can ever equal the care and protection
that You gave me, all unasked. 

Ever will I eat the fire You proffer in Your hand, 
ever will I allow it to polish my heart, to anneal it,  
to transform it into a gleaming anvil, 
upon which You may hammer out
the contrapunto of Your desire. 
I will always be grateful for the gifts You have given me;
and ever and always will I praise You. 
I will lay gifts at your feet every day of my life. 
I will make thousands of offerings, as many as I can,
always and ever in joy, and always to You,
before my time here is done.

Hail Loki, always. 
Arthur Rackham, Loki

July for Loki — one more time.

Ten years ago this year, I began celebrating Loki specifically in the month of July. It’s not that there aren’t other feast days for Him during the year, but July for a number of reasons, including the rising of the dog star Sirius, which is associated with Him, is a very potent month for His veneration. 

For awhile, a number of years actually, I would write a prayer for Loki every day from July 1-31, and I believe I was the first to make this commitment, but the last couple of years I haven’t done that. Instead, I’ve made offerings to Him and done my household devotions and gotten about my devotional life. Today, a friend reminded me that I’d started the July practice in 2012 – maybe even earlier. I’ve honored and loved Loki so long it seems like decades and decades -- and I thought maybe it was time to do this practice again. 
So here goes. 

For Loki on July 1

Slyest and most cunning of Gods, 
Laevisi Loki, Protector of our House, 
I hail You on this day, 
when the heat batters down upon us,
and auguries of birds whisper tales of 
Your clever might. 

Bölvasmiðr, Mischief-maker, 
better than any other God
at stirring up trouble, 
getting the necessary things accomplished, 
and shattering the walls we set around ourselves, 
I pray to You that our thought-worlds may never be small. 
May our devotion rage like a wildfire through all the many halls
and hazy turnings of the world we have created for ourselves,
until there is nowhere within our lives You have not been. 

God of fire and transformation, open us up via Your grace
to all the glories the Gods have made. 
Let us exalt and celebrate all that is Holy 
and when we are confronted by evil,
may it be Your maegen we call upon
to see us through. 

Hail to You, Loki, best-loved and ever honored
as every God should be, now and forever.  
Loki by A. Rackham

July for Loki – Day One

Several years ago I began dedicating the month of July to the Norse God Loki. During that month, every day I would post something specifically for Him. Almost immediately, the idea took off amongst those who venerate Him (which fills me with delight—it has always been a joy reading people’s posts about Him for a solid month!. It’s like daily veneration).

Sadly I won’t be able to do daily posts this July – I leave tomorrow for a month long residency and pilgrimage. My computer access will be limited (my poor partner is staying home, minding the house and we’re hoping to be able to Skype at least a couple of times, but I really don’t know what kind of access I’ll have at the residency) but still, I wanted to at least start the month off for Him, and then post as I am able throughout even if it’s not everyday.

Loki enabled me to survive some of the worst times of my life, right after I stopped dancing. He watched over and protected me, helped me come to Odin, helped to bring me a wonderful adopted mother and so many other things. All the good things in my life, bar none I think, have in some way, shape, or form, flowed through His hands and I am grateful. Each and every day of my life, I’m grateful.

I may choose to write more about that over the course of the month, but for now I want to share a prayer that my adopted mom said almost each and every day for twenty plus years, years devoted to the Gods, and to Loki and Sigyn especially. She said it was a hard prayer for her to write, and some days an even harder one for her to say but loving the Gods means loving the Gods, not just when They suit us, not just when They choose to make us comfortable.

For Loki

By Fuensanta

I love You powerful, and I love You powerless.
I love You young as flame, and I love You
decrepit as the dying ember.
I love You in Your greatness, and I love You
in Your meanness.
I love You in Your beauty, and I love You
in Your hideousness.
I love You changing, and I love You changeless.
I love the force that drives You, and I will love
You if You lose it.
I love You famous; and I love You unknown.
I love You kind, and I love You cruel.
I love You sane, and I love You mad.
Because I love You, show me how to love You.


That is all for today. My posts may well be sporadic throughout July, but every day I shall be hailing Loki.