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Blessed Lussanatr to you all

We celebrated the beginning of Yule tonight as we honored Lussa.

Prayer to Lussa 

(by G. Krasskova)

Hail to Lussa, on this, Your sacred night. 
Mighty is Sunna’s retinue. 
Hail to You, oh Goddess, Herald of Jul, 
Who opens the door so the Wild Hunt may ride. 
Hail to You, Mighty One, called Lutzelfraa,
Who demands the protocols of this holy time are met, 
Who punishes the slovenly, the lazy, and the evildoer. 
Hail to You, Divine Shamaness, Who furiously rides with the Hunt, 
Gambols with ferocious glee, dark and terrifying, taking up omens, 
Smiting the wicked, driving them back from the people. 
Hail to You, Huntress of Souls, 
Who dances through darkness bringing light, 
revealing knowledge, making the darkest of times
rich and fruitful. 
Hail to You, Oh Lussa, Who grants us light and joy and sweetness, 
as the most potent days of Jul approach, 
Who guides us through times of uncertainty and fear, 
the warmth of Whose light,
lifts us up and fills our souls with courage. 
Hail to Lussa, Who wears a crown of fire,
Who protects our home, our land, and all Who dwell within. 
Hail to Lussa, Who wards our boundaries, marking their perimeter 
With the purifying power of Her flame, so that all evil spirits
who roam the world with intent to do us harm, 
Might know Her mark, Her protection, and might rightly fear. 

Hail to you, Lussa, gracious Goddess, tonight on Your night
And every night thereafter.