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More Mail Art

I’ve received three more devotional mail art cards in the mail. (reminder; send me one, and i’ll send you one in return). These are lovely and very, very timely on a personal level. Thank you, folks.

Hestia mail art by Sparrow

Hestia by Sparrow

Elen copy

Ellen of the Ways by Ellen

corrected alex connell

Hestia by A.Conall. I so needed to read this prayer the day it arrived — it was such a significant thing for me. Thank you).

and i’m delighted to see devotional art being made and shared. Each one of these is lovely and a delight. keep ’em coming folks. 🙂


Mail Art Update #2 for Today

Here’s another piece of postal art that I have, which will go to one of the next people who decides to join in the mail art challenge. 🙂 It’s a devotional piece for Persephone.


More Mail Art

The next person to send me a piece of devotional mail art will receive this one made in honor of Dionysos (using a glorious image by L. Perkins, available as a prayer card here) in return.

Dionysos june 18

If you’re interested in learning more about this devotional mail art challenge, check out my original post here.

more Mail Art

This is another update on the Devotional Mail Art challenge — I did this last night in return for one of those sent to me. It’s another Hermes.

Hermes for eliz cousins

more devotional mail art

Well, before I go about my business today, I wanted to post another devotional mail art update. This time, it’s piece that I made to send out. both are post-card sized. The first is Iris, Greek Messenger Goddess Whose symbol is the rainbow:

Iris to Sparrow

and the second is Sigyn, Goddess of Constancy, and wife of Loki.

Sigyn for Ellen

For the Sigyn, I cut up a prayer card (Sigyn by G. Palmer) and added it as the centerpiece.

More soon, folks.

Devotional Mail Art Challenge – Update as of Today :)

I’m delighted to share some of the pieces of mail art that folks have sent me since i posted a “Devotional Mail Art Challenge” here.

That challenge still holds and for every piece I receive, i will create and send a piece back to you. I like the idea of having devotional images and art going through the mail all over the world. There’s some good mojo there, I think.

Anyway, i want to share the pieces i’ve gotten, and the one i’ve sent so far here. (To those still owed mail art, don’t worry. I will send them out. I just moved art studio today. Now that i”m settled, I’ll have a much better place in which to work. For those who intend to send me pieces in the next couple of weeks, you may not get your mail arts until I get back from Poland. I won’t forget though.).

Here is the piece that I made, for Hermes. This is the front. The back with the address and stamps, had flowers on it, and a small accordion book i made about the size of a US quarter. that had a prayer to Hermes on it and was tied shut with embroidery floss and appended to the card.

Hermes card for aj

Here is the image Melia sent me. This was the first that I received.

melia's mail art to me
The second two (one for Dionysos, one for Odin) are from Elizabeth C.

elizabeth cousin dionysos

eliz cousins odin
This one for Odin is from Ellen.

bruce and ellen card copy
and this one for Mani from Sparrow.

Mani mail art by Sparrow
Keep ‘em coming folks, and so will i. 🙂

Devotional Mail Art Challenge

I haven’t been posting much the past two weeks because I’ve been on an artists’ residency in Taos. It’s been an amazing experience. I’ve met some wonderful people, made new friends, sold some of my art, and best of all, I’m coming home with my head full of new techniques to try in my art. One of the things that I”ve learned is about a whimsical type of art referred to as ‘mail art.’

The first time I heard it spoken of, I thought it was ‘male’ not ‘mail’ and got all excited. lol. It is not however, pictures of men. (Sorry, ladies!). It’s pieces of art sent right through the mail. One takes a post card size (or slightly bigger — the woman who told me about it, an amazing artist from the UK—said she once sent one size A4, which is bigger than standard US paper size) piece of stiff paper (or any type of paper really, but I would think something like watercolor paper would be the sturdiest). Collage the hell out of it, paint on it, decorate it, sew it, origami on it, do whatever moves you and make a small piece of art. Then stick enough stamps on it (or better yet, work them into the design) and send it through the mail.

That’s the kicker: it has to be sent through the mail. The canceled stamps are part of the art. (I’ve only just popped my first two in the mail so I’m a bit wary of them actually arriving but my friend swears they generally arrive and she’s done some wild and wonderful pieces). This movement started, I believe in the 1950s and has been gathering steam since then. Apparently there have even been museum exhibitions of mail art. My mind is a little blown but I was mentioning this to Sannion and he suggested I put it to devotional use so here goes.

I propose a community challenge — a fun challenge, I hope. Make a devotional mail art and send it to me. I’ll make one and send to you, and will also put an online gallery up here. If you don’t want to send it to me, pick a friend and send it there but i would love to see devotional art being made for the Gods (and this is small, and quick to do, even for me who has no gift for collage) and sent all across the world.

One important caveat to remember: take a photo of your art before you send it, just in case it gets lost or nicked. You want to have a record of it.

Also, i would suggest giving it directly to the post office to have the stamps cancelled and the piece collected and sent.

Here is one I did today — i put a piece of paper over the address, since I didn’t think my friend would want her addy on the web. I still have to add stamps — it’s going out tomorrow.(ideally, they’d be worked into the art, but i didn’t do that here). It’s not devotional, and it’s very simple, but it’ll give you the idea. This one is for a friend who goes on road trips with me all the time. 🙂

So for those who want to get started, my business address is POB 228, Beacon, NY 12508. Send away. (do note, that if you send anything in July you won’t get an answer until August—I’ll be out of the country on another residency).

Have fun, folks, and let those devotional pieces fly!