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cool song

Something about this song reminds me of Odin…been obsessing over it the last few days. 🙂


For Odin

Hail to Our Dead

Willow’s Song

I love this, both the song and the video! (the song is from the original Wicker Man). This reminds me of some of the spirits with whom I work. 

Ancestors in the blood

A Good ancestor song:

cool song

I love the line: “Holy King, cause my skin to crawl away from every evil thing…”


oh i love these guys. They have such a powerful, lush, intensely beautiful sound. i’m glad they exist. Listening to them is like watering the soil of my soul.


Seeing Sound

This is amazing. You can see sound. I’ve been seeing articles lately about the potential healing power of sound to actually repair DNA, not from crackpot magazines, but from medical researchers and I believe it. This has huge import for me as a galdr-master, even if I have no call to healing. Also, this is just really, really cool. It made me cry. You can see the elements dancing.

This is so incredibly cool:

My Odinic Playlist — yes, I was bored today. lol

I’ve never had the zen of connecting to the Gods via music, not unless we count galdr, which is in many cases the most dissonant thing imaginable. I’ve always been a bit envious of those who could whip out a playlist for their Gods seemingly with no effort.

Part of the problem of course, is that having been trained as a classical ballet dancer, but also as a classical musician (I think my mother held out hope i’d give up my ballet career for one in music, but that equally harsh master was not one for whom I had the necessary talent, though I did have the ear) I just don’t relate to music that way. For me, it’s an intensely kinetic thing, something requiring full body focus. While I can use it to open me up to the Gods, I rarely see it as reflective of Them. It takes me places. It’s a journey tool. Anyway, so I decided to push myself today and see what I could come up with for Odin.

Some of these are fairly obvious, some not. I’d welcome suggestions along the way. Music does have an enormous effect on my mood, and in that way, I can see the value of having these playlists, particularly one that I can use to prime myself for engagement with the Old Man. So…here goes nothing. 🙂

1. Seeker Divine by Hagalaz Runedance. This one is pretty much a no-brainer. It’s an invocation to Him.

2. Song for Odin – also pretty straight forward

3. Runatal

4. Runaljod

5. Broken Crown – there’s something about this, a bitter thread, that reminds me of the Old Man.

6. Volven – i do find this opens me right up to the work.

7. Redemption

8. Won’t Back Down — just…because

9. Riders in the Sky (sung by Christopher Lee! ): american version of the wild hunt

10. Billie Holiday’s Strange Fruit

11. Gods Gonna Cut You Down

12. Nick Cage Red Right Hand

13. Der Erlkoenig (esp. with Fischer-Dieskau singing) – it catches the mood of some of my interactions with Odin.

14. Possession

15. Moondog – Invocation (very easy to hit an altered state with this, and I added it more for that reason than that it summons Odin to mind readily, though that’s not hard.)

It’s funny: sometimes it’s the lyrics that bring me to the Old Man, sometimes the feeling evoked by the song itself, regardless of the lyrics. So, what songs would y’all associate with Him?


(image by Sam Flegal. It is available both as a prayer card, or as a 5×7 devotional card. Contact me at krasskova at for details).