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Poetry book for sale

I’m putting out a small chapbook of Nine Centos for Odin. Folks can order it directly from me at krasskova at, or I’ll shortly have it up on etsy. This is a limited run.

poetry book

My Ancestor Book is Available on Kindle

My book “Honoring the Ancestors” is now available for Kindle. Readers may find it here.

“Devotional Polytheism” is also available for kindle.


New Book Release

on div cover for site

My latest book “On Divination” is now available here.  It will be available on amazon in a day or so. As with my other books, I am offering ten copies signed and this time numbered, with the prayer card of one’s choice for $18.00. Please contact me at krasskova at if you are interested (I also still have three copies of the “Devotional Polytheism” book available, signed, with a prayer card so let me know which  you’re interested in).

Divination was crucial to proper maintenance of right relationships with the Powers in ancient polytheisms and I believe it remains so today.  This is my contribution to the art.

Two Reviews of My Book at Patheos

THUMBNAIL_IMAGE“Devotional Polytheism,” one of my latest publications via Sanngetall Press, has recently received two very positive reviews. I was delighted to see Niki Whiting’s review a couple of weeks ago and then just this week John Beckett wrote this.

I’m particularly pleased to see this book garnering attention: the topic is an important one. I initially wrote this as part of my ongoing series of foundational books, i.e. books that I really wish I’d had when I started out. I wanted to recreate the path that I and many of my colleagues had tread as we fell into devotion and maybe by doing so to spare the reader some of the roadblocks, anguish, and confusion that were also part of that process. This book, along with “Honoring the Ancestors,” and ‘Neolithic Shamanism” (with Raven Kaldera) and my friend Sophie’s book “Spiritual Protection” are the books that I would love to literally shove into the hands of every newcomer out there. LOL. Anyway, check out the reviews.